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This page lists appearances of the Torchwood Institute and Torchwood Three in chronological order. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories. From these observations we have attempted to build a concise timeline. It is assumed that for each novel, comic, audio or television series, their published, broadcast or numbered order is the order they occur in.

The layout of this timeline is in part based on the observations on Torchwood Reference Guide and Doctor Who - The Complete Adventures, as well as Lance Parkin's AHistory and other sources that allow us to make observations, such as Doctor Who Reviews, The Discontinuity Guide and Clive Banks databanks. None of these sources should be used solely as a source or considered a "true" timeline for stories.

Limiting factors[[edit source]]

Any story with Gwen Cooper, Ianto Jones, Owen Harper and Toshiko Sato working for Torchwood Three must be between TV: Everything Changes and TV: Exit Wounds. Jack takes a leave of absence from the team between TV: End of Days and TV: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang.

Any story where Owen is dead, but still mobile, must be set after TV: Dead Man Walking and before TV: Exit Wounds. Any story where Gwen is married to Rhys Williams must be after TV: Something Borrowed. Any story where Owen and Tosh are dead must be after TV: Exit Wounds, while any story where Ianto is dead must be set after TV: Children of Earth: Day Four.

Overview[[edit source]]

The adventures of Torchwood Three and the related Torchwood team in America that was formed after the destruction of the Hub can be categorised as these original to Torchwood television lineups:

Timeline[[edit source]]

Early years of the Institute[[edit source]]

Queen Victoria founds the Torchwood Institute in 1879 after witnessing the Tenth Doctor vanquish the Lupine Wavelength Haemovariform.
In 1885, Torchwood Three is officially founded under the suggestion of Agnes Havisham, who believed that the Cardiff Space-Time Rift posed a threat after a recent activation. (PROSE: Slow Decay, Risk Assessment)
Torchwood Three begins to take in the Weevils that roam the streets of Cardiff and give them shelter within the Hub cells. (AUDIO: Hostile Environment)
Set in 1889. A group of Torchwood operatives attempt to capture the Tenth Doctor in London.
The Committee was created on the initiative of Queen Victoria and Tsar Alexander III in the late 19th century. They gathered a group of aliens that were to appear as a threat to the two countries' respective institutions and to test Earth's defences in exchange for captured technology. However, the Committee got out of hand and started invading other worlds in its own right, becoming an actual threat. When he tried to rein them in, they gave Tsar Alexander Object One. The Tsar believed he’d resolved a crisis in the stars, not realising the Object’s true effects. Upon learning of the object's power, the Tsar gifted the object to Queen Victoria. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)
Set in 1893, with the presence of Maharaja Duleep Singh placing it before October 22.
The new Prime Minister is taking his first trip to Buckingham Palace for Christmas Eve. Following real world events, the new Prime Minister is either Robert Gascoyne-Cecil or Archibald Primrose, setting this in either 1885 or 1894.
Set in 1897.
On 25 December 1897, after working with Torchwood for six months, Archie begins the Torchwood Archive. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)
Set in 1898.
Set on Christmas Eve.
At some point in the late 1890s, the Eighth Doctor finds cryptic references to the Torchwood Institute at the Edinburgh Herald. (AUDIO: The Scent of Blood)

Jack joins the Institute[[edit source]]

After being killed in a bar fight in 1899, Jack is discovered following his resurrection by Alice Guppy and Emily Holroyd. They recruit him into Torchwood Three while he waits for the Doctor to turn back up in Cardiff. (TV: Fragments)
Set on 17 May 1899. Jack is temporarily seconded to Torchwood One while Queen Victoria conducts her annual tour of Torchwood.
After completing her annual tour of Torchwood, Queen Victoria records a twentieth anniversary speech of the Torchwood Institute. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)
After learning of its true effects, Queen Victoria gave Object One to Jack to dispose of, but he takes it to Cardiff with him instead. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)
Set in 1899.

Operations in the early 20th century[[edit source]]

In 1901, Alice Guppy and Charles Gaskell discover a future Jack buried alive under Cardiff. He instructs them to put him in cryogenic suspension for one-hundred-and-seven years. (TV: Exit Wounds)
Set in 1902.
On 10 March 1908, Archie uses the knowledge sponge to record information on various objects recovered by Torchwood, and then retires from Torchwood One to form Torchwood Two. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)
In 1909, while travelling through Lahore, Jack witnesses a troop of fifteen men killed by the Fairies after they had accidentally ran over their Chosen One the previous week. (TV: Small Worlds)
In 1914, Jack discovers that the Red Key has been mutating humans in Cardiff, thus creating the Weevils. He throws the Red Key into the Rift in the hopes that it would stop the Weevils from spreading. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)
In 1918, while investigating time-shifts from the future at St Teilo's Hospital, Torchwood operatives Gerald Kneale and Harriet Derbyshire take Tommy Brockless to help them stabilise the shifts, keeping him cryogenically frozen until he can catch up to the other end of the time-shifts. (TV: To the Last Man)
Set in the 1920s.
In 1924, Torchwood India was closed down by Jack, when Torchwood realised the Raj was coming to an end, and all their alien equipment was taken to Britain. Object One was among Torchwood India’s relics, however Jack chose to leave it behind. In anger, the Duchess sent Object One to Jack. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive) Torchwood India would secretly persist for decades by using a time store to prevent the passage of time in their former headquarters. (AUDIO: Golden Age)
In 1927 New York City, Jack forms a romance with Angelo Colasanto while preventing the Trickster's Brigade from poisoning Franklin D. Roosevelt. Jack offers to make Angelo his companion, but, after a betrayal of trust leads Angelo to think Jack is the Devil and have him tortured, Jack leaves Angelo behind. (TV: Immortal Sins)

Activities in the Second World War[[edit source]]

Set on 7 August 1941.
Set "during World War Two". Jill Anderson has been sent by Lizbeth Hayhoe to catalogue the Torchwood Archive, where she meets Bilis Manger.
During the Nazi occupation of Paris, LeDuc investigates Project Hermod on behalf of Torchwood.

Post-War Torchwood[[edit source]]

In the 1950s, Torchwood Three begins to properly document Weevils and their activity. (TV: Everything Changes)

Norton's work with Torchwood[[edit source]]

On a mission for the Committee, Norton Folgate uses a pharadyne projector to travel forwards in time to 2016 from 1953 as a hologram. He recovers Object One with Andy Davidson. (AUDIO: Ghost Mission)
In 1953, Norton is interrogated by a group of mobsters while on a mission for the Committee to plants Object One on the Mandrake Association. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)
In 1953, before the coronation of Elizabeth II, Lizbeth Hayhoe, working on behalf of Torchwood One, kidnaps those whose faces had been stolen by the Wire. (AUDIO: Parasite) The Wire would later be defeated by the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler, and the faces of the victims returned. (TV: The Idiot's Lantern)
Norton is brought to 2009 Torchwood Three via soft light projection by Ianto Jones from 1955, to provide answers in regards to his involvement in the Good Thinking virus. After Jack Harkness breaks the projector, Norton is returned to 1955. (AUDIO: Outbreak)
Norton attempts to seize control of Torchwood One.
In 1957, Norton boards Flight 405 to recover the lens for the Committee, but the plane becomes trapped in a time loop and he becomes stuck for sixty years. He works with Torchwood Three for several weeks in 2017 before returning to 1957. (AUDIO: Eye of the Storm)
After his attempted takeover of Torchwood One fails, Norton is sent to work with Lizbeth Hayhoe in Room 13. (AUDIO: Parasite)
Norton is working with Lizbeth Hayhoe in Room 13, setting this between Goodbye Piccadilly and Parasite. Lizbeth implies that 8 June that year was a Wednesday which, using real-world knowledge, would place this story in 1955.
Norton and Lizbeth are working for Room 13 under the leadership of Reginald Rigsby, and visit Ashenden for the first time. (AUDIO: Ashenden: Rivers of Blood)
Norton and Andy recall the events of Goodbye Piccadilly. Torchwood is aware of the defeat of the Fumifugium of 1952 by the Tenth Doctor. After Lizbeth and Rigsby are killed by the poisonous spores of an alien mushroom, Norton and Gideon Lyme take control of Torchwood.
Set after the events of Parasite. Norton summons Andy from the future and Lizbeth from the past after Gideon is possessed by aliens in Ashenden.
Andy is still in the 1950s and Norton reconciles with Gideon following the events of Ashenden. 1945 was a decade ago.
Armitage recalls the events of Ashenden and The Unbegotten.
Set in the 1950s, after Sputnik (launched in 1957), Luna 1 and Pioneer 4 (both launched in 1959 in the real world). Norton is using the hard light pharadyne projector.

