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Benefitting from the healing undergone by his predecessor, the Tenth Doctor possessed an outgoing, lively and genial demeanour that hid his underlying guilt, but it was still present and would appear if he was overwhelmed.

For most of his life, this incarnation of the Doctor was able to successfully project a convivial and even frivolous front. However, when he had to engage in conflict, the Doctor's energies would shift to reveal a fiercely protective man who resolutely guarded what he held dear, and who could be viciously unforgiving to the forces that dared menace them.

He was unique in that he was the only incarnation of the Doctor who chose to abort one of his regenerations, channelling the energy into his spare hand without changing his appearance, something his successor would attribute to suffering "vanity issues at the time".

Many of his relationships with companions were shaped, to one degree or another, by romance; he seemed to genuinely love his first companion, Rose Tyler, as the person who helped heal some of the scars of the Time War, was completely oblivious to Martha Jones' obvious affections toward him, and insisted upon a platonic relationship with Donna Noble. The departure of each of these companions marked periods in his life where he would abstain from having companions at all, and on one occasion he even stopped having adventures or leaving his TARDIS, with little more than a cat for company.

When travelling without companions, the weight of being the last Time Lord became much more pronounced. If prodded too much, he would erupt in an often righteous sense of fury. Indeed, the Tenth Doctor was described by the Moment as "the man who regrets". The fact that he was instantly able to recall the number of Gallifreyan children that he believed were killed at the end the war indicated just how keenly he continually felt those horrendous memories.

He met his eventual end after he absorbed a huge quantity of nuclear radiation whilst saving the life of Donna Noble's grandfather, Wilfred Mott. Delaying the process to visit all of his companions, the Doctor eventually regenerated in the TARDIS, causing a huge amount of damage due to delaying the regeneration for as long as he did, and leaving his successor crashing straight for Earth.

The Thirteenth Doctor would later regenerate into an incarnation who looked virtually identical to the Tenth Doctor, due to the Doctor's deteriorating mental state and subconscious need to take a break.


A day to come

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Info from Toil and Trouble [+]Loading...["Toil and Trouble (short story)"], Scratchman [+]Loading...["Scratchman (novelisation)"] & The Carrionite Curse [+]Loading...["The Carrionite Curse (audio story)"] needs to be added

The First Doctor would occasionally have premonitions of his future incarnations. (PROSE: A Big Hand for the Doctor [+]Loading...["A Big Hand for the Doctor (short story)"]) Shortly before his regeneration, the First Doctor was told of "a few false starts" before he became the Twelfth Doctor, and was later shown footage of the Tenth Doctor, as well as ten other of his successors, by the Testimony when he expressed doubt over the Twelfth Doctor's identity. (TV: Twice Upon a Time [+]Loading...["Twice Upon a Time (TV story)"]) When the Third Doctor answered a distress call from Harriet Jones in 2006, he found that his regeneration energy was being siphoned off into a future incarnation of himself. He also met Jackie Tyler, who told him she had seen the recently regenerated incarnation. (PROSE: The Christmas Inversion [+]Loading...["The Christmas Inversion (short story)"])

After their TARDISes merged with each other in the Time Vortex, the Fifth Doctor was able to remember seeing his tenth incarnation separating their TARDISes. (TV: Time Crash [+]Loading...["Time Crash (TV story)"]) Mawdryn attempted to force the Fifth Doctor to use up his eight remaining regenerations to end his follower's cycle of perpetual rebirth, but this was rendered unnecessary when Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart made physical contact with his younger self and a discharge of temporal energy was released that allowed Mawdryn and his followers to die. (TV: Mawdryn Undead [+]Loading...["Mawdryn Undead (TV story)"]) After losing his body to the Time Lords, the Tremas Master made a failed attempt to steal a regeneration from the Fifth Doctor. (PROSE: The Velvet Dark [+]Loading...["The Velvet Dark (short story)"])

After the TARDIS became "stalled in the equivalent of a galactic lay-by", the Sixth Doctor had a worried thought of Peri Brown growing old and dying in the TARDIS, while he would "go on regenerating until all [his] lives [were] spent." (TV: Vengeance on Varos [+]Loading...["Vengeance on Varos (TV story)"]) When the Tremas Master exposed the Valeyard's alliance with High Council to the Sixth Doctor at his trial, he revealed that the Valeyard was acting as the prosecutor for the trial in exchange for the Doctor's remaining regenerations. (TV: The Ultimate Foe [+]Loading...["The Ultimate Foe (TV story)"]) The Sixth Doctor had to attend Henry Gordon Jago and George Litefoot's knighthood ceremony incognito, due to the actions of a future incarnation. (AUDIO: Jago & Litefoot Forever [+]Loading...["Jago & Litefoot Forever (audio story)"])

The Seventh Doctor wondered if any of his successors would have longer legs than him. (AUDIO: Fiesta of the Damned [+]Loading...["Fiesta of the Damned (audio story)"]) When Ace was sent into the Seventh Doctor's mind, she discovered a room with thirteen cubicles, seven of them empty, while the other six contained shadowy white figures, representing the Doctor's future incarnations. (PROSE: Timewyrm: Revelation [+]Loading...["Timewyrm: Revelation (novel)"]) After sealing Gallifrey away in a pocket dimension, (TV: The Day of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Day of the Doctor (TV story)"]) the Seventh Doctor was able to recall teaming up with his other twelve incarnations to save Gallifrey. (AUDIO: Cold Fusion [+]Loading...["Cold Fusion (audio story)"])

After using a Deathworm Morphant to possess a human body, the Bruce Master tried to use the Eye of Harmony to steal the Eighth Doctor's remaining regenerations to heal himself, but his plans were foiled when Grace Holloway sent the TARDIS' into a temporal orbit. (TV: Doctor Who [+]Loading...["Doctor Who (TV story)"]) While working at Phaiton, the Eighth Doctor once pondered on how he'd spend the rest of his lives. (AUDIO: The Satanic Mill [+]Loading...["The Satanic Mill (audio story)"]) When talking about the future, the Eighth Doctor noted he would die again, and that one day he would "run out of deaths". (AUDIO: The Gift [+]Loading...["The Gift (audio story)"])

During the Last Great Time War, the War Doctor began degenerating through his past incarnations after being struck by a degeneration weapon. (AUDIO: Past Lives [+]Loading...["Past Lives (audio story)"]) Whilst in the form of the First Doctor, he investigated Planetoid 50, where he was struck by a beam designed by Missy, which pushed him forward through his incarnations into the form of the Tenth Doctor, an incarnation he had yet to become. Working with the Paternoster Gang, he discovered that Missy had re-created Planetoid 50 into Victorian London to create a mock alien invasion based on H. G. Wells' The War of the Worlds, and he modified her Tissue Compression Eliminator to shrink her out-of-control Martians. After Missy revealed she was suffering the same condition as him and left as she began to degenerate, giving him hints to find "the Union" as she did, the Doctor returned the Paternoster Gang to London and then took the shrunken Martians away, during which journey he degenerated into the Third Doctor. (AUDIO: The Martian Invasion of Planetoid 50 [+]Loading...["The Martian Invasion of Planetoid 50 (audio story)"]) Later on, the Doctor found his way back to the Diamond Array. At one point, he was captured, and in order to escape, he had to push himself into future forms, including the Tenth Doctor. He got to talk to Susan Foreman, who he was very happy to see again, and hoped that one day, he would get to see her when he actually was in this incarnation. (AUDIO: The Union [+]Loading...["The Union (audio story)"])

Travelling through the caves of the Death Zone to save Borusa from the Dark Tower, the War Doctor and Cinder found various cave paintings that depicted the Doctor throughout his life; the War Doctor noticed one of "a lanky man in a blue suit", and recognised it as one of his future incarnations. (PROSE: Engines of War [+]Loading...["Engines of War (novel)"]) Whilst he was immobilised on Occasus for ninety years, the Ninth Doctor's body kept attempting to regenerate but was unable to, causing him agony, until Fred released him. (AUDIO: Planet of the End [+]Loading...["Planet of the End (audio story)"]) After an adventure in ancient Babylon, in which he was almost executed, the Ninth Doctor was forced to admit he would've had to "reboot" if his Karkinian friend, Ali, had not had saved him. (PROSE: The Beast of Babylon [+]Loading...["The Beast of Babylon (short story)"]) When the Ninth Doctor answered a call from Mickey Smith in 2016 San Francisco, he was told that the phone call was meant for "the other one", and quickly deduced that Mickey was talking about his next incarnation. (COMIC: The Transformed [+]Loading...["The Transformed (comic story)"])


The Doctor, post-regeneration, adjusting to his new body and persona. (TV: Born Again [+]Loading...["Born Again (TV story)"])

After the Ninth Doctor absorbed the Time Vortex from Rose Tyler, the forces of the time vortex began to destroy every cell in his body, and he had to regenerate to save his life. After regenerating, the new Doctor noted his new teeth, and intended to take Rose to the planet Barcelona. (TV: The Parting of the Ways [+]Loading...["The Parting of the Ways (TV story)"]) However, with Rose suffering an emotional crisis over his sudden change, he instead decided to take her home to the Powell Estate in London. En route, he convinced her of his identity by reminding her of the first word the Ninth Doctor had said to her, then began to suffer adverse effects from his regeneration. Experiencing manic hyperactivity, he accelerated the TARDIS' speed. (TV: Born Again [+]Loading...["Born Again (TV story)"]) Crash-landing the TARDIS at the Powell Estate on Christmas Eve 2006, the Doctor fell into a coma after wishing Jackie Tyler and Mickey Smith a "Merry Christmas".