Operations in the late 20th century[[edit source]]

In 1961, Archie celebrates his 100th birthday while still archiving at Torchwood Two. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)
Set in 1965. Jack is walking with a woman and Clement McDonald when he discovers a de-aged Scott Thrower, whom he decides will be the twelfth child to give to the 456.
In 1965 Jack gives twelve children to the the 456 in exchange for an antidote to a mutated strain of Indonesian influenza. (TV: Children of Earth: Day Four)
Set on 23 October 1973.
Set in the 1970s. Marlow Sweet, Charlotte Du Bujeau and Gabriella Martinez work for Torchwood Los Angeles, which is deemed as the last vestiges of the British Empire by Torchwood One. However, they sever ties with Torchwood One and refuse all calls from their former liaison and recruitment officer, Mr Beamish.
Set in 1978.
Set on 26 July 1987. Dr. James Greco investigates Gabriel Tyler and his psychic powers on behalf of Torchwood.
In 1996, Yvonne Hartman became Director of the Torchwood Institute and placed in sole charge of all branches of Torchwood. (PROSE: The Torchwood Archives)
On 31 December 1999, Alex Hopkins is shown the 456 and Miracle Day by the Red Key, and then murders his his team to spare them that future. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive) He then hands Torchwood Three over to Jack and subsequently kills himself, unwilling to face the threats to come in the 21st century. (TV: Fragments)

The 21st century begins[[edit source]]

Jack makes reference to a recent visit to the Red Dragon Centre, which, based on real world information, would place this around the early 21st century. Jack claims "a hundred years" have passed since he arrived on Earth to wait for the Doctor.
In 2003, Yvonne Hartman accidentally allows shapeshifters to escape Torchwood Tower. (AUDIO: Locker 15)
In 2004, Toshiko Sato is imprisoned by UNIT after stealing plans for a sonic modulator and building one for terrorists holding her mother hostage. (TV: Fragments)
In 2004, Ianto Jones is offered a position at Torchwood One by Yvonne, but he declines. He instead asked to have his job at Cardiff Museum returned and his memory of Torchwood wiped, which she assented.
After eight months in prison, Jack offers Toshiko a job at Torchwood Three on a five year contract in exchange for her freedom, which she accepts. (TV: Fragments)
Tosh is working with Jack and Suzie and refers to herself as the "new girl", setting this not long after Fragments.
Ianto met Yvonne again when she arrived on his doorstep. He was to work on the excavation of a Viking ship which she alleged was a threat to the whole of South Wales and, as Torchwood Three had all gone missing, she sought his help. (AUDIO: Blind Summit) Ianto submitted his CV to Torchwood that month but Bev Stanley had no interest in hiring him. It was only when his CV crossed Yvonne's desk that he was hired in March 2005, as a junior researcher. (AUDIO: New Girl)
In 2005, Suzie Costello calls Yvonne Hartman to inform her about the Ovid sex dolls. Suzie and Jack plan to get rid of Object 1 by passing it on to Torchwood One. Yvonne speaks to Ianto. Yvonne is investigating the Committee and trying to figure out their plans. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)
Set on 26 March 2005. Torchwood Three consists of Jack Harkness, Suzie Costello and Toshiko Sato. Rajesh Singh is already monitoring the Void Ship. Ianto is working as Yvonne's personal assistant.
Yvonne is keen for Ianto to get experience in the field, suggesting this is set early in this work at Torchwood.
Suzie has been working for Torchwood for three years. She mentions having a team, suggesting this is at least after Tosh was recruited as well. Suzie is beginning to have morally questionable thoughts.
Set in 2005. A few months have passed since the Auton invasion in Rose, thus also placing this after One Rule. Rachel Allan joins Torchwood One in Canary Wharf. Ianto has been working as Yvonne's PA since March. Rachel frames Yvonne for the murder of Dean, and various other incidents that have occurred in recent weeks, and takes over control of Torchwood One. Tommy hasn't had a drop of alcohol in years, until Rachel spikes his coffee leading him to start drinking again.
Yvonne is on the run following the events of New Girl.
Begins the day after Through the Ruins, and a month after Rachel took control of Torchwood at the end of New Girl.
Set in 2005.[1]
Ianto finds out that his father has passed away.
Ianto attends his father's funeral, setting this shortly after Dinner for Yvonne.
A week has passed since Dinner for Yvonne and Ianto returns to work following the death of his father, setting this after Disco as well. Ianto recalls the events of Lola.
Ianto is still dealing with the aftermath of his father's recent death, setting this shortly after Dinner for Yvonne. The 2005 Auton invasion is referenced. Ianto convinces Tommy to get some help for his alcoholism, having already lost his father to it.
In the behind the scenes track, this story is described as taking place in 2006 compared to The War Machines occurring in 1966. However the entire Torchwood One series is also described as taking place in 2006 in the same track, which contradicts the 2005 placement of Before The Fall. Ianto has just passed his advanced driving course.
Torchwood One reduces the hard drives from the Brett Archive to scrap. (AUDIO: Blind Summit)
Set in 2006.
Circa March 2006, Rupert Howarth, a mentor of Ianto Jones and head of biochemical research at Torchwood One, burns down his laboratory and fakes his own death after being threatened by pharmaceutical companies. (COMIC: The Legacy of Torchwood One!)
Circa March 2006, Jack recruits Dr. Owen Harper into Torchwood Three as the resident medic after his fiancée, Katie Russell, is killed by a tumour alien. (TV: Fragments)
Set in March 2006. Tosh covers for Owen when he has a hangover during his second week of work and performs an autopsy on the space pig, during which she meets the Ninth Doctor.
In 2006, Jack and Suzie rescue Simon Peters from the Rift, but they are too late to save his wife, Elwyn. Suzie decides not to retcon Simon, calling it an experiment. (PROSE: We All Go Through)
Set between Aliens of London and Boom Town.
For a single day in September 2006, Jack confines the team to the Hub to stop them contaminating his timeline by meeting his past self. (PROSE: The Twilight Streets)
Set six months after Aliens of London, making it roughly September 2006. Margaret Blaine is the mayor of Cardiff, but she mysteriously disappears. Idris Hopper meets Jack for the first time, but it is the past version of Jack traveling in the TARDIS with the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler.
In November 2006, Jack takes Idris Hopper out on a date, and retcons him to make him forget about Jack and the Doctor. (PROSE: The Twilight Streets)
Set in 29 November 2006.
On 25 December 2006, Torchwood One provides Prime Minister Harriet Jones with the means to blow up an invading Sycorax ship.
Set in early 2007. Jack talks to Jackie Tyler for the first time.
After the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler solve the attempted Zaross enslavement of the people of Norwich, Torchwood One cleans up the mess left behind.
Set in 2007, one year after Rose officially left with the Doctor after Aliens of London.
Tommy is 75-years-old and has been working for Torchwood for fifty years.
Ianto has worked at Torchwood One for three years, setting this in 2007.
The Ghost Shifts have started, setting this after Infamy of the Zaross.

The fall of Torchwood One[[edit source]]

The Ghost Shifts have already started, setting this shortly before Army of Ghosts. A journalist named Atif investigates the history of Torchwood, only to be apprehended by them before he can reveal their existence to the public.
The Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler and Jackie Tyler investigate the Ghost Shifts caused by Torchwood One, and reveals that the "ghosts" are actually the Cybus Industries Cybermen. The Void Ship opens to reveal the Cult of Skaro inside. Ending leads directly into Doomsday.
Most of Torchwood One is wiped out during the Battle of Canary Wharf, including Yvonne Hartman, who is converted into a Cyberman.
Set during Doomsday. A Newsreader reports on the Cyberman invasion, but is quickly cut off by a Dalek attack.
Ianto Jones searches for Lisa Hallett in the wreckage of Torchwood One. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive) He finds her partially cyber-converted and pulls her from the wreckage. (TV: Cyberwoman)
Following the Battle of Canary Wharf, Yvonne's counterpart from Pete's World passes through the Void into N-Space by happenstance and goes into hiding. (AUDIO: Poker Face)
Torchwood is dead aside from a "branch office", setting this after Doomsday. Nisha claims Tosh has only been working for Torchwood for about a year.

Continued operations in Cardiff[[edit source]]

After the Battle of Canary Wharf, Ianto Jones helps Jack fight a Weevil, and asks for a job with Torchwood Three. However, he is turned down. (TV: Fragments) The following day, he visits Baps for the first time and borrows a coffee mug, (AUDIO: Coffee) which he uses to make Jack a coffee, though he is turned down again. (TV: Fragments) He then returns the coffee mug to Baps. (AUDIO: Coffee) Ianto finally convinces Jack to let him join the team after helping him to catch a rogue Pterodactyl. (TV: Fragments)
Ianto visits Baps whilst the rest of Torchwood Three deal with an incident involving blue fire at the Red Dragon Centre. (AUDIO: Coffee)
Set shortly after Ianto joins Torchwood Three, and relatively early in Tosh's Torchwood career. Torchwood Three operative Sebastian Vaughan is killed.
It has been eighteen months since Owen joined Torchwood, setting this circa September 2007.

Gwen joins the team[[edit source]]

Gwen Cooper is recruited after Suzie kills herself to prevent her arrest for killing three people in her experiments with the Resurrection gauntlet and the Life Knife. Gwen learns of Jack's immortality, and is currently the only team member to know.
During Gwen's first day on the job, she accidentally releases Sex Gas from a fallen meteorite.
At Baps, the owner, David, tells Ianto about the people "shagging in nightclub bogs, [and] bursting into flames". (AUDIO: Coffee)
Set sixty-six years after 1941. Gwen is still inexperienced with weapons, with Jack giving her her first lesson on handling a gun. Rhys becomes annoyed at Gwen's absences for the first time.
Set between Ghost Machine and Cyberwoman, as Gwen has been trained by Jack to use firearms and Ianto is being duplicitous about his business in the Hub's basement. Gwen goes aboard an alien ship for the first time, and has already been working in Torchwood for a few weeks.
Set circa October 2007.
Tosh finds Ianto acting strangely around a chamber in the Hub's basement, setting this before Cyberwoman.
Ianto tells the Baps barista, Kathy, that he has to stay at work late "tonight" so he can welcome a Japanese visitor. (AUDIO: Coffee)
The Torchwood team learn that Ianto has been keeping his cyber-converted girlfriend, Lisa Hallett, in the basement of the Hub, and they kill her once she leaves herself vulnerable enough after her Cyberman personality takes hold of her. Owen kisses Gwen for the first time.
Ianto visits Baps after Lisa's death and orders four coffees. (AUDIO: Coffee)
Ianto first enters the Ferret the night after Lisa dies. A few days later, Jack takes Ianto out to hunt Weevils, and, when he returns to the Ferret, he is given advice by Mandy. The next day, Jack is contacted by Estelle Cole and takes Gwen with him to see her instead of Ianto. (AUDIO: Broken)
After Estelle Cole rings Jack to view her new photos of fairies, she is killed by them. The fairies also attack Gwen's flat, which is the first time her "work life" has intruded on her "normal life". Jack is forced to surrender Jasmine Pierce to the fairies. According to The Torchwood Archives (novel), the events of Cyberwoman were four weeks ago.
After he and Jack fight Scorchies at the Millennium Centre, Ianto opens up to Jack about his life before the Battle of Canary Wharf and how the loss of Lisa has affected him. Now understanding his pain, Jack invites Ianto on a mission to the Brecon Beacons. (AUDIO: Broken)

After Brynblaidd[[edit source]]

Owen and Ianto recall the recent events of Cyberwoman, specifically that their last kisses were with Gwen and Lisa, respectively, while Tosh has not been kissed since "last Christmas". After their traumatic experience with the Brynblaidd villagers in the Brecon Beacons, Gwen and Owen start having an affair.
Horrified by what he witnessed at Brynblaidd, Ianto attempts suicide before being talked down by Mandy.(AUDIO: Broken)
The morning after his suicide attempt, Ianto returns to work, where he helps Jack catalogue some alien goo and informs him of some missing people in the bay. Later that night, he returns to The Ferret and recounts his day to Mandy, telling her he will return to work again the next day. (AUDIO: Broken)
Jack takes Ianto for a joyride in the SUV and they eat fish and chips. Gwen calls to inform them of another missing person. (AUDIO: Broken)
Ianto is described as feeling isolated, implying a setting shortly after Cyberwoman and Countrycide.
Using a telepathy pendant, Tosh learns about Gwen and Owen's affair, and hears how Ianto is still recovering from the events of Cyberwoman.
Set immediately after Greeks Bearing Gifts. Jack enters the Ferret investigating rift activity the same time Ianto is there. Ianto tries to take his revenge on Jack for the events of Cyberwoman, but decides against it.
The team hasn't taken Ianto on a mission or a nights out in awhile, probably due to the events of Cyberwoman, but he no longer seems bitter or upset over it, suggesting a setting after Broken. He also makes mention to Gwen and Owen's affair. According the Divination Thermometer, both Owen and Tosh have roughly one year left to live.
Tosh has recently discovered what her friends really think of her and had a bad relationship, setting this shortly after Greeks Bearing Gifts.
Set over a two week period. The events of Cyberwoman are still fresh on Ianto's mind.
Tosh is alone in the Hub while the rest of Torchwood Three are away in Brecon, dealing with the same events that Tosh is dealing with.
Set three months after Everything Changes. Suzie is temporarily resurrected with the Resurrection gauntlet, but is killed again when Tosh destroys the gauntlet. A sexual relationship is developing between Jack and Ianto.
Torchwood Three don't know that Jack is immortal yet, setting this before End of Days, and Owen recalls the events of Ghost Machine. Jack and Ianto are beginning a relationship, setting this after Broken.
Apparently set fourteen years after 1992, but this can be attributed to Eugene rounding out the years. According to The Torchwood Archives (novel), Gwen joined Torchwood over three months ago.
Set in 2007. When Jack is kidnapped by an agent of the Three Families, Gwen chases Jack's kidnapper to Chernobyl, where she find Jack's blood being harvested, but she and Jack both lose their memories of the kidnapping due to a variation of Retcon.
Ianto recalls the events of Cyberwoman, and feels he is being trusted again by the team. He and Jack are in a relationship.

Investigating the Committee[[edit source]]

Jack investigates George Wilson and his connection to the Committee. He leaves Cardiff to investigate the Committee further, leaving a message for Torchwood Three to explain his absence, and notes that they have dealt with issues without him before. SkyPoint is halfway through its construction, setting this before SkyPoint.
A week after Jack left to investigating the Committee conspiracy, Gwen visits a conspiracy theorist possessed by the Committee. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)
Jack is currently away investigating the conspiracy, setting this between The Conspiracy and Uncanny Valley. Ianto feels as though he has had a tough time winning the trust of his colleagues back following the events of Cyberwoman.
Eve Trent confesses to her involvement with the Committee to Jack, imploring him to stop the Committee. She also asks that he looks after her dog before the Committee finds and kills her. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)
Jack decides to return to Torchwood Three after Neil Redmond passes away.
In 2007, shortly after the passing of Neil Redmond, Ivan Putin, a member of the KVI, is tasked by Maxim Ivanov with informing five Russian billionaires that their girlfriends are Ovid sex dolls. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)
Ianto leads the shutdown of Milne Futures, inadvertently poisoning all its drug-enhanced employees with retcon. He uses retcon to keep Torchwood out of the subsequent inquest and erases his own memories of the incident. (AUDIO: The Office of Never Was)

Torchwood Three in crisis[[edit source]]

Set between 18 December and 26 December 2007. Three people from 1953 emerge from the Rift in a plane, and Owen develops a deep romance with the pilot, Diane Holmes. After her two passengers leave and die, Diane flies her plane into the Rift in an attempt to return to 1953, leaving Owen distraught. Rhys continues to grow annoyed by Gwen's distancing from him.
Set during Out of Time, specifically on 24 and 25 December. Ianto says that there is "somebody" at work, implied to be Jack, that he has feelings for, but he does not know if they truly like him back.
Gwen is still new to Torchwood, setting this in Series 1. Ianto references a team Secret Santa, placing this after the Christmas season setting of Out of Time and The Grey Mare.
Neil Redmond was investigated by the KVI, setting this shortly after Uncanny Valley. Tosh is working on the Time lock from Journey's End. Anna Volokova says she was born in 1930, with Tosh then exclaiming that she "must be 78-years-old", suggesting 2008 setting. Maxim Ivanov is killed.
A week after her visit to Russia, Tosh reverses the effects of the Bad Penny, and tosses it into another dimension. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)
Still upset by the events of Out of Time, Owen calls off his affair with Gwen and, after a round in the Weevil Fight Club, starts building a connection with the Weevils. Jack and Rhys meet for the first time.
Due to the machinations of Bilis Manger, Jack and Tosh end up in 1941, where they meet the real Captain Jack Harkness, leading Tosh to question Jack's identity. In order to retrieve them, Owen, who is still emotional over the events of Out of Time, opens the Rift, despite Ianto shooting his shoulder, setting up the events of End of Days.
David and Kathy call in Ianto to show him a cybernetically augmented caveman that has appeared out of nowhere. (AUDIO: Coffee)
Owen's shoulder has only just recovered from being shot. Bilis Manger prays on the vulnerabilities of Torchwood Three to get them to open the Rift further to free his master, Abaddon. During their coup against him, Jack's immortality is revealed to Tosh, Owen and Ianto. Jack meets Andy Davidson for the first time, and informs him of Torchwood. After defeating Abaddon, Jack disappears from Torchwood, with a missing poster released on the Torchwood website claiming he was "last seen in February".[2]
As Abaddon roams through Cardiff, David allows people to shelter in Baps. Cursing the absence of Torchwood, he claims Harold Saxon will "put a stop to it all". (AUDIO: Coffee)
Following on directly from End of Days, Jack runs towards the Doctor's TARDIS when it lands at Roald Dahl Plass to refeul off the Rift, and ends up at the end of the universe with the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones.

Jack's disappearance[[edit source]]

Set shortly after End of Days, with Torchwood Three arguing over who will take charge in Jack's absence. As the most senior Torchwood operative, Tosh is placed in charge, but she defers command to Gwen following exposure to an alien artifact.
Set on St Valentine's Day. Jack is currently missing and the events of The Last Beacon were several months ago.
Circa April 2008, Gwen dreams about Jack and Ianto, but no longer knows who they are, while Simon brings Elwyn back through the Rift, though she dies shortly after. (PROSE: We All Go Through)
Set before Reset, as Owen still alive. Moreover, he breaks his leg and it is put in a cast, likely setting this between a gap where he has six-to-eight weeks to recover before the next televised episode.
Circa May 2008, Gwen witnesses Simon preaching in the streets, though no one listens to him. (PROSE: We All Go Through)
Prime Minister Harold Saxon sends Torchwood Three on a wild goose chase to Tibet shortly before 8 June 2008. (TV: The Sound of Drums) Upon their return, Ianto learns from David that "a fish keeps stealing his [friend's] sports cars". (AUDIO: Coffee)
Bilis is working from his shop, although it burns down, setting this between End of Days and The Twilight Streets.