He was snapped out of it briefly later that night to save Mickey and the Tylers from a Roboform Christmas tree, but the stress of waking up "too soon" made matters worse and he collapsed again, only being able to warn Rose that the Roboform were "pilot fish" heralding a greater threat.

The Doctor slept through much of the ongoing invasion by the Halvinor Tribe of the Sycorax. When the TARDIS was taken aboard a Sycorax spaceship on Christmas morning, he finally awoke with the help of some tea that seeped into a component of the TARDIS, (TV: The Christmas Invasion [+]Loading...["The Christmas Invasion (TV story)"]) alongside regeneration energy which he seeped from his third incarnation, who had arrived in Jackie's apartment moments before. (PROSE: The Christmas Inversion [+]Loading...["The Christmas Inversion (short story)"]) Stopping the Sycorax leader's blood control of humanity, the Doctor challenged him to a duel over the fate of Earth. In the ensuing sword fight, the Sycorax leader chopped off the Doctor's hand. However, because he was still within the first fifteen hours of his regeneration cycle, he grew a new hand and went on to win the duel. When the Sycorax leader went back on the deal, the Doctor sent him plummeting from the ship to his death, proclaiming that he was a "no second chances" sort of man.

As the Sycorax fled, Prime Minister Harriet Jones ordered their ship destroyed, killing all onboard. Enraged that Harriet would execute a retreating enemy, the Doctor brought about the Prime Minister's premature downfall by whispering, "Don't you think she looks tired?", to her aide. After selecting his new outfit in the TARDIS, the Doctor had Christmas dinner with Mickey and the Tylers, (TV: The Christmas Invasion [+]Loading...["The Christmas Invasion (TV story)"]) and then went to join the celebrations in Trafalgar Square. (TV: Love & Monsters [+]Loading...["Love & Monsters (TV story)"]) Shortly after, he wrote in his diary about his post-regeneration adventure. (PROSE: First Day of the Doctor [+]Loading...{"page":"30","1":"First Day of the Doctor (short story)"})

New adventures with Rose

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Info from The Feast of the Drowned [+]Loading...["The Feast of the Drowned (novel)"] & The Resurrection Casket [+]Loading...["The Resurrection Casket (novel)"] needs to be added

The Doctor lost his TARDIS on Serac to a Sontaran squad led by Snathe. Trying to get his ship back, the Doctor allied with the Sontarans on their mission to locate Thanatos the Worldbane, the greatest super-weapon in creation. When they found it, Thanatos killed Snathe and, finding Sontarans to be a stagnant race, plotted to destroy their homeworld, Sontar. Lerox, a kind-hearted Sontaran, convinced Thanatos that the Sontarans were worth sparing. The Doctor left Lerox with the idea of founding a new Sontaran rig called "The Hope of Sontar", hopeful that other Sontarans could learn from Lerox's compassion. (COMIC: The Betrothal of Sontar [+]Loading...["The Betrothal of Sontar (comic story)"])

The Doctor plays football with Mickey. (COMIC: The Lodger [+]Loading...["The Lodger (comic story)"])

When the TARDIS jumped a time track with Rose inside, the Doctor stayed on the Powell Estate for a week, waiting for its return. After failing to lodge with Jackie, he moved into Mickey's flat, disrupting his date with a local girl. Using Mickey's television, the Doctor prevented a Bandrigan from invading Earth. Realising his presence was having a negative effect on Mickey's life, the Doctor left him and Rose to spend a few days alone together when his TARDIS finally returned, earning him Mickey's respect. (COMIC: The Lodger [+]Loading...["The Lodger (comic story)"])

Whilst Rose was at home, the Doctor unsuccessfully tried to save Elton Pope's mother from an Elemental Shade from the Howling Halls. (TV: Love & Monsters [+]Loading...["Love & Monsters (TV story)"])

Visiting a local shopping mall with Rose, the Doctor found a lone Auton left from the 2005 Nestene invasion of Earth. However, the Auton had no interest in continuing the invasion, instead wanting attention. Feeling sympathy for the Auton, the Doctor went back in time a week and entered Rose, the Auton and himself into the mall's Mannequin Challenge competition, which they won after staying in the same pose for fifteen minutes. (COMIC: Untitled [+]Loading...["Untitled (10DY3 2 comic story)"])

Taking off from the Powell Estate with Rose, the Doctor was summoned to the New New York Hospital on New Earth by the Face of Boe. There, he discovered the Sisters of Plenitude were creating human clones and infecting them with every disease to develop cures for the other patients. Discovering that Cassandra O'Brien had possessed Rose, the Doctor cured all of the clones with the hospital lift's disinfectant, along with the treatments developed by the Sisters, with a reluctant Cassandra's help as she had set them free to rampage. This created a new lifeform in the process, and the Sisters were arrested by the NNYPD while the Doctor talked with the Face of Boe, who promised to share his secret with the Doctor upon their next meeting. When the Doctor ordered Cassandra out of Rose's body, she found a volunteer host in her servant, Chip, but as he only had a "half-life", Chip's body began failing. With Cassandra finally accepting her fate, the Doctor and Rose took her back in time to die in the arms of her younger self. (TV: New Earth [+]Loading...["New Earth (TV story)"])

After being reduced to the size of flies, (COMIC: Which Switch? [+]Loading...["Which Switch? (comic story)"]) the Doctor and Rose stopped the Mirrorlings from escaping from their dimension. (COMIC: Mirror Image [+]Loading...["Mirror Image (comic story)"]) They next visited a futuristic theme park resembling a forest in England, where they encountered a robot disguised as a witch. They also stopped an ex-employee from sabotaging the park in a revenge plot. (COMIC: Down the Rabbit Hole [+]Loading...["Down the Rabbit Hole (comic story)"])

Visiting the British Museum with Mickey and Jackie, the Doctor and Rose discovered a statue of Rose was housed in the museum. Travelling to 120 Rome in investigate, the Doctor found a sentient machine that could grant wishes called GENIE and, in a series of paradoxical events, Rose and the Doctor were turned into statues and restored, with the Doctor travelling to the Renaissance era and taking sculpting lessons from Michelangelo for three years, sculpting the stone Rose in the museum. With the wishes reversed and the chaos smoothed, the Doctor and Rose wished the GENIE could have its freedom and allowed it to live its life in peace. (PROSE: The Stone Rose [+]Loading...["The Stone Rose (novel)"])

The Doctor and Rose instigated Krakatoa's eruption to stop the Chalderans from stealing Earth's lava, (COMIC: Under the Volcano [+]Loading...["Under the Volcano (comic story)"]) and travelled to a space-station orbiting Jupiter, where they stopped the Disinfectodroids from turning a peaceful planet into the Solar System's planet-sized rubbish dump. (COMIC: The Germ War [+]Loading...["The Germ War (comic story)"])

The Doctor and Rose later visited Belgium in 1914 and became caught in a battle between a German platoon, led by the brutal captain Rotmund, and the alien Warfreekz machine. Rose stopped the war by singing Robbie Williams' "Angels", which forced both parties to withdraw as they thought she was the Angel of Death. (COMIC: Warfreekz! [+]Loading...["Warfreekz! (comic story)"])

Aiming to see an Ian Dury concert in 1979 Sheffield, the Doctor and Rose took an accidental trip to 1879 Scotland, where they and Sir Robert MacLeish protected Queen Victoria from an assassination attempt by the Brethren at Torchwood House that involved a Lupine Wavelength Haemovariform. The Doctor deduced the House was a trap for the wolf designed by Sir Robert's father and Prince Albert and used the house's telescope and the Koh-i-Noor diamond to hit the wolf with focused moonlight. At the host's request, he increased the power to kill him. As a reward, the Doctor and Rose were knighted by the Queen, but then promptly banished from the British Empire because she was unnerved by their blasé attitude to danger. (TV: Tooth and Claw [+]Loading...["Tooth and Claw (TV story)"])

Following an adventure with "space dragons", Rose received a call from her mother, but the Doctor was given a firm order to leave the Powell Estate just before the TARDIS could materialise. (AUDIO: Wednesdays For Beginners [+]Loading...["Wednesdays For Beginners (audio story)"])