Jack returns[[edit source]]

Following their battle with the Saxon Master, the Doctor and Martha return Jack to Cardiff in June 2008, with Jack declining joining them in their travels to return to Torchwood Three.
Following on from Last of the Time Lords, Jack returns to Torchwood Three, with the implication that he has only been gone a short time to them, and explains his disappearance as him having found "[his] Doctor". While confronting John Hart, a figure from Jack's past, Torchwood Three learn about the Time Agency, and John tells Jack that he "found Gray". Gwen and Rhys are now engaged, and Jack asks Ianto out on a proper date for the first time.
Ianto is in a reflective mood, with his anger at Rupert Howarth for faking his death for years implying a setting shortly after Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang.
Torchwood Three deals with an attack by Cell 114, and are made aware that other sleeper agents are still on Earth. Gwen is still planning her wedding, having not set a date yet.
Cardiff city centre is blown up during an alien incursion, leaving Kathy injured and Baps damaged. Ianto later visits Kathy in hospital, but is snubbed by David. (AUDIO: Coffee)
Set after Sleeper, with Jack and Ianto spend a period of some weeks undercover at Serenity Plaza to destroy the last of Cell 114.
Kathy visits Ianto following her recovery from the city centre explosion and brings him a coffee. (AUDIO: Coffee
Set on 20 June 2008, one-hundred-and-fourteen years after 1894 and ninety years after 1918. Gwen has her first and only encounter with Tommy Brockless, who has been annually defrosted from a cryogenic coma since 1894, setting this less than a year after Everything Changes. Tommy successfully closes the time shift he was destined to close, returning him back to 1918. Jack and Ianto are now in a relationship, with Jack implying he has fallen in love with Ianto.
Gwen and Tosh recall the recent time shift with 1918, setting this shortly after To the Last Man.
Jack recalls the events of Utopia, which happened during his disappearance from Torchwood.
Gwen recalls the events of Slow Decay, while Owen recalls the events of Out of Time. Rhys does not appear to be aware of Torchwood, which would set this before Meat.

Torchwood Three grows closer[[edit source]]

Rhys uncovers the truth about Torchwood, and joins them on a mission, during which he is shot, though he quickly begins to recover. On Gwen's urging, Jack allows Rhys to keep his memories. All stories where Rhys knows about Torchwood take place after this one. Tosh begins becoming more proactive in flirting with Owen. Rhys implies that a year has passed since Everything Changes.
Real world information places this before the last broadcast of the Lincolnshire Poacher Numbers Station, which was 29 June 2008, nine days after the setting of To the Last Man. Ianto is in contact with Jack, confirming a setting after Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
Set on 4 July 2008. Also set between "Meat" and "Reset", with Rhys aware of Torchwood and Owen still alive.
In 2008, Anne Hartman mourns for Yvonne on the anniversary of her death. (AUDIO: The Rockery )
Set after Zone 10, and months before Exit Wounds.
Ianto is lured back to the abandoned Milne Futures office block some months after his last visit.
Rhys recalls the events of Slow Decay, and Jack gives him and Gwen two tickets for a trip to Paris for the weekend, setting this shortly before Adam.
Gwen has just returned from a trip to Paris with Rhys, who has fully recovered from the wounds he received in Meat. Torchwood Three use retcon to erase two days of their memory to banish a memory-changing entity back into the Void. While their memories are under its sway, the entity forces Jack to think of his brother, Gray, for the first time in "over [one]-hundred-and-fifty years".
The Pharm is in operation, setting this before Reset.
Set between "Meat" and "Reset", with Rhys aware of Torchwood and Owen still alive.
Set between "Meat" and "Reset", with Rhys aware of Torchwood and Owen still alive.
Jack and Ianto are in a relationship, and Owen appears to be alive, setting this between To the Last Man and Reset.
Archie takes a call from Owen Harper in the 21st Century. Owen is trying to make sense of some emails that Archie sent him. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)
Set circa August 2008, between "Meat" and "Reset", with Rhys aware of Torchwood and Owen still alive, though Bilis Manger frequently implies he will die soon. Owen recalls the emails he exchanged with Archie in The Torchwood Archive.
Set between "Meat" and "Reset", with Rhys aware of Torchwood and Owen still alive. Rhys and Gwen's wedding is due to happen in only a few weeks' time, setting this before Something Borrowed.

Owen's living death[[edit source]]

Martha Jones visits Torchwood on loan from UNIT, and Jack introduces her to the rest of Torchwood Three. Tosh and Owen agree to go on a date. After Martha helps bring down the Pharm, Aaron Copley attempts to kill her, but Owen is shot protecting her, leading Jack to kill Copley. Despite Martha's efforts, Owen dies, leading directly into Dead Man Walking.
Owen is resurrected by a second resurrection gauntlet, but with no life signs, effectively becoming a reanimated corpse. He is 27-years-old.
Set three days after Reset. Martha returns to UNIT.
Ianto mentions that Torchwood’s medic is having a “life crisis”, implying a setting during A Day in the Death. He recalls that last time he lied to Torchwood, they “ended things” with his girlfriend.
Circa July 2008, Gwen, Jack, Tosh and an undead Owen attempt to talk a man called Bryn out of suicide. (PROSE: We All Go Through)
Gwen has not yet married Rhys, setting this before Something Borrowed.
Set between "A Day in the Death" and Something Borrowed, with Gwen unmarried and Owen a reanimated corpse.
Circa October 2008, Gwen and Jack recover Elwyn's body from Simon's house. (PROSE: We All Go Through)
Set on 31 October 2008.
Begins on 31 October and continues into early November. The events of A Day in the Death are mentioned, and Jack catches Tosh preparing the message Ianto will find during Exit Wounds. Gwen and Rhys are finalising the plans for their wedding, setting this shortly before Something Borrowed.

A new normal[[edit source]]

Gwen and Rhys get married, despite a Nostrovite interrupting the ceremony.
Set two months after Reset and roughly two weeks after Something Borrowed. Gwen and Rhys return from their honeymoon in Cuba. Tosh is currently working on a time lock for the Hub. Gwen has been with Torchwood for roughly a year, while two years have passed since Owen joined Torchwood.
Set concurrently with SkyPoint.
15-year-old Jonah Bevan was born in 1993, which would set this during 2008. Gwen and Tosh discover that the Cardiff Space-Time Rift is capable of stealing people, and that Jack was aware of it upon finding the hospital on Flat Holm Island, leading to Torchwood Three to begin questioning their trust in Jack. Andy has become interested in joining Torchwood.
The Bad Penny arrives at Torchwood Three through the rift again, and is stored in the Torchwood Archive by lanto. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)
Representing Torchwood and the police, Owen and Andy work together to investigate a cold case with suspected alien involvement, developing a friendship. Owen knows that people can be taken by the rift, setting this after Adrift.
Torchwood Three have not been able to trust Jack recently, setting this shortly after Adrift.
Torchwood Three know that people can be taken away by the Rift, setting this after Adrift.
Owen and Andy are friends, setting this after Corpse Day.
Owen and Andy are friends, setting this after Corpse Day.
Owen and Andy are friends, setting this after Corpse Day, though have a falling out that ends their friendship.

The final days of Tosh and Owen[[edit source]]

Set twenty-one months after the Battle of Canary Wharf, according to Ianto's flashback. Jack, Owen, Tosh and Ianto are caught in a trap set by John Hart, who reveals he has Jack's brother, Gray, as a hostage after Gwen and Rhys save them, leading directly into Exit Wounds. Rhys learns about Jack's immortality, or at least that he can return from death.
Upon confronting John, Jack leans that Gray is actually holding John hostage in a plan for revenge on his brother for losing him. Gray buries Jack in 27 AD, but he is dug up by Torchwood in 1901 and frozen for one-hundred-and-seven years to get back to Gray in 2008. Jack is able to knock Gray out to be placed in suspended animation, but not before Gray kills Tosh, and Owen is atomized in a nuclear meltdown, effectively killing him.
David and Kathy are caught up in one of John's explosions, and Kathy mentions the nuclear meltdown, with David claiming Baps has been destroyed for the second time "this year". In the aftermath, Ianto visits Baps and accidentally orders five bacon baps before correcting it to just three. (AUDIO: Coffee)
After hearing about a series of explosions in Cardiff, Stephen Hines calls Tosh months after their previous encounter to check up on her and reveal his feelings for her, but gets no response. (AUDIO: torchwood_cascade_CDRip.tor)

Coping without Tosh and Owen[[edit source]]

Set very shortly after Exit Wounds, with Jack seeking to redeem himself for Owen and Tosh's deaths. He and Ianto have been left to run Torchwood alone while Gwen is holidaying in Tenerife.
It has been "a while" since Tosh and Owen died in Exit Wounds, according to Martha when she meets up with Jack, Gwen and Ianto for the first time since their funerals. Nonetheless, Torchwood Three is still grieving them, with Jack struggling to hold it together for the sake of Ianto and Gwen.
Torchwood Three are still grieving the deaths of Owen and Tosh, setting this shortly after Exit Wounds. They meet Nina Rogers for the first time.
Torchwood Three are still grieving the deaths of Owen and Tosh, setting this shortly after Exit Wounds. Jack decides to pay Alexander Martin a visit, leading into The House that Jack Built.
1909 was "nearly one hundred years ago", setting this around 2008.
G.R. Owen's has had a Christmas sale since October.
Torchwood Three celebrate their first New Year's Eve without Owen and Tosh.
It is still early in the New Year.
Rhys makes a delivery for the Committee. He keeps receiving deliveries of fridge parts, and Gwen claims it is February, setting this shortly before Ghost Train. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)
It is February. Rhys alludes to the recent ATMOS incident, setting this shortly after The Poison Sky.
Circa March 2009, Simon preaches the coming of the Glory to his followers while Gwen dreams of herself, Jack and Ianto discovering a spike in Rift activity in Cardiff. (PROSE: We All Go Through)