Trying to visit China, the Doctor and Rose became trapped in a virtual reality of London created by a troubled teenager named Craig Phillips, who was trying to recover from his sister's death by creating a fantasy world populated by imaginary people and creatures. Craig expelled Rose into the real world, whilst the Doctor took control of the virtual reality. He rebooted the virtual world with the assistance of "Cath Lloyd", who was actually a Cyrelleod from Happytimz Universal who accidentally gave Craig the power to create this world. With Craig's imaginary world gone, the Doctor forced him to confront his grief. (COMIC: F.A.Q. [+]Loading...["F.A.Q. (comic story)"])

Investigating futuristic skyscrapers in Milan in 1925, the Doctor and Rose met Roman legion Valente and returned him to 3rd century Wales, also taking Altea Orsi aboard the TARDIS. There, the foursome ran into the Hajor, who considered themselves the new Lords of Time following the Time War, which had devastated their dimension. At the cost of his own life, Valente banished the Hajor back to their own dimension to stop them from altering Earth's history. (COMIC: The Futurists [+]Loading...["The Futurists (comic story)"])

On a Magellan-class star cruiser, the Doctor and Rose met Pakafroon Wabster, "the greatest rock band in history". The Doctor tried to repair their damaged ship to get them to a performance that could seal their musical future. Alongside band members Sticks Rooster and Clifford Banks, he found a saboteur at large on the ship. The ship's engines exploded, killing everyone on board, including Rose. Luckily, the explosion trapped the ship in a time-loop and the Doctor was able to prevent the disaster from happening and uncovered the saboteur as Jacey, who wanted to kill the band in a "tragic accident" so that they would become legends across the universe. (COMIC: Interstellar Overdrive [+]Loading...["Interstellar Overdrive (comic story)"])

Separated from Rose after an intended trip to the Moon, the Doctor met archaeologist Frank Openshaw and stopped a lone Dalek's plan to transform every human throughout Earth's history into Dalek form. After this, the Dalek tried to trick the Doctor into finding it a new home so that it could rebuild the Dalek Empire. However, the Doctor gave it a self-destructive Time Ring after its true intentions were revealed. (PROSE: I Am a Dalek [+]Loading...["I Am a Dalek (novel)"])

Reunion with Sarah Jane Smith

The Doctor reunites with Sarah Jane. (TV: School Reunion [+]Loading...["School Reunion (TV story)"])

Following a tip-off from Mickey, (WC: Tardisode 3 [+]Loading...["Tardisode 3"]) the Doctor and Rose went undercover at Deffry Vale High School, where the Doctor was reunited with his old friend Sarah Jane Smith, who was also investigating the strange goings-on at the school. The two of them met again later that night, and the Doctor revealed his identity to her. After repairing K9 Mark III and making amends with her, the Doctor learned that Krillitane oil was being added to the school dinners to boost the children's intelligence. Rose confronted him about Sarah Jane, forcing him to confess that she could spend the rest of her life with him, but he couldn't with her. He defined this as "the curse of the Time Lords", unknowingly revealing himself to the Krillitanes' leader, Brother Lassar, who was spying on them.

The next day, the Doctor confronted Lassar at the school and warned him to stop, but the Krillitane was confident he'd join forces with them once he worked out what they were trying to achieve. Together with Sarah and Rose, he discovered the Krillitanes were using the children's minds to solve the Skasis Paradigm. Lassar tempted him with an alliance, claiming he could use the Paradigm to restore fallen civilisations, including his own people. Sarah, however, talked him out of it and Lassar ordered his brothers to pursue them. K9 sacrificed himself to blow up the Krillitanes with their oil, destroying the school, which Mickey had emptied, in the process.

The Doctor asked Sarah Jane to rejoin him in the TARDIS, but she declined, instead suggesting that the Doctor allow Mickey to accompany him and Rose on their travels, as he was finally ready to see the universe. As they departed, the Doctor left behind a new rebuilt K9 as a parting gift for Sarah Jane, giving it all the memories of the previous model. (TV: School Reunion [+]Loading...["School Reunion (TV story)"])

Adventures with Rose and Mickey

The Doctor and Madame de Pompadour in the Palace of Versailles. (TV: The Girl in the Fireplace [+]Loading...["The Girl in the Fireplace (TV story)"])

With Mickey now aboard, The TARDIS landed on a spaceship in the 51st century, where the Doctor and his companions found that the crewmembers' organs were being used as "parts" by the repair droids after the ship had been damaged. The droids were creating time windows to find Reinette, the Madame de Pompadour, and complete their repairs.

While investigating, the Doctor travelled throughout Reinette's life through use of the time windows, battling the droids across 18th century France and developing a romantic relationship with Reinette. After Rose and Mickey wandered off to investigate, the Doctor found a horse that had wandered through the window onto the ship, naming him Arthur. (TV: The Girl in the Fireplace [+]Loading...["The Girl in the Fireplace (TV story)"]) While talking to Arthur, the Doctor discovered a portal through which briefly came the hand of a humanoid. (COMIC: The Road To... [+]Loading...["The Road To... (comic story)"]) When the droids came to harvest Madame de Pompadour, the Doctor, on horseback, broke through a time window into the court of Versailles in 1758, shattering the connection to the ship and stranding himself and the droids in the past, causing them to deactivate from a lack of purpose.

Initially resigning himself to living in the past with Reinette, the Doctor found a link back to the ship and his TARDIS through her old fireplace. After reuniting with Rose and Mickey, the Doctor tried going back through the fireplace so that he could take Reinette to see the universe, but the loose connection to the time window meant she had already died when he returned. She left him a heartfelt letter, and the Doctor was left devastated. (TV: The Girl in the Fireplace [+]Loading...["The Girl in the Fireplace (TV story)"])

After Rose became infected with an Iagnon grub, the Doctor sent Rose into a dream where he was dating her mother and Mickey had an Amazonian girlfriend so that her jealously could drive the creature out of her body. (COMIC: The Green-Eyed Monster [+]Loading...["The Green-Eyed Monster (comic story)"])

Whilst travelling through the vortex, the Doctor, Rose and Mickey fell through a crack in time, ending up on a parallel Earth more technologically advanced than their Earth. While the TARDIS had lost all power upon landing in the alternate universe, the Doctor managed to power a surviving piece of the ship, but it required a twenty-four hour recharging cycle before the TARDIS could restore itself, giving the Doctor, Rose and Mickey time to explore the alternate Earth.

When Rose found her father was still alive on the parallel world, the Doctor cautioned her against making contact. While Mickey sought out the parallel version of his grandmother, the Doctor gave in to Rose's request to attend the birthday party of her parallel mother. At the Tylers' estate, the Doctor was aghast to discover a parallel version of the Cybermen had been created, and could only stand witness as they crashed the party, and killed the guests inside. (TV: Rise of the Cybermen [+]Loading...["Rise of the Cybermen (TV story)"])

Escaping, the Doctor allied himself with the Preachers, and organised a break-in into the Cybus Industries Factory, where mass conversions were beginning. He paired up with Mrs Moore to infiltrate the factory through the cooling tunnels, and discovered the emotional inhibitor was key to the Cybermen. Mrs Moore was killed, and the Doctor was taken to the creator of the Cybermen, John Lumic, for analysis due to his alien anatomy. Discovering that Lumic had already been converted into the Cyber-Controller, the Doctor bought time by trading philosophical ideas with him while subtly telling Mickey and Jake Simmonds to hack the Lumic family database and find the cancellation code to the Cybermen's emotional inhibitors. Mickey texted Rose the code, and the Doctor connected her phone into the Cybus mainframe, destroying Lumic, the Cybermen and the factory in a massive explosion.

When it came time to leave, Mickey chose to stay behind to fight the Cybermen worldwide, both because he had witnessed his counterpart's death at their hands and because he could no longer fit in with the Doctor and Rose's close relationship. The Doctor and Rose honoured Mickey's wishes and returned to their universe, where they visited Jackie at the Powell Estate. (TV: The Age of Steel [+]Loading...["The Age of Steel (TV story)"])

The Platform One mystery

The Doctor runs on the planet Woldyhool in search of Cal MacNannovich. (COMIC: Hyperstar Rising [+]Loading...["Hyperstar Rising (comic story)"])

The Doctor answered a summoning from the Forest of Cheem and discovered the guests of Platform One were disappearing. He stopped a cyborg called Montodon Slemm from harvesting the Forest, but they vanished. Intrigued, he and Rose set off to find out who was responsible. (COMIC: Growing Terror [+]Loading...["Growing Terror (comic story)"]) Tracking down Cal MacNannovich, the Doctor and Rose travelled to Woldyhool and met film director Zemm Foolini, only to find Cal had also gone missing. Whilst there, he stopped a Banjunx creature from killing the cast and crew. (COMIC: Hyperstar Rising [+]Loading...["Hyperstar Rising (comic story)"])

Following another trail, the Doctor attended the astro space race. He chased Skip Pyleen across the galaxy in a pod to stop him from stealing and selling the Hyposlip 500 to the Rakkonoids, eventually capturing him and having the corrupt racer arrested. (COMIC: Death Race Five Billion [+]Loading...["Death Race Five Billion (comic story)"])

The Doctor took Rose to the University of Rago Rago 56 Rago to gather information about Platform One from the Chosen Scholars of Class 55. They found books were being downloaded into students' minds via a mindlink device. However, the software was infected with a Macrobe virus. Fighting off the infection himself, the Doctor stopped the Macrobes from using his Time Lord mind and his TARDIS to spread the infection across time and space. His victory was short-lived when he found the Chosen Scholars had also disappeared. (COMIC: The Macrobe Menace [+]Loading...["The Macrobe Menace (comic story)"])

Using a book from the Rago university, the Doctor and Rose next ended up on Gameworld Gamma, where they discovered a human colony was being hunted for sport by royalty, headed by Platform guests Mr and Mrs Pakoo. He closed down the games and sent the humans back to Earth. He found the Pakoos had been taken, but he knew that, unlike the others, they had been taken to attract his attention. (COMIC: The Hunt of Doom [+]Loading...["The Hunt of Doom (comic story)"])

After Rose disappeared, the Doctor finally learned the truth: the vengeful brother of the Moxx of Balhoon, the Elth of Balhoon, had been kidnapping all the guests as he felt they had not done enough to prevent his death on Platform One. Recognising his grief, the Doctor released all the kidnapped guests and persuaded them to help Elth rather than condemn him. (COMIC: Reunion of Fear [+]Loading...["Reunion of Fear (comic story)"])

Further adventures with Rose

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Info from The Taste of Death [+]Loading...["The Taste of Death (audio story)"], Untitled [+]Loading...["Untitled (10DY3 3 comic story)"], Untitled [+]Loading...["Untitled (10DY3 7 comic story)"], Untitled [+]Loading...["Untitled (10DY3 8 comic story)"], Untitled [+]Loading...["Untitled (10DY3 10 comic story)"], Untitled [+]Loading...["Untitled (10DY3 12 comic story)"], & Untitled [+]Loading...["Untitled (10DY3 13 comic story)"] needs to be added

The Doctor and Rose fight a group of Cybermen with the sonic screwdriver. (COMIC: Untitled [+]Loading...["Untitled (10DY2 17 comic story)"])

While considering purchasing a pet for the TARDIS, the Doctor and Rose visited Paws 'N' Claws, only to discover that the pet store was being run by peaceful Cybermen who had settled into the consumer environment. However, when Rose objected to the conversion of mice into Cybermice, the Doctor used his sonic screwdriver to defeat the Cybermen. (COMIC: Untitled [+]Loading...["Untitled (10DY2 17 comic story)"])

The Doctor and Rose were sent into the body of Queen Svelna to destroy an alien infection that was destroying her blood cells, (COMIC: A Delicate Operation [+]Loading...["A Delicate Operation (comic story)"]) helped to form an alliance between the Dramos and Galathos to save the dying Galathos with the Dramos' healing blood, (COMIC: Blood and Tears [+]Loading...["Blood and Tears (comic story)"]) and stopped bad-tempered TV chef Rammzi from taking over Terry's Café. (COMIC: Fried Death [+]Loading...["Fried Death (comic story)"])

In 1974, the Doctor and Rose investigated an alien insect that was kidnapping youths and replacing their blood cells with its own and burnt down the house that the insect was stationed, killing it. (PROSE: Cuckoo-Spit [+]Loading...["Cuckoo-Spit (short story)"])

The Doctor next took Rose to Phostris to meet the first humans in history who travelled through hyperspace. He found the human pioneers had been reduced to a life of slavery by a super-intelligent cat called Mitzi, who had drifted through hyperspace and gained intelligence and superiority. He stopped her from torturing the population into slavery and foiled her attack on Earth by breaking her connection with hyperspace, which reduced her to a normal cat. After discovering Mitzi was actually Rose's childhood cat, he left the cat on the Powell Estate in the 1990s to be adopted by a young Rose. (PROSE: The Cat Came Back [+]Loading...["The Cat Came Back (short story)"])

Taking Rose home to see her mother, the Doctor discovered the population of Earth had been trapped in ice by a group of alien entities. The Doctor destroyed the ice machine, raising the temperature and releasing humanity. (COMIC: Bizarre Zero [+]Loading...["Bizarre Zero (comic story)"]) Soon after, the Doctor and Rose rescued human colonists from Wumba's World of Wild, an alien safari park in the 41st century. (COMIC: Save the Humans! [+]Loading...["Save the Humans! (comic story)"])

Intending to see Elvis Presley on The Ed Sullivan Show in New York, the Doctor and Rose ended up in Muswell Hill on the eve of Queen Elizabeth II's coronation in 1953, where people had been mysteriously taken from their homes. Taking the "domestic approach" and calling on the Connolly household, the Doctor found Grandma Connolly's face had been completely removed, and that the same had happened to many others in the neighbourhood. When Grandma Connolly was taken away by police, he set off in pursuit and ended up in the custody ofDetective Inspector Bishop, who accepted his help. After Rose was found as another of the faceless victims, the Doctor was left infuriated.

He and Bishop, along with Tommy Connolly, discovered that Mr Magpie‘s television sets were the common denominator in the faceless cases, and went to confront him at his shop. They learnt the Wire was using the televised coronation to feed on the electrical brain activity of the viewers, "taking people's faces [and] their essences". After nearly being consumed himself, the Doctor pursued the Wire and Magpie to Alexandra Palace and climbed after them to prevent the Wire from becoming manifest again by converting the "big transmitter" into a receiver of all of the faces of the people watching the coronation. With Tommy's help, he turned the receiver back into a transmitter and trapped the Wire's electrical signal onto a video cassette, restoring everyone, including Rose and Grandma Connolly. (TV: The Idiot's Lantern [+]Loading...["The Idiot's Lantern (TV story)"])

While in 2007 Wales, the Doctor encountered the Cynrog, who were trying to bring back their god, Balor, by sacrificing the humans. After Balor was brought back, it was soon destroyed. (PROSE: The Nightmare of Black Island [+]Loading...["The Nightmare of Black Island (novel)"])

Taking a break on Askenflatt Minor, the Doctor was teleported to what appeared to be a broadcast of The Solar News Show. The Doctor told his interviewer, "Jazami Paxxo", who had heard of the Doctor's reputation as a saviour of worlds, that he would be willing to defend the Askenflatt system from Hasval the Destroyer. The visual of Paxxo disappeared, and the Doctor realised this was a trap set up by Hasval using a hologram projector, and there was no TV show at all. Rose pointed the hologram projector at the Doctor, and unwittingly created hundreds of duplicated projections of the Doctor. The Doctor, along with his duplicates, warned Hasval to leave this sector of space and renounce war. When Hasval agreed, the Doctor and Rose then returned to Askenflatt Minor. (PROSE: The Hero Factor [+]Loading...["The Hero Factor (short story)"])

The Doctor and Rose travelled to Bath in 1840 to pick up the first Penny Black stamp. They discovered the inkers at the printing presses had been hypnotised by a Hobothy, who intended to use the ink in the stamps to channel its hypnotic powers. Rose pushed the Hobothy into a printing press, and the Hobothy was crushed by the press operator, Thomas Scott. The Doctor explained that without the Hobothy, the ink was now harmless. The Doctor then sent a letter Rose wrote about the adventure to Rose's mother with a squashed Hobothy stamp on the envelope. (PROSE: Stamp of Approval [+]Loading...["Stamp of Approval (short story)"])

Rose discovered a Slitheen scout in a funfair who, after trying out the rides, planned to make a twisted version of the fair where humans would be hunted. The Slitheen chased Rose down a water slide, where, at the bottom, the Doctor had filled the water in the pool with vinegar from a chip van, causing the Slitheen to explode. (PROSE: No Fun at the Fair [+]Loading...["No Fun at the Fair (short story)"])

The Doctor and Rose came back to Earth, in Norwich, when Jackie called them to fight against the apparent invasion of the Zaross, a species neither the Doctor or the TARDIS recognised. When the Doctor confronted them directly, he discovered that they were actually the Forzell, and that the invasion was nothing more than one episode of a tv show directed by the Herazi. The Doctor and Rose ruined their episode and foiled the invasion, then went to confront the Herazi; with the help of Jackie, the Doctor convinced the Forzell they were being used by the Herazi and convinced them to rebel against them. (AUDIO: Infamy of the Zaross [+]Loading...["Infamy of the Zaross (audio story)"])

When the Doctor brought Rose to Slough, 1791, to see the local telescope, she tricked him into a duel against the Chevalier d'Eon, which the Doctor lost. Looking into the telescope, the Doctor saw a ship of the Consortium of the Obsidian Asp head towards Earth and tracked it down to Christopher Dalliard's house party, which he entered by pretending to be a famous Italian tenor. When Joxer and Hempel threatened the guests' lives, the Doctor and the Chevalier destroyed their android duplicates with swordfighting, before confronting them on their ship. The Doctor forced them to recognise him as a Time Lord, a superior being, and then ordered them to go and release every single slave they ever sold. (AUDIO: The Sword of the Chevalier [+]Loading...["The Sword of the Chevalier (audio story)"])