Fighting the Daleks[[edit source]]

With nothing strange having happened in a while, Ianto visits Baps during the summer, and appears to have recovered from the loss of Tosh and Owen. (AUDIO: Coffee)
Set in 2009, between May and June. Jack, Gwen and Ianto join with Martha, Sarah Jane Smith and Harriet Jones on the Sub-Wave Network to summon the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble to Earth after it is moved to the Medusa Cascade by the New Dalek Empire. After Harriet is killed by the Daleks, Jack uses his vortex manipulator to join the Doctor for battle, while the Daleks begin an attack on the Hub with Gwen and Ianto still inside, leading directly into Journey's End.
The Dalek attack on the Hub is prevented by a time lock Tosh had installed before her death, but also leaves Gwen and Ianto trapped inside. The time lock is destroyed with the Daleks when the Metacrisis Tenth Doctor destroys the Crucible. Torchwood Three then assist in returning the Earth to its proper location, and Jack returns with Martha and Mickey Smith.
David is reeling from the fallout of the recent Dalek invasion and refuses to open his cafe. (AUDIO: Coffee)

After the Dalek invasion[[edit source]]

Shortly after the Dalek invasion, Gwen attempts to send a message to Owen and Tosh in the afterlife. (AUDIO: In the Shadows)
Set on a bank holiday but without any reference to the new year, indicating a setting of March at the earliest based on real world information. The Hub is still being rebuilt after the events of The Stolen Earth. Jack indicates the year is 2009. Rhys suggests that he and Gwen move into a bigger house.
Ianto speculates that compiler of the book, Warren Martyn's disappearance may have been due to the Daleks.
Picks up immediately after The Wrong Hands.
Set in 2009. Despite the events of Corpse Day, Andy learns about the true nature of Torchwood.
Set in 2009. Jack discovers the fate of Torchwood India.
Nina Rogers is 21-years-old, setting this at some point between July and September 2009.
Ianto has done Opera, setting this after Into the Silence.

Torchwood Three's final missions[[edit source]]

Set in 2009. Rhys and Gwen discuss buying a new home, setting this shortly before Children of Earth: Day One, where Rhys was in the process of house-hunting.
Authorial intent places this prior to Risk Assessment.
The events of The Sin Eaters are mentioned. Martha is about to get married, setting this shortly before Children of Earth: Day One, where she was on her honeymoon.
The events of The House That Jack Built and Risk Assessment are mentioned.
After gaining a glimpse into his upcoming death, Ianto sends an email to his sister to get back in touch and uses retcon to erase the memories of his future.
Rhys is becoming interested in joining Torchwood as a fulltime member.
Norton alludes to Ianto's upcoming death when he discovers that the year is 2009. Andy has yet to be promoted to Sergeant.
Jack is watched by the Committee while he plays with Eve's dog, Untitled. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)
In 2009, Andy goes on a date and attempts to brag about Torchwood. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)
Set between Journey's End and Children of Earth, and also after a recent Christmas party that Martha could not attend due to the fallout from her break-up with Tom Milligan. After reconnecting with Gwen while hunting a Chameleon, Martha uses the explosion used to kill the Chameleon to fake her death to leave UNIT and become a freelance alien hunter, setting this after Risk Assessment.
The events of Dissected are referred to.
Set during the Rugby season, which runs August-May. Ianto mentions Jack and Gwen.
Set circa September 2009. Simon Peters feeds Jack and Ianto to the Rift, erasing them from history and creating an alternate timeline where Gwen has been running Torchwood alone for years. With the help of Andy and Rhys, she investigates recent disappearances in Cardiff, leading her to Simon's gathering at the Millennium Stadium. As Simon feeds his followers to the Rift, Gwen remembers Jack and Ianto. Three days later, Gwen lures Simon to Flat Holm and kills him, before taking retcon to forget. She returns to Cardiff, where Jack and Ianto appear in the Hub, having escaped the pocket dimension using Jack's vortex manipulator.
Whilst tracking a reconnaissance drone, Ianto runs into David and tries to convince him that not all aliens are evil. (AUDIO: Coffee)
An alien ambassador wanders into Baps, but is swiftly collected by Torchwood Three. Ianto tricks David into thinking he has been infected with an alien virus in order to prove a point. However, Kathy calls him out and he then apologises to David. (AUDIO: Coffee)

The 456 return[[edit source]]

Set in September 2009. Martha is on her honeymoon with Mickey Smith, and Ianto is still "new" in his relationship with Jack. Jack looks to recruit Dr. Rupesh Patanjali as Torchwood Three's new medic, unaware that he is trying to influence the team as a government spy. The 456 announce their return by controlling the children of the Earth, as well as Clement McDonald. Jack makes contact with Lois Habiba shortly before the Permanent Secretary of the Home Office, John Frobisher, and Prime Minister Brian Green order Torchwood to be destroyed to keep the 1965 incident hidden. Patanjali and Agent Johnson place a bomb in Jack, and Patanjali is killed by Johnson to ensure Jack remains unaware. Gwen learns she is pregnant, and the Hub is destroyed by the bomb planted in Jack almost immediately afterwards.
After David and Kathy realise that the children speaking in unison is happening worldwide, they ring Ianto to ensure he is aware of the situation. Moments later, the Hub explodes near their shop, and they watch as Jack's body is taken from the ruins. (AUDIO: Coffee)
Jack is captured by Johnson as he regrows himself, while Gwen and Ianto, having both managed to escape the Hub before the explosion, go into hiding. Gwen collects Rhys, and informs him of her pregnancy while they travel to London to meet Lois. Ianto meets up with his sister, Rhiannon Davies, and uses her laptop to track Jack's body to Ashton Down. Lois guides Gwen and Rhys to Ashton Down, and they join Ianto in freeing Jack. The 456 use to children to announce they shall return the next day.
Torchwood Three sets up a base in an empty Torchwood One warehouse. Gwen convinces Lois to use the Eye-5 contact lenses to spy on the government for Torchwood, and brings Clem back to the warehouse after she finds him in hiding. Jack's daughter, Alice Carter, is captured by Johnson, along with her son, Steven, just as the 456 ambassador arrives at Thames House. With Lois acting as their eyes, Torchwood Three spy on John Frobisher's meeting with the 456's ambassador, and hear it demand 10% of the Earth's children. Clem reveals to Gwen and Ianto that Jack was involved in the 1965 incident.
Through Lois, Torchwood Three see the government plan to give away underachieving children to the 456, and try to use the information to gain control of the situation, only to end up angering the 456's ambassador, who floods Thames House with a virus that kills nearly everyone inside the building, including Jack and Ianto, with only Dekker managing to survive. Clem is also killed by the ambassador using a signal. Jack revives the following morning, just as Gwen arrives to grieve for Ianto.
While Gwen and Rhys return to Wales to inform Rhiannon of Ianto's passing, Jack is able to kill the 456 ambassador with the aid of Johnson and Dekker by sending the signal that killed Clem back at the ambassador, though he has to sacrifice Steven to launch the signal, resulting in Alice cutting all ties with her father.
Andy enters Baps and informs David Kathy that Ianto died saving the world. (AUDIO: Coffee)

Torchwood disbanded[[edit source]]

Jack and Gwen attend Ianto's funeral, and are watched from afar by John Hart and alternate universe versions of Ianto and Mairwyn. (COMIC: Shrouded)
Andy has been promoted to Sergeant following the events of Children of Earth: Day Five the previous month. Suzie is briefly resurrected for a second time.
Set six months after Children of Earth: Day Four. The Cardiff Rift is sealed forever with the destruction of the House of the Dead, destroyed by Ianto's ghost after he is summoned by Jack with a séance. Jack decides to leave Earth.
In March 2010, six months after the 456 incident, Jack leaves Earth after Gwen retrieves his vortex manipulator for him, hitching a ride onto a cold fusion cruiser at the edge of the solar system when they open their transport dock, despite Gwen's protests against his "running away". (TV: Children of Earth: Day Five)
Set shortly after Ianto's death according to authorial intent.[3] Likewise, R&J would establish that Jack travelled to Gallipoli following the death of "a very close friend", in a segment set after Last of the Time Lords from Jack's perspective.
While having a drink at the Zaggit Zagoo bar, Jack is set up with Alonso Frame by the Tenth Doctor.
Set immediately after The End of Time.
Set in 2010, with Gwen and Rhys trying to find a place of solitude to raise their daughter, Anwen Williams.
Set nine months after Children of Earth, placing this around June 2010.
Set weeks before Halloween. Anwen is still a baby, Rhys is secretive about his identity and cannot contact Gwen for her own safety setting this between Children of Earth and Miracle Day

The "Miracle Day" crisis[[edit source]]

In late March 2011, Jack returns to Earth after an email is released to intelligence agencies that only contains the word "Torchwood". Everyone on Earth is rendered unable to die, in an event dubbed Miracle Day; CIA agent Rex Matheson survives a fatal car accident, and is treated by Dr. Vera Juarez, and convicted pedophile Oswald Danes survives his execution. Jack erases all Torchwood history from the internet, and meets CIA analyst Esther Drummond while destroying the last paper documents. When Gwen's father is hospitalised, she and Rhys return to Cardiff, and meet with Andy, for the first time since Children of Earth. Oswald is able to get himself paroled, and Rex travels to Wales when he realises a connection between Torchwood and the Miracle, just in time to see Jack save Gwen from an assassination attempt. Rex forces Jack and Gwen to accompany him back to America in a rendition, leading directly into Rendition.
Rex allows Rhys to stay in Wales with Anwen while he takes Jack and Gwen on a flight to America, but he and Esther are framed as traitors to the CIA by Brian Friedkin and forced on the run with Jack and Gwen after the CIA tries to kill Jack, who has lost his immortality due to the Miracle. Oswald is able to sway public opinion in his favour, and is approached by Jilly Kitzinger on behalf of PhiCorp to act as their representative.
Following on from Rendition, Rex gains Friedkin's phone so the Torchwood team can track down his superiors, leading them to discover that PhiCorp had been preparing for the Miracle. Rex and Vera begin a sexual relationship, and he recruits her as a spy for Torchwood. Jack confronts Oswald Danes for the first time. When Friedkin's superiors use his phone to trace them, the Torchwood team are forced to flee, leading into Escape to LA.
Before they flee Washington DC, Esther visits her sister, allowing an assassin to follow the Torchwood team to Los Angeles, where he interferes with their plan to steal the PhiCorp database hard drive, only to be put down by Rex. Oswald is made the official representative of PhiCorp, and Rex also visits his father. From the PhiCorp database, the Torchwood team learn about PhiCorp's Overflow camps, just as Gwen learns that her father has been placed in one.
Following on from Escape to LA, Gwen returns to Wales to save her father from the South Wales Overflow camp. Vera joins the Torchwood team to infiltrate the California overflow camp with Rex and Esther, while Jack confronts Oswald again to convince him to expose PhiCorp. However, Gwen's father falls into a coma in the escape and is returned to the camp, Oswald remains loyal to PhiCorp, and Vera is shot and incinerated by camp director Colin Maloney, effectively killing her, with Rex unable to save her.
Following directly on from The Categories of Life, Rex and Esther are able to expose Maloney for Vera's "murder" and reveal the truth of the overflow camps to the public, though they remain in operation. Gwen and Rhys successfully rescue Gwen's father from the South Wales camp, and Gwen destroys the camp's modules. Jack learns about the Blessing from PhiCorp Chief Operating Officer Stuart Owens. Gwen plans to return to the Torchwood team in the USA, but is contacted by an unknown party demanding she hand over Jack in return for her captured family, leading directly into Immortal Sins.
Gwen delivers Jack to Olivia Colasanto, who plans to take Jack to see Angelo Colasanto, leading directly into End of the Road. Andy fires a gun for the first time.
Rex lures Friedkin to the Colasanto estate, along with high ranking CIA member Allen Shapiro, who arrests Friedkin and Olivia, resulting in their demises when Friedkin denotes an explosive, and Angelo dies of natural causes due to being on a null field generator. Oswald learns that PhiCorp plans to lump him in with the "Category Zeros", and flees into hiding. Gwen is deported back to Wales by Shapiro. Rex and Esther help Jack flee from the CIA, but he is shot and left in a critical condition as Esther escapes with him, while Rex stays to work with the CIA.
Set two months after End of the Road. With Jack fully healed from his gunshot wound, he smuggles Oswald into Wales as he and Esther meet up with Gwen. With information provided by Oswald, the Torchwood team learn that the Blessing is linked to Shanghai and Buenos Aires. After Gwen's father is seized by the overflow camp, Ester meets up with Rex in Buenos Aires while Jack, Gwen and Oswald travel to Shanghai, leading directly into The Blood Line.
The Three Families' CIA mole, Charlotte Wills, causes an explosion that destroys Shapiro. Jack and Rex, who has had Jack's blood placed inside him, release the mortal blood back into the Blessing, ending the Miracle, but Esther is fatally wounded by the Three Families in an attempt the stop them. Jack is rendered immortal again, and Oswald dies destroying the Shanghai stronghold. All the Category 1s die peacefully, including Gwen's father, and Esther eventually dies from her wounds.

After the Miracle[[edit source]]

After the Miracle is ended in September 2011, (PROSE: Acceptance, and then Understanding) a funeral is held for Esther, where Rex is gunned down by Wills, but is revealed to also be immortal after Wills is taken out. (TV: The Blood Line)
Set after The Blood Line, with Gwen and Rhys still in the United States.
Set after The Blood Line, with Gwen and Rhys still in the United States.
Jack's vortex manipulator is working, and he goes to Cotter Paluni's World for a holiday away from Torchwood and the human race after the events of Miracle Day. He has a vision of Gwen dying and goes back to Earth to check on her, leading into Mr Invincible.
The events of Fallout were weeks ago. Ross becomes Mr Invincible in late September and the rest of the story takes place some weeks later.
Set "months" after the end of The Blood Line, and also after Fallout. Gwen and Rhys have returned to Wales, and Rex has been appointed Deputy Director of the CIA. Jack joins the crew of the Ice Maiden.
Set a few months after Miracle Day, (BFX: Cadoc Point) with Andy filling in for Torchwood in their absence.
Set in November or December. Andy is a sergeant, setting this sometime after Children of Earth. He knows about the Rift and mentions a female friend who is a specialist. He seems inexperienced in dealing with paranormal phenomena, suggesting a setting before Ghost Mission.

Rebuilding Torchwood[[edit source]]

Gwen hasn't seen Jack for five years, setting this somewhere between late 2016 and early 2017, depending on if she was rounding and the precise dating of Exodus Code. She decides to set up Torchwood operations in Cardiff again.
Mary has been babysitting Anwen "all week" whilst Gwen and Rhys were in North Wales, setting this shortly after Forgotten Lives.
Roughly ten years have passed since Day One, but Torchwood has been forgotten in the space of four years. Gwen convinces Roger Pugh to help her get planning permission to restore the Hub. Andy is trying to get involved with Torchwood, but Gwen won't let him help.
Set in 2016. Almost ten years have passed since Gwen joined Torchwood in Everything Changes, and she has recently started trying to set up operations in Cardiff again. Andy meets Norton for the first time, and is surprised that Gwen might be finally letting him get involved with Torchwood, setting this after More Than This.
Set during the winter. Gwen and Rhys have a place to store aliens, suggesting that they now have use of the Hub, setting this after More Than This.
Mary is still alive, setting this before Aliens & Sex & Chips & Gravy, and Rhys recalls the events of More Than This.
Gwen is earning money for Torchwood, as its funds were stolen by the banks, setting this early in Torchwood's restoration.
Trinity Wells has quit news reporting and no longer works for AMNN, setting this at least after The End of Time, with the expanded media showing her still news reporting as late as 2017, setting this as early as that year.
Gwen is a part of Torchwood with Rhys helping. Brenda is aware of Torchwood, setting this after Visiting Hours.

Working with the Ice Maiden crew[[edit source]]

Gwen is the acting head of Torchwood, while Jack has been serving with the crew of the Ice Maiden since Exodus Code. Ending leads directly into Station Zero.
Ending leads directly into The Culling.
Jack and Gwen part ways once again after defeating the Vervoids.

The Sorvix invasion[[edit source]]

After he is "dumped" by the crew of the Ice Maiden, Jack returns to Torchwood. (AUDIO: Aliens & Sex & Chips & Gravy) Civil Service St John Colchester is assigned to work with Torchwood shortly after they are put back in operation. (AUDIO: Changes Everything) Gwen becomes possessed by the Herald when a number of Sorvix flee to Cardiff from Sorva through the Rift, (AUDIO: Future Pain) overtaking her personality and living her life. (AUDIO: Herald of the Dawn)
Noticing that the Sorvix have discreetly taken over Cardiff, Jack asks journalist Tyler Steele to investigate them, but turns down his request to join Torchwood. Brexit is mentioned by name, setting this in 2017 at the earliest.
Colchester and the Herald obtain information about the Sorvix. Tyler infiltrates the Mayor's office to investigate the Sorvix occupation, and begins a sexual relationship with Jack. The Herald murders Mary Cooper when she notices "Gwen's" suspicious behaviour.
Set a few weeks after Changes Everything. "Gwen" and Rhys attend Mary's funeral. Jack and Tyler, still in a sexual relationship together, save a sexual psychomorph named Orr from enslavement and Jack brings them back to the Hub.
After helping Jack and Colchester investigate Cardiff Bay Intelligent Hotel and Spa, Orr officially joins Torchwood. The Mayor of Cardiff is killed by the Sorvix leader, Ro-Jedda, who usurps his position, but keeps Tyler on staff to help her manipulate Torchwood.
Orr has only just joined Torchwood, setting this shortly after Superiority Complex. Rhys is beginning notice that "Gwen" has not been acting like herself for the past weeks. Jack and Tyler break up, but Jack still agrees to investigate the Red Doors organisation for him.
Colchester encounters Bilis Manger for the first time when he brings his husband, Colin Colchester-Price, on a mission with him to Ritz Tower.
Anwen Williams is seven-years-old, setting this after June 2017. "Gwen" has been working from home since the events of Love Rat, and Jack is currently at a chemical plant in Neath getting spare parts for the Rift Manipulator.
Working for "Mrs Cooper", Colchester investigates the Committee during 2017, and briefly speaks with Orr. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)
Jack has been missing for a few weeks, due to forming an alliance with the terrorist organisation Red Doors to combat Ro-Jedda and 3Sol. Ro-Jedda successfully has policing outsourced to 3Sol by having Andy hypnotised into shooting an unarmed refugee. Rhys and Andy are now close friends. Jack is confronted by the Yvonne Hartman of Pete's World, leading into Poker Face.
A few months have passed since Changes Everything. Jack is ousted from Torchwood by Yvonne, who takes over from him as the new leader. Yvonne sends the team home for a long weekend.
Following the events of Poker Face, the team return to work for their first day on the job under Yvonne's new management. Yvonne meets Andy for the first time, and asks him to dinner. Andy is currently being kept at a desk job in the police station due to events of The Empty Hand.
Conspiracy theorist Brent Hayden twice approaches Colchester, who threatens him to leave him alone. (AUDIO: The Man Who Destroyed Torchwood)
A few days have passed since Yvonne took control of Torchwood in Poker Face. Colchester and "Gwen" return to work for the first time since Escape Room and confront Yvonne about sending them there unprepared. Jack has become the new leader of Red Doors, but the organisation is destroyed by the combined efforts of Torchwood and 3Sol. However, a bomb they had planted beforehand causes the Rift to reopen, which also separates Gwen from the Herald. Colchester is wounded by an assassin while protecting Tyler. Gwen decides to leave Torchwood. After she leaves, another explosion occurs that the Sorvix see as a sign of God's arrival. In the aftermath of the second explosion, Jack is rendered mortal again, and Colchester dies of a heart attack.