On the Coldstar moon, the Doctor and Rose witnessed the awakening of Ice Warrior commander Hasskor and his attempt to exterminate the planet Enyo by crashing the moon into it. The Doctor stopped him by redirecting the moon to crash into the nearby sun, and tried to negotiate with him, promising to save his life and those of his warriors if he would renounce his attempt. Hasskor refused, took Rose and Lorna hostage and forced the Doctor to admit him into the TARDIS to escape death. When Lorna told Hasskor that some of his people were on Enyo and he would have destroyed them, the Doctor used the TARDIS scanner to substantiate Lorna's claims. Heartbroken, Hasskor committed suicide by disabling his armour, and in doing so activated a bomb that would have killed them, but the Doctor, Rose and Lorna were able to throw his body out into space. (AUDIO: Cold Vengeance [+]Loading...["Cold Vengeance (audio story)"])

When the TARDIS landed in Twycross en route to the Galapagos Islands, the Doctor and Rose found that a Silurian named Wanda had trapped humans inside the monkey enclosure at Twycross Zoo due to her inability to tell the two species apart. After teaching Wanda about many of the differences between monkeys and humans, the Doctor and Rose again departed for the Galapagos Islands. (COMIC: Untitled [+]Loading...["Untitled (10DY3 4 comic story)"])

Facing the Beast

The Doctor and Rose contemplate a future without the TARDIS. (TV: The Impossible Planet [+]Loading...["The Impossible Planet (TV story)"])

The Doctor and Rose landed inside Sanctuary Base 6 on Krop Tor, a planet that was in perpetual orbit around the black hole K37 Gem 5, and lost the TARDIS following an earthquake. The crew of Sanctuary Base 6, having come to Krop Tor to discover the source of power emanating from the planet's core which allowed it to orbit the black hole, refused to divert their drill to collect the TARDIS. This forced the Doctor and Rose to contemplate a future settling down together. As the Beast began terrorising the explorers and possessing their servants, the Ood, the Doctor and science officer Ida Scott descended into the core of the planet and discovered a pit which had started opening. (TV: The Impossible Planet [+]Loading...["The Impossible Planet (TV story)"])

When nothing emerged from the pit, the Doctor speculated the prison was open but not the cell and decided they should withdraw. However, the transport capsule back to the surface was rendered unusable by the possessed Ood cutting the cable, so the Doctor decided to use the cable to descend into the pit instead. Inside, he came face-to-face with the Beast but found it deprived of speech, its consciousness having already escaped to the expedition's archaeologist, Toby Zed. Realising the Beast's jailers had anticipated the Beast's escape, the Doctor shattered the gravity funnel keeping the planet orbiting the black hole, believing Rose would find a way to survive. At the same time, the possessed Toby was forcibly ejected from the Sanctuary Base 6 rocket by Rose. Though willing to go down with the planet, the Doctor discovered his TARDIS by accident; he was able to save Ida, but didn't have enough time to rescue any of the Ood. Towing the rocket safely away from the black hole, the Doctor "swapped passengers" and resumed his travels with Rose. (TV: The Satan Pit [+]Loading...["The Satan Pit (TV story)"])

Final adventures with Rose

The Doctor and Rose pursued a Hoix through a warehouse in Woolwich, during which the Doctor briefly encountered an adult Elton Pope, but Elton ran away as the Doctor and Rose left in the TARDIS. (TV: Love & Monsters [+]Loading...["Love & Monsters (TV story)"])

Arriving in Africa in the 22nd century, the Doctor met the Wurms, who were seeking to destroy the art works of their enemies, the Valnaxi, who had taken on the form of humans. The Doctor got rid of both species before they could do any further damage to Earth. (PROSE: The Art of Destruction [+]Loading...["The Art of Destruction (novel)"]) On Laylora, the Doctor thwarted the Witiku, who were trying to drive aliens off the planet. (PROSE: The Price of Paradise [+]Loading...["The Price of Paradise (novel)"])

The Doctor and Rose witness the Abzorbaloff liquifying into the ground. (TV: Love & Monsters [+]Loading...["Love & Monsters (TV story)"])

When Elton Pope used Jackie in his efforts to make contact with him, the Doctor tracked him down on Rose's behalf so Rose could berate him for upsetting her mother, the two of them unwittingly arriving just in time to save Elton from being absorbed by Victor Kennedy. Kennedy tried threatening Elton's life so he could steal the Doctor's TARDIS, but the Doctor retorted that the members of LINDA, who had already been absorbed, would have had something to say about that. Acting on this suggestion, they pulled at Kennedy's stomach and Elton broke his cane's limitation field, which was preventing the ground from absorbing him. Though he couldn't save the others' lives, the Doctor was able to bring the consciousness of Ursula Blake back as a face on a concrete slab. He then told Elton the truth about his mother's death. (TV: Love & Monsters [+]Loading...["Love & Monsters (TV story)"])

After defeating Professor Janus in Victorian London, the Doctor and Rose, posing as detectives, uncovered a cult of vampires led by Count Dracula of Wallachia. Racing against time to save the vampire's victims, the Doctor met Oscar Wilde, who was in prison suffering from an alien disease. The Doctor staged a prison break, cured Oscar and destroyed the vampires. (COMIC: Bat Attack! [+]Loading...["Bat Attack! (comic story)"])

Proving to Rose that his adventures were not completely dangerous, the Doctor re-installed a randomiser into the TARDIS, which transported him and Rose to the thirteenth moon of the thirteenth planet in the Thirteenth Galaxy, on the thirteenth day of the thirteenth year of the 13th century. There, they met the Triskaidekaphobes, the unluckiest species in creation. The Doctor discovered Bob Kreesus had been kidnapping Triskaidekaphobes and stealing their fortune. After returning the Triskaidekaphobes' luck, the Doctor confronted Kreesus on a cliff, where Kreesus accidentally fell to his death. (COMIC: Triskaidekaphobia [+]Loading...["Triskaidekaphobia (comic story)"]) They then stopped an Arcadian arms dealer from using sentient bombs called Smart Bombs to bomb a planet by stranding him on the planet he was hired to obliterate. (COMIC: Smart Bombs [+]Loading...["Smart Bombs (comic story)"])

After narrowly escaping the Erewon Armada, the Doctor accidentally landed the TARDIS inside a giant pinball machine, which was used to trap game-addicted people. With Rose forced to play, the Doctor took control of the game, and took a strike at the TARDIS, which saved his ship and freed him and Rose. (COMIC: Pinball Wizard [+]Loading...["Pinball Wizard (comic story)"])

The Doctor and Rose went to 2012 to see the London Olympics, where they met Chloe Webber, a girl who had been possessed by a lone Isolus, who was trapping other children from her street in drawings to give the Isolus company. Despite attempting to help the Isolus, the Doctor was trapped in a drawing, along with the TARDIS. (TV: Fear Her [+]Loading...["Fear Her (TV story)"]) Inside the drawing, the Doctor fought scribble creatures, saved Ginger and Stuart (GAME: Art Attack [+]Loading...["Art Attack (video game)"]) and was able to draw a depiction of the Olympic torch and point at it to aid Rose. Once Rose tossed the Isolus' pod into the Olympic flame to recharge it, the Doctor and the children were freed from the drawing. As the torch bearer had been weakened by the pod, the Doctor took his place, lighting the Olympic flame himself at the opening ceremony. Reuniting with Rose, the Doctor warned her that he felt a "storm" coming when she said that no-one would ever separate them. (TV: Fear Her [+]Loading...["Fear Her (TV story)"])

In the city of Vanezia, the Doctor and Rose allied with future musical hit Frederico Gobbo to investigate an opera house that shouldn't have been located in Vanezia. They found the owner, Magrillo, was draining people's energy to power a machine called the Orchestra, which transmitted mathematic equations into space. The Doctor overloaded the machine by getting Fredrick to sing a bad song, destroying it and killing Magrillo. After this, he discovered the Orchestra had turned Fredrick into the musical talent he was destined to become. (COMIC: Opera of Doom! [+]Loading...["Opera of Doom! (comic story)"])

The Doctor and Rose later came under attack from skeletons in a graveyard. Seeking solace at Ivy Henson's home, the Doctor discovered the skeletons had been animated to act as repair men by a terraforming device that had fell to Earth. (PROSE: Gravestone House [+]Loading...["Gravestone House (short story)"]) They then visited an art gallery on the Moon, where they discovered an artist had used a soul extractor to improve his painting and had ended up turning it into an intelligent creature. (PROSE: Untitled [+]Loading...["Untitled (short story)"])

The Doctor became intrigued by the disappearance of Lower Downham, travelling there with Rose to 1962 to unravel the mystery. He discovered the village had been evacuated by the Viyrans, who had followed a dangerous chemical weapon to Earth. The chemical couldn't be neutralised, so the Doctor and Rose left the Viyrans to place a perceptual barrier across the entire village. (PROSE: No One Died [+]Loading...["No One Died (short story)"])