The Committee returns[[edit source]]

Set a "few days" after Herald of the Dawn. The Herald reveals that their name is Ng and is imprisoned in the Hub with Ro-Jedda by Yvonne. Due to their reservations on Yvonne, Orr convinces Jack to rejoin Torchwood after St John Colchester's funeral, where Tyler, now homeless, tells a fellow attendee his wish for Coleshester to live again. Torchwood destroys a plasmic psychovore that they believe to be the Sorvix's God. Yvonne kills Ro-Jedda after the Sorvix abandon Earth, resulting in the end of 3Sol, and releases Ng.
The events of Herald of the Dawn happened "the other week". Ro-Jedda has gone missing from public eyes, setting this after Future Pain, and Brent Hayden is still a free man, setting this before The Man Who Destroyed Torchwood. Proper Grub is also advertised on the radio, setting this before The Green Life as well.
Set over a period of time, beginning at some point after Superiority Complex and concluding shortly after Colchester's death. Brent Hayden is arrested when Tyler plants incriminating documents on his computer in retaliation for his homophobic video rants.
Jack has been avoiding Ng since Herald of the Dawn. Cardiff is shrouded in darkness by a predator, resulting in Yvonne and Andy teaming up to resolve the crisis. Jack realises that he has become mortal again, and God approaches Orr and Ng. When Jack and Colin share a kiss, Colechester walks in on them, leading directly into Night Watch.
Set weeks after Future Pain. Despite initially believing him to be a ghost, Colin reunites with Colechester. Jack resolves to befriend Ng after he and Orr end a crisis involving waking nightmares. God shows her love to Orr, who is so overwhelmed they turn into a puddle. Yvonne's attempt to resurrect Ianto Jones with a pharadyne projector instead brings Norton Folgate to present-day Torchwood Three.
Follows directly on from Night Watch, with Yvonne and Norton recruiting Andy for a mission to recover the Lens from Flight 405. Andy asks Norton about Alejandro, suggesting that they haven't seen each other since Goodbye Piccadilly. Jack believes the events of Night Watch have restored his immortality.
Torchwood haven't seen Tyler in a long time, and Tyler himself learns about Colchester's resurrection. Tyler joins Torchwood Three when Yvonne allows him to live in the Hub.
Set in the 2010s. Jack teams up with Jo Jones to defeat BOSS, but allows Proper Grub to continue operations.
Gwen has quit Torchwood, setting this after Herald of the Dawn. Rhys faces the Nestene Consciousness while traveling back to Wales on a cargo ship.
A couple of years before 2020, Torchwood seizes rogue alien technology from Hull, thus preventing a war between humanoid wolves and an android species. (AUDIO: Get Andy)
Norton has been in Cardiff for "weeks" since his arrival at the end of Night Watch, and the events of The Empty Hand took place "last year". Colin claims that he and Colchester have had "a tough few weeks", presumably since Colchester's resurrection in See No Evil. To test Ng, God steals technology of the Evolved from the Committee to temporarily switch the bodies of Jack and Colechester, Norton and Tyler and Yvonne and Andy on Colin's birthday. Andy discovers Yvonne's allegiance to the Committee.
While trying to stop the Sorvix power station from exploding, Norton tries to kill Jack, Colchester and Ng. However, spurred on by God, Norton disavows his pact with the Committee, only for them to trap him on Flight 405 again. As the Committee cause the power station explode, a tsunami strikes Cardiff while Jack, Colechester and Ng are trapped in a submersible and Tyler and Yvonne remain in the Hub.
Set "around two months" after Eye of the Storm. Andy has been placed in charge of the Disaster Recovery Committee, and the Committee make Yvonne their scapegoat for the tsunami during an inquiry, with Jack and God unknowingly helping them by exposing Yvonne's involvement to oust her from Torchwood. Orr resurfaces for the first time since Night Watch, though with different powers.
Tyler brings Orr back to Ritz Tower, setting this immediately after A Mother's Son. Colchester died "a few months ago", and the Hub has been realed by the Disaster Recovery Committee, leaving Torchwood without their resouces.
God reveals she resurrected Colechester to grant Tyler's wish at his funeral. Jack, Yvonne and God are all arrested by Andy, leading directly into Thoughts and Prayers.
Andy reveals he has been acting as a spy for Jack in the Disaster Recovery Committee when he arrives to arrest Colechester, Ng and Orr. Following Jack and God's instructions, Yvonne and Orr destroy the Committee and their home planet with the Lens from Flight 405 before they can use their Rift Manipulator to bring their final form to Earth, though the Hub is destroyed as a result. Blamed for the whole disaster by the remnants of the Committee, Torchwood Three goes on the run, except for Yvonne, who is arrested again by Andy. Meanwhile, God, having tranferred all her powers over to Orr, leaves to explore the Earth.

Becoming fugitives[[edit source]]

Directly after the events of Thoughts and Prayers, Andy takes Yvonne away in his police car. (AUDIO: At Her Majesty's Pleasure)
Andy is on a mission for Torchwood, likely setting this after Thoughts and Prayers.
Neither Ng nor Orr have heard from Jack since the events of Thoughts and Prayers, but Ng decides that Torchwood is more than just Jack and will carry on without him. Ng recruits Orr to help investigate a rehousing programme set up following the Cardiff disaster, which occurred "last year".
Colin claims that it's been "a tough few months", presumably since the events of Thoughts and Prayers. Colchester is in Sydney tracking down a pair of cryptocurrency traders who were involved in the Phlobos scandal, but briefly returns to Cardiff to protect Colin. However he leaves Cardiff again to continue his work abroad. Colchester's main mode of transport is a taxi.
Gwen and Rhys have been living in Iceland for the last few months. They encounter Ng for the first time since Herald of the Dawn. Gwen and Rhys only have one child, setting this before Revolution of the Daleks and Thirst Trap. Gwen says that the northern lights will be visible in about a month, setting this around August based on real world information.
On 1 January 2020, Torchwood is said to still be "gone" by the Thirteenth Doctor. (TV: Spyfall)

A fractured timeline[[edit source]]