The Doctor and Rose also visited a rocky, barren planet and watched giant creatures fly past, where Rose expressed that she would stay with the Doctor forever. (TV: Army of Ghosts [+]Loading...["Army of Ghosts (TV story)"])

The Doctor risked a visit to Sunset Strip, a lawless planet populated by bounty hunters, gangsters and mobs. He discovered he owed a million credits to Mr Lippizzaner, leader of the notorious Trigger Brothers. Although there was a large bounty on his head, the Doctor stopped the Triggers and their business rival, Don Corpulone, from finding "the Bird", a Glitterbird egg from a rare robot species whose were studded with diamonds. He installed detective robots to arrest the two mob families and establish law and order on the planet. (COMIC: Gangster's Paradise [+]Loading...["Gangster's Paradise (comic story)"])

The Doctor treated Rose to a visit to Paris. However, they discovered that they had become trapped in the Facade, a computer that enhanced people's perception of "Perfect Paris". Alongside resistance fighters, the Doctor and Rose destroyed the Facade with the use of a computer virus. (COMIC: A Date to Remember [+]Loading...["A Date to Remember (comic story)"])

Taking Rose for a steak meal, the Doctor accidentally transported them to Phijax IV, where they were forced to fight as entertainment for the Glutonoid, who threatened to eat Rose if they didn't. The Doctor injected the Glutonoid with TARDIS pills, which destroyed it. (COMIC: The Glutonoid Menace [+]Loading...["The Glutonoid Menace (comic story)"])

The Battle of Canary Wharf

The Doctor dons his 3D specs to identify "Void stuff". (TV: Army of Ghosts [+]Loading...["Army of Ghosts (TV story)"])

Returning to the Powell Estate, the Doctor and Rose found humanity was being visited by beings believed to be the ghosts of their loved ones. The Doctor tracked the ghosts' signal to Torchwood Tower in Canary Wharf and, along with accidental stowaway Jackie, was taken prisoner by the leader of the Torchwood Institute, Yvonne Hartman, while Rose remained in the TARDIS as it was taken away. The Doctor strongly opposed Torchwood's use of "ghost shifts" for a power source, as it was ripping a hole between parallel worlds which increased in size with every iteration, and convinced Yvonne to suspend the experiments. The original tear was caused by a Void Ship. Two computer technicians, secretly under the control of the Cybermen, restarted the ghost shift and allowed the ghosts, who were actually Cybermen, to materialise from the parallel world where the Doctor and Rose had left Mickey. As the Cybermen invaded Earth, the void ship opened, revealing a group of Daleks called the Cult of Skaro (TV: Army of Ghosts [+]Loading...["Army of Ghosts (TV story)"]) along with a Genesis Ark, a Time Lord prison ship containing millions of Daleks.

As the Daleks and Cybermen waged war with each other, the Doctor was transported back to the Cybermen's original universe by Jake Simmonds and reunited with Pete Tyler at the other universe's Torchwood, where the Preachers and the People's Republic had taken control. Along with Pete, the Doctor returned to his universe, where, thanks to a brief alliance between the Cybermen and the Preachers, he was able to rescue Rose and Mickey, who had found his way back to N-Space, from their imprisonment by the Cult of Skaro. In the confusion, Mickey accidentally touched the Genesis Ark, leading the Cult to open it in the skies outside and release the millions of imprisoned Daleks. The group then saved Jackie from being upgraded by the Cybermen, and the Tyler family was reunited.

In order to defeat his warring enemies, the Doctor needed to open the Void; doing so would suck anything covered in "Void stuff" into it and seal off both universes for good. Realising that Rose was also saturated in Void energy, the Doctor sent her, along with Mickey, Pete, Jackie and the other Preachers, back to "Pete's World", where they would be safe, but Rose refused to leave the Doctor and returned, despite knowing she would never see her family again. Together, the Doctor and Rose opened the Void and the Daleks and Cybermen, along with the Ark, were sucked inside. The plan initially went smoothly, until Rose's lever malfunctioned, threatening to halt the operation. Rose was able to secure the lever, but couldn't keep her grip and began to fall into the Void. She was saved at the last second by Pete and taken back across to the other universe before the breach closed, separating her from the Doctor. (TV: Doomsday [+]Loading...["Doomsday (TV story)"])

Saying goodbye

The Doctor says goodbye to Rose. (TV: Doomsday [+]Loading...["Doomsday (TV story)"])

Still devastated, the Doctor met with Rose one last time at Bad Wolf Bay in the Norway of Pete's World. He was able to project a hologram of himself through the last crack between the universes by parking the TARDIS in orbit around a supernova to gain enough power to say goodbye. Rose finally told the Doctor that she loved him, but before he could confess his response, the connection was lost. The Doctor was left alone and teary-eyed, until a woman in a wedding dress suddenly appeared inside the TARDIS. (TV: Doomsday [+]Loading...["Doomsday (TV story)"]) The woman, Donna Noble, had been at her wedding to Lance Bennett, (TV: The Runaway Bride [+]Loading...["The Runaway Bride (TV story)"]) before unexpectedly finding herself spirited away to the TARDIS without explanation. She loudly protested at where she had ended up, leaving the Doctor baffled. (TV: Doomsday [+]Loading...["Doomsday (TV story)"])

While trying to return Donna to the ceremony on Christmas Eve 2007, the Doctor chased a taxi across the motorway in the TARDIS to save her from being kidnapped by the Roboforms. He returned Donna to her wedding reception, where the Roboforms attacked with bombs disguised as Christmas baubles. The Doctor destroyed the attack force and went with Donna and Lance to H.C. Clements, which had a basement leading to a secret Torchwood base underneath the Thames. There, the Doctor and Donna discovered that Lance was working for the Empress of the Racnoss, and planned on using Donna as an incubator for Huon particles needed to revive the Racnoss children held in stasis at the Earth's core; Donna had appeared in the TARDIS because of a magnet-like pull between the Huon particles within her and those within the TARDIS.

Using that same magnetic pull to bring the TARDIS to them, the Doctor and Donna travelled back in time to witness the Racnoss' presence at the Earth's creation. Forced back to 2007 by Lance being force-fed Huon particles in Donna's place, which also resulted in him being fed to the Racnoss offspring through a drill shaft bored by Torchwood, waking them. After the Empress declined his offer to leave Earth, the Doctor drowned the Racnoss offspring by flooding the Torchwood base on top of the hole with the River Thames. He coldly ignored the Empress' screams for mercy, only relenting at Donna's request. When the Empress tried attacking London with her Webstar in retaliation, the British military destroyed her along with it. Taking Donna home, the Doctor asked her to join him in the TARDIS, but she declined because his execution of the Racnoss had scared her. (TV: The Runaway Bride [+]Loading...["The Runaway Bride (TV story)"])

Settling down with Rose-the-cat and K9

The Doctor in the TARDIS with Rose-the-cat. (COMIC: A Rose by Any Other Name [+]Loading...["A Rose by Any Other Name (comic story)"])

Falling into a depression after the loss of Rose, the Doctor spent some time sulking in The TARDIS; apparently making so few travels that vast spider-webs began to grow in the control room. He soon began to binge-watch emotional films, such as Love Actually, The Lion King, and Annie Hall, as he ate large quantities of ice cream. Still heartbroken over the loss of Rose Tyler, he adopted a cat which he gave her name to. Owning a cat was initially far from what the Doctor expected it to be. Directly after bringing her into the TARDIS, Rose scratched the Doctor up and ran off. The Doctor would not see her for five days. When he did see her again, he lectured her for being "a bit rubbish," but Rose mainly ignored him during the conversation.

While sulking in bed and crying over the loss of Rose Tyler, Rose-the-cat brought the Doctor various animal carcasses she had collected as gifts in a bid to cheer him up, but only succeeded in making him sadder over the death of all of the various creatures.

After finding out Rose-the-cat had pulled down all of the suits in his closet and sat on them, leaving them covered in neon hair, the Doctor planned to travel to Deva Loka to relax, but discovered that Rose had scratched up his long brown coat, ruining it. Enraged, the Doctor left Rose dangling outside in a space-suit as he considered how he was nowhere near as merciful as he used to be.

Rose warmed up to the Doctor's presence and after a while the two began to get along fine. Rose at one point asked the Doctor if he had ever had any other pets in the TARDIS, and the Doctor unveiled a personal version of K9 that he had kept on the ship. Standard for most dogs and cats, Rose and K9 did not get along. Their first encounter ended with Rose attacking K9 with the sonic screwdriver and K9 entering "defence mode." The Doctor once again resulted to leaving the two dangling outside the ship as punishment.

While walking together, Rose-the-cat suggested that the best option for getting over Rose Tyler was for the Doctor to get a "rebound companion". The Doctor was initially reluctant, but eventually agreed. However, on the night of his "blind date", he was apparently stood up and opted to return to the TARDIS, where his potential companion, a member of the Sisters of Plenitude, was petting Rose. Upon seeing this, the Doctor angrily reminded Rose that they were there to find a new companion for him. Afterwards, the Sister asked if she needed to leave.

Rose at some point was infected with fleas, and, while the Doctor was initially playful in teasing Rose's newfound friendships, he eventually realised that it was becoming a serious health hazard for the feline. Refusing to use regular flea cures, the Doctor took Rose to a planet made entirely of candy floss surrounded by a gas that was irresistible to insects. The Doctor placed Rose in the stuff and successfully cured her of her pestilence, but doing this also shaved most of the hair off of her lower body. In a "genius" solution, the Doctor put Rose in a miniature blue suit much like his own. While the Doctor and K9 were amused by the situation, Rose was not.

Frustrated by how caught up he was over his now-ended relationship, Rose would spend a majority of her time on the ship trying to help the Doctor move on. The Doctor, meanwhile, found himself content in accepting his two pets as his new companions, and all that he needed. Rose and the Doctor eventually parted ways, with the Doctor deciding that it was about time to finally find a new companion. (COMIC: A Rose by Any Other Name [+]Loading...["A Rose by Any Other Name (comic story)"])

Travelling alone

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Info from The Honourable Burger [+]Loading...["The Honourable Burger (comic story)"], Untitled [+]Loading...["Untitled (10DY2 15 comic story)"], The Dead Ringer [+]Loading...["The Dead Ringer (comic story)"], Green Fingers [+]Loading...["Green Fingers (comic story)"], Beneath the Skin [+]Loading...["Beneath the Skin (comic story)"], The Sky Below [+]Loading...["The Sky Below (comic story)"], Beyond the Sea [+]Loading...["Beyond the Sea (comic story)"], Lonely Planet [+]Loading...["Lonely Planet (comic story)"] & Cats and Dogs [+]Loading...["Cats and Dogs (short story)"] needs to be added

Journeying on without Rose, the Doctor nearly fell off a cliff on the planet Hondran, but was saved by Kara McGravy. After finding Hondran overrun by the Untra, the Doctor managed to lure them to the edge of a cliff, and allowed carnivorous plants to eat them. (COMIC: The Hunters [+]Loading...["The Hunters (comic story)"])

Following a distress signal, the Doctor began investigating disappearances in a small English village. Aided by Brynn, the last child in the village, he discovered a dying crashed sentient spaceship was abducting children to keep itself entertained with their imaginations. Brynn allowed the ship to feast on his imagination to "finish the story", allowing it to die happily and releasing all the children it had taken. (PROSE: Once Upon a Time [+]Loading...["Once Upon a Time (DWS short story)"])

The Doctor discovered a Floof, a species with the ability to hide in plain sight, had been stalking a man called Tom. Befriending Tom, the Doctor realised the Floof had developed a psychic link with Tom and was unwilling to let him go, killing Tom's wife. Enraged, the Doctor punished the Floof by separating it from Tom, condemning it to eternal loneliness. (PROSE: Corner of the Eye [+]Loading...["Corner of the Eye (short story)"])

Attempting to see central London's Christmas lights, the Doctor accidentally landed the TARDIS in Daniel Francis Thompson's bedroom. Daniel made his way into the TARDIS and meddled with the controls, transporting the time machine to Belgium in 1914, where they witnessed a German and British football match. After visiting various Christmas periods in Earth's history, the Doctor returned Daniel home. (PROSE: Deep and Dreamless Sleep [+]Loading...["Deep and Dreamless Sleep (short story)"])

The Doctor gave Grayla a lift away from her home planet, Grått, but decided not to take her on as a companion, feeling that she had her own path to take without his help. (COMIC: The Whispering Gallery [+]Loading...["The Whispering Gallery (comic story)"])

The Doctor took a break from his travels on the human colony world of Centuria. His holiday was cut short when he discovered an army of Cybermen had been rebuilt from the Battle of Canary Wharf. Taken prisoner and unable to stop the Cybermen's takeover of Centuria, the Doctor met Jayne Kadett, an investigator. He and Jayne managed to escape, destroying the Cybermen who had captured them. When they discovered the Cybermen had been rebuilding their army across the planet, the Doctor and Jayne joined forces to track them down and destroy them. (COMIC: The Power of the Cybermen [+]Loading...["The Power of the Cybermen (comic story)"]4)

Following the Cybermen's signal, the Doctor flew an airship across the continent of Azlon, which had become a gigantic Cyber-conversion factory. The Doctor and Jayne destroyed the factory and found a map that brought them closer to destroying the heart of the new Cybermen Empire. (COMIC: Drones of Doom [+]Loading...["Drones of Doom (comic story)"]) In the arctic lands of Centuria, the Doctor and Jayne met Homaj, a half-cybernised drone who had escaped from the Cybermen's hargstone mines beneath the ice. After battling the Ice Snakes and cyber-dogs, the Doctor and Jayne were captured again. They escaped when the Doctor created a distraction and Jayne stole some explosives, which Homaj used to seal the mines, sacrificing himself in the process. The Doctor and Jayne then followed a recently-departed cyber-ship, which was headed for Centuria Central. (COMIC: Enemy Mine [+]Loading...["Enemy Mine (comic story)"])

When Jayne became frozen in time, the Doctor ventured through Centuria Central alone. He infiltrated the Cybermen's base and destroyed the stasis machine, which had a mental link to the Cybermen, destroying them in the process. With the galaxy protected, the Doctor said goodbye to Jayne, warning her to keep her eyes peeled. (COMIC: Time of the Cybermen [+]Loading...["Time of the Cybermen (comic story)"])

Travelling alone again, the Doctor visited Croxton Hall and, alongside waitress Daisy White, battled the ghosts of Lord and Lady Tubbs and their houseguests. He used the Ancient Horologe, a timepiece used to measure the passage of time across the dimensions, to transform all the ghosts into humans. After the house was restored to normal, the Doctor attended the Tubbs wedding anniversary. (COMIC: 13 O'Clock [+]Loading...["13 O'Clock (comic story)"])

Arriving on the Space Station Alpha in the 36th century, the Doctor met a snag finder called Jimmy and his Welding Bot X-5, who went by the name of "Bert". The Doctor discovered the Klytode had scrambled Bert's circuits and was intending to launch a cobalt bomb on the station, which would cause the station to crash to Earth and destroy it. The Doctor saved Bert, tricked the Klytode into destroying his own planet, and had him arrested. (COMIC: The Snag Finders [+]Loading...["The Snag Finders (comic story)"])

Soon after, the Doctor stopped off at a 12th century English village at the time of the Black Death. He discovered the Zeerover virus had turned the villagers into zombies. Making a deal with the Zeerovers, the Doctor cured the villagers. (COMIC: Plague Panic [+]Loading...["Plague Panic (comic story)"])

Reunion with the Brigadier

The Doctor is reunited with Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. (COMIC: The Warkeeper's Crown [+]Loading...["The Warkeeper's Crown (comic story)"])

The Doctor visited the Slough of the Disjointed Planets, a space populated by warlike races renowned for their brutal conflicts. There, he encountered the dying War Keeper, the ancient controller of the population of the Disjointed Planets. To find a worthy successor, the War Keeper scanned the Doctor's mind for the identity and location of the greatest leader in the cosmos. He chose Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, now retired and in his late seventies, who refused to accept the War Keeper's demands. As an alternative, the War Keeper chose Mike Yates, but accidentally summoned another man with the same name.

Rivals of the dying War Keeper infiltrated his helpers before his death and passed onto Yates the Keeper's control device, the Warkeeper's Crown. With the weak-minded Yates under the control of the Crown and the many forces of the Disjointed Planets, the deceased War Keeper's rivals planned to control the conflicts. The controlled Yates transported himself back to Earth, along with many Orcs, Hawks and other creatures.

The Doctor and the Brigadier, with an army of Brigadier clones the Doctor created with technology at the Slough, returned to the Earth to defeat the demon hordes and free Yates from the Crown's control. With the danger passed, the Doctor and the Brigadier re-lived their old glories and said their goodbyes, although the Brigadier expected to see the Doctor again. (COMIC: The Warkeeper's Crown [+]Loading...["The Warkeeper's Crown (comic story)"])

Meeting Martha

The Doctor carries Martha (TV: Smith and Jones [+]Loading...["Smith and Jones (TV story)"])

While investigating a set of plasma coils in London in the 2000s,[nb 1] the Doctor checked himself into Royal Hope Hospital, where he met medical student Martha Jones. The hospital was H₂O scooped onto the Moon by the Judoon, who were hunting the Plasmavore murderer Florence Finnegan. Pretending to be human, the Doctor tricked Finnegan into drinking some of his blood, which she assimilated into her system, and the Judoon executed her after identifying her as a non-human. Martha revived the Doctor with CPR, and the hospital was returned to Earth. After leaving the hospital, the Doctor tracked down Martha at a family gathering to offer her "one trip" in time as a way of expressing gratitude for her assistance. (TV: Smith and Jones [+]Loading...["Smith and Jones (TV story)"])

The Doctor took Martha to 1599 London to meet William Shakespeare. Learning the lost play, Love's Labour's Won, was to be performed, the Doctor decided to investigate why it vanished. He discovered the Carrionites had the Globe Theatre constructed to their design in order to use a hidden incantation in the script to free the rest of their kind from the Deep Darkness. Despite succeeding, their incantation was reversed by one improvised by Shakespeare, trapping them and all copies of the play in the Darkness. As it risked freeing them, the Doctor advised Shakespeare not to rewrite the play. While bidding Shakespeare goodbye, Queen Elizabeth I arrived and ordered her men to kill the Doctor, declaring him her sworn enemy, much to Martha's confusion and the Doctor's amusement. (TV: The Shakespeare Code [+]Loading...["The Shakespeare Code (TV story)"])

Fleeing the Queen's men, the Doctor decided to stretch the "one trip" agreement with Martha to include a trip to the future. Returning to New Earth in 5,000,000,053, Martha was kidnapped by a couple wishing to use the New New York Motorway's fast lane. Searching for her, the Doctor discovered the planet had been plagued by a virus and the population had become trapped on the motorway for their own safety. Novice Hame took the Doctor to what was left of the Senate so he could help the Face of Boe open the Motorway. Martha and the population were freed from being attacked by the Macra, who lived in the filthy air below the cars. After the Face of Boe sacrificed his own life to power the doors keeping the motorway shut, he finally uttered his secret to the Doctor: "You are not alone". As the city sang in celebration of their freedom, the Doctor told Martha of the Last Great Time War. (TV: Gridlock [+]Loading...["Gridlock (TV story)"])

Adam Mitchell's revenge

The Doctor took Martha to the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles to show her the last residual image of Gallifrey via a telescope, and the pair got involved in the production of a movie that was being sabotaged by the Dominators. After the Doctor defeated the Dominators' plot, Martha was kidnapped by Adam Mitchell, (COMIC: Quiet on the Set [+]Loading...["Quiet on the Set (comic story)"]) the Doctor sent a message to Frobisher to infiltrate Adam's base. (COMIC: Façades [+]Loading...["Façades (comic story)"])

Following a chronal trail left by the Eleventh Doctor, the Tenth Doctor joined his other incarnations as they stormed Adam's fortress in Limbo to save their friends from Adam and the Tremas Master, merging their TARDISes together to gain them entry. Though the Master attacked them with Autons, Frobisher was able to free the captured companions, and they helped the Doctors fight off the Autons, as Adam had a change of heart when the Master revealed he intended to use the chronal energies he had stolen across the Doctor's timelines to destroy the universe. After the Master killed Adam as he foiled his plans, the eleven Doctors honoured Adam as a "true companion". (COMIC: Endgame [+]Loading...["Endgame (POT comic story)"])

Detours with Martha

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Following a Calamity Lamp, the TARDIS landed on the planet Loam inside the head of a High Goliax, which was being controlled by a child called Kipe. Martha was separated from the Doctor when Kipe ejected her from the head, while the Doctor was captured by Kipe's father, Kingfish, who was the manager of the Krib bank. The Doctor was taken through a space portal to the Krib, and Kingfish explained to the Doctor that the planet was being cleared by the High Goliax as part of a clearance as collateral for a loan.

The Doctor realised that the processors in the bank were living slaves pining for home and that they had started singing that morning because of the TARDIS automatically translated alien languages. The Doctor told Mandrake to attach the bank's free-reins to their "tentacles", while the Doctor changed control from the Krib's accumulator to the speculator to allow them to move freely. After being reunited with Martha, the Doctor saw Loam's former Prime Minister, Sugarpea, sacrifice her life to end Loam's debt to the Krib.

The Doctor and Martha ran through a portal to a High Goliax head while followed by the freed slaves, which the Doctor explained were the minds of the High Goliax finding their way home after being ripped from their skulls centuries before. The Doctor told Mandrake to help evacuate the children from the High Goliax as the minds found their way to their original bodies, stopping the attack. (COMIC: The Woman Who Sold the World [+]Loading...["The Woman Who Sold the World (comic story)"])

The Doctor went looking for a Karadax octopus Droid in the caves of Karadax, and was aided by an android duplicate of Martha, which originated from a museum dedicated to the Doctor. (PROSE: Rewriting History [+]Loading...["Rewriting History (short story)"])

The Doctor offers himself to the Daleks to prevent any more innocent people from being killed. (TV: Evolution of the Daleks [+]Loading...["Evolution of the Daleks (TV story)"])

In 1930 New York City, the Doctor and Martha investigated kidnappings from Hooverville, a community of people hit by the Great Depression with nowhere left to go, befriending their leader, Solomon. They also met Tallulah, a showgirl in search of her boyfriend Laszlo, who had disappeared a few days prior. Exploring the sewers, the Doctor discovered Pig slaves that worked for the Cult of Skaro, who were kidnapping humans with high intelligence for their Final Experiment; the pig slaves were created from those of low intellect. The group ran into Laszlo, and saw how the Daleks had partially transformed him into a pig slave, but he managed to escape with his mind still his own. The Doctor discovered that the Daleks were trying to evolve into new forms in order to survive, and the Cult of Skaro's leader, Dalek Sec, transformed himself into the first human-Dalek hybrid as part of this plan. (TV: Daleks in Manhattan [+]Loading...["Daleks in Manhattan (TV story)"])

To the Doctor's surprise, Sec grew compassionate due to his new humanity, wishing to no longer conquer Earth, instead wanting the Doctor to take the new human-Dalek race to a new world in his TARDIS. However, Dalek Caan and the other members of the Cult betrayed Sec, stripped him of his authority, exterminated Solomon and continued with their mission to conquer Earth, filling the captive humans with pure Dalek DNA. The Doctor climbed to the top of the Empire State Building and got in the way of the solar flare that powered the experiment, adding Time Lord DNA to the hybrids.

After Sec was killed by Dalek Thay in the defence of the Doctor, the Daleks fought the hybrids. Jast and Thay were killed in the battle and Caan deactivated the hybrids as failures, leaving himself the sole surviving Dalek. The Doctor attempted to negotiate with Caan, but the Dalek performed an emergency temporal shift and fled. Laszlo began to die due to the pig slaves' limited lifespan, but the Doctor, using the laboratory built by the Cult, cured his deterioration. However, he couldn't fix Laszlo's disfigurement, so he left him and Tallulah to live their lives in peace as new residents of Hooverville, where no one would judge Laszlo's appearance. (TV: Evolution of the Daleks [+]Loading...["Evolution of the Daleks (TV story)"])

The Doctor took Martha to Harankast, where they stopped ruthless car-dealer Joseph Manver from brainwashing the population into buying cars that polluted the planet, destroying the countryside. After closing his car business, the Doctor had Manver arrested by the local authorities. (COMIC: Exhausting Evil [+]Loading...["Exhausting Evil (comic story)"])

The Doctor brought Martha back home, exactly twelve hours after they left, planning to leave and continue his travels alone. However, he decided to stay after hearing that Professor Richard Lazarus was going to "change what it meant to be human". Attending Lazarus' demonstration, the Doctor met Martha's family, with her mother, Francine, taking an immediate dislike to him. The Doctor discovered Lazarus had created a machine to restore youth, similar to the regeneration process. However, the machine backfired, mutating Lazarus into a monster that fed off the life force of others. Following Lazarus into Southwark Cathedral, the Doctor saved Martha and her sister, Tish, from being drained by Lazarus by using his sonic screwdriver to enhance a pipe-organ to reverse the machine's effect and revert Lazarus to his original self, but not before Lazarus had fallen to his death. Per Martha's request, the Doctor took her on as his official travelling companion. (TV: The Lazarus Experiment [+]Loading...["The Lazarus Experiment (TV story)"])

Official travels with Martha

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Info from Wooden Heart [+]Loading...["Wooden Heart (novel)"], The Whispering Gallery [+]Loading...["The Whispering Gallery (comic story)"], The Weeping [+]Loading...["The Weeping (short story)"], Bus Stop! [+]Loading...["Bus Stop! (comic story)"], The Box Under the Tree [+]Loading...["The Box Under the Tree (short story)"], Zombie Motel [+]Loading...["Zombie Motel (short story)"], The Iron Circle [+]Loading...["The Iron Circle (short story)"], Kiss of Life [+]Loading...["Kiss of Life (short story)"] & Deep Water [+]Loading...["Deep Water (short story)"] needs to be added

After losing the TARDIS in the time winds, the Doctor and Martha took up residency on a luxury astroliner called Tritanic. However, the ship was attacked by the Skrawn, whose homeworld had been destroyed in the Last Great Time War. The Skrawn stole the astroliner's experimental time-nav system to overpower the Kolox nebula. In pursuit, the Doctor found his TARDIS aboard the Skrawn's ship, and stole the time-nav, leaving the Skrawn lost in the Kolox nebula. (COMIC