Set in 2020. Torchwood operative Tania Bell works undercover at 107 Baker Street, and greets the Eighth Doctor, Liv Chenka and Helen Sinclair when they arrive seeking shelter following the destruction of the interior of the Doctor's TARDIS. She becomes a friend to them by their sixth week in Baker Street, especially Liv.
Tania asks Liv out on a date after she is discharged from hospital following a robbery gone wrong.
Andy arrives in London to check up on Tania and her mission to keep the Doctor out of harm's way.
When the Rarkelians arrive in 2020 to kill the Doctor before he can destroy their culture in his future, the residents of 107 Baker Street have their first direct encounter with an alien, and Liv plans to tell them the truth of the TARDIS crew.
Set immediately after Divine Intervention, with Liv telling the 107 Baker Street residence about the TARDIS. The Doctor takes Liv, Helen, Tania, Andy and a stowaway Robin Bright-Thompson on the TARDIS' test flight, ending up on Earth in a future where humanity were wiped out before 6,000,000 AD, with Robin briefly being overpowered by a holo-system interface. According to Andy, Torchwood's dispersal during Thoughts and Prayers occurred "months ago". He admits to Tania that the reason he came to London was to lay low, and he has prior experience with time travel.
The Doctor takes Andy with him as he travels to the Tower of London during his third incarnation's exile on Earth to steal a directional control from his TARDIS, though they have to sacrifice the circuit to save their future neighbors, Tony Clare and Ron Winters, from a time loop caused by an Ogron.
Liv and Tania are having trust issues due to their secrets, but adopt a cat to solidify their commitment to each other.
The Doctor brings Liv, Helen, Tania and Andy with him to 2050, where they spend a week imprisoned by a resistance who believe the Doctor helped Divine Intervention establish a fascist regime over England. Liv alludes to the events of Dead Time as happening in "the past few weeks".
With the TARDIS repaired enough to travel in space again, the Doctor decides to investigate Divine Intervention's corruption of the timeline with Liv, Helen, Tania and Andy, discovering that they colonised Judoonia and leading the Doctor to decide to explore the corruption at its source, leading into Twisted Folklore. Andy visits an alien planet for the first time.
After sometime on Rarkellia investigating Divine Intervention, the Doctor decides to return to Baker Street after the TARDIS crew succeeded in driving Divine Intervention off the planet.
The Doctor goes from 2020 Baker Street to 2035 with Liv, Helen and Andy, and discovers the scope of Divine Intervention's reign if they are left unopposed. Liv and Andy see the 2035 Tania being killed, greatly upsetting them.
Having found the time when Divine Intervention would wipe out humanity, the Doctor, Liv, Helen and Andy discover that Robin, rendered unaging by the machines in Dead Time, is the leader of Divine Intervention, having been the the Doctor mentioned in The Long Way Round. Despite their best efforts to stop him, Robin uses a kill switch to kill every human at once, and Andy appears to die in a crashing spaceship, leading the Doctor to strand Robin on the deserted Earth as penance.
Set directly after What Just Happened?, with the Doctor deciding to travel back "months ago" to the evens of Dead Time to intercede Robin and try to change his future, with Helen coming along to talk him out of it. Accidentally recruiting the younger Tania on their quest, they are confronted by a Robin from further in his future known as "Mr. Bird". With their combined meddling causing reality to destabilise, Liv and Tania arrive on the scene to pass on a message on the fracturing state of the timeline, causing Bird to retreat while the Doctor uses the two Tanias to generate the Blinovitch Limitation Effect to stabilise time enough for the TARDIS crew to escape. Liv suggests that Tania should call Torchwood for help, but Tania reveals to Liv that Torchwood is gone.
Set immediately after Crossed Lines, with Tania recovering from the Blinovitch Limitation Effect. The Doctor decides to use the flexible state of time to rescue Andy from the spaceship, only to arrive after Mr. Bird rescues him, leading the Doctor to die on the spaceship instead. However, due to Andy returning to Baker Street with Bird's time travel device, Helen is able to prevent Andy's rescue by Bird and the Doctor's death by delaying Andy long enough for the Doctor to rescue them.
When his attempt to prevent the Bright-Thompson family from moving into Baker Street causes reality to collapse around 107 Baker Street, the Doctor and the Robin from What Just Happened? make peace as the Curator restores the true timeline, though the Baker Street residents find themselves in the middle of a pandemic and have to wait a year while the new timeline crystallises, leading into Best Year Ever.

Lockdown[[edit source]]

The Baker Street residents find themselves restored to a new 2020 where they discover that a pandemic has recently begun, setting this after March 2020. (AUDIO: The Keys of Baker Street)
Set in 2020. Yvonne sends a message to the people of the United Kingdom to urge them to self-isolate during the COVID-19 lockdown.

After the pandemic[[edit source]]

After living through lockdown in the restored 2020, Andy becomes CEO of Divine Intervention as part of Robin's plan to put it to better use.
During the 2021 Dalek revolution between the Defence Drone Daleks and the Death Squad Daleks, Gwen fights off a Dalek using a moped and her son's boxing gloves. She is later visited by Jack after the Doctor defeats the Daleks. (TV: Revolution of the Daleks)
Andy recalls the events of Goodbye Piccadilly, and travels back to the 1950s using a vortex manipulator after picking up a time disturbance relating to Norton on the Torchwood computer. He is "sort-of" working for Torchwood and claims to have a lot of experience with time travel.
Before he can watch the new James Bond movie, Andy is pulled back in time to the 1950s to assist Norton. Based on real world information, he was most likely taken from Autumn 2021. (AUDIO: Ashenden) Andy stayed in the 1950s, and would join the investigation into Mandeville Walk. (AUDIO: The Unbegotten)
Authorial intent places this in early 2022,[4] with Colchester alluding to the COVID-19 pandemic. He meets Dorothy McShane for the first time.

Friend conquers the world[[edit source]]

Petra Malik did some work surrounding herd immunity "last year", about how even after the virus there was a measles plague at Shoreditch schools. Petra was prevented from publishing a story exposing Phlobos's dodgy data protection and Tyler pieces together that they are building a backdoor genetic profile of the population with virus testing and ancestry DNA testing kits.
Orr recalls the recent events of Thoughts and Prayers. According to Pariahs, Orr's trip to Voloshnik was assigned by Temporary Solutions, setting this after Aliens Next Door. According to How I Conquered the World, this story takes place between Moderation and Pariahs.
Yvonne uses Andy to escape from prison, however they go their separate ways. Andy is living in London, suggesting a setting after Best Year Ever.
According to Bilis, the shard drive will be used by Torchwood to defeat an adversary "soon", setting this shortly before The Apocalypse Starts at 6PM.
Ng, Orr, Colchester and Tyler have regrouped and are now working together again. Colchester is sent to escort a man involved in the Phlobos scandal to an inquiry investigating claims that Phlobos exploited the pandemic to profit from people's personal data using the DNA they collected from tests over the last two years, suggesting a 2022 setting. Torchwood discover that Yvonne has escaped prison, setting this after At Her Majesty's Pleasure. Yvonne also reveals that she was running the temp agency that sent Torchwood to investigate the cul-de-sac in Aliens Next Door and then Voloshnik in Propaganda.
Set directly after Pariahs, with Friend psychically connecting with Torchwood to gloat about its plans and explain that it has been behind the recent strange events. Torchwood begin operating in Cardiff again out of Yvonne's temping agency.
Yvonne recalls the events of Miracle Day, meaning she is the Yvonne of Pete's World, and setting this after Poker Face. Yvonne is a free woman, setting this after At Her Majesty's Pleasure.
Colchester laments about the current state of affairs in the world and notes that he's currently performing his Torchwood duties both day and night, sacrificing his personal life. He is operating in Cardiff, so likely after How I Conquered the World.
Colchester is reunited with Dorothy McShane, setting this after The Red List. He is working with a team, so likely after Pariahs.
Set in February.
Tyler has been in hiding at a Torchwood safe house since the events of Doomscroll and is persuaded to return to Torchwood by Yvonne. Gwen and Rhys have been working for the Icelandic Tourism Information Centre for at least a year, setting this after Misty Eyes.
With the help of Kristin, Rhys and a behind the scenes Gwen at the Icelandic Tourism Information Centre, Torchwood successfully stop Friend from ending the world with its weapon of mass destruction. They believe that they have defeated Friend entirely, however it downloads itself to a backup host body and plots its continued revenge.

Back in Cardiff[[edit source]]

Colchester alludes to having had to fix the internet, implying a setting after The Apocalypse Starts at 6PM.
Colchester is working for Vultura as Torchwood are in need of money. He and Ace are old friends.
Gwen and Rhys have two children, suggesting a setting after Revolution of the Daleks, or at least Misty Eyes. Yvonne Hartman is implied to be the leader of Torchwood, but Andy is single, suggesting a setting after At Her Majesty's Pleasure.
Circa 2023, Tyler works with Rani Chandra to investigate the Witching Tree.
Set in 2023. Archie is still working for Torchwood, based in a sound studio in Glasgow.

Operations in the far future[[edit source]]

McMillen sends Captain Walker on an expedition to Krop Tor.
Following Walker's death, Curt searches through his belongings and discovers a notebook filled with satanic writing and is subsequently possessed by the Beast.
In 4221, Zachary Cross Flane, a representative of the Torchwood Archive, leads Sanctuary Base 6 on the Walker Expedition following the death of Captain Walker. The Ood on Sanctuary Base 6 are taken over by the Beast, leading directly into The Satan Pit.
With help from the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler, Zach escapes Krop Tor with Ida Scott and Danny Bartock after the Doctor seals the Beast inside the black hole.
The recent events of The Satan Pit are referenced. Ida borrows a Torchwood spaceship from Zach to visit her father at The Spire.
Set some time after The Satan Pit. Danny’s last experience with the Ood is alluded to. There is reference to an Empress implying a setting before Empire of Shadows.
Set sometime after the freedom of the Ood in 4126. Zach and his synth, Chloe, visit the Torchwood Archive, located at the vault within the Great Cobalt Pyramid, to uncover the truth behind the death of the Empress, in the hopes that her son will help Zach to re-establish the Torchwood Institute.
Years since the events of The Satan Pit.
After being abandoned for centuries, Jeremiah Bash Henderson, aided by Norton Folgate, visits and destroys the Torchwood Archive.

Awaiting Placement[[edit source]]

These entries are placed here until a suitable position in the timeline can be determined based on the available evidence.
Ianto traces some Ottaken energy to Baps, where it is has affected Kathy. Ianto manages to free her of the energy. Tosh is still alive, setting this shortly before 'Fragments'. (AUDIO: Coffee)
Whilst investigating temporal distortions in their respective eras, Andy and Norton are transported back in time to 1660. Andy appears to be working for Torchwood. Norton recalls Andy visiting the 1950s before, setting this after Goodbye Piccadilly in his time.

Footnotes[[edit source]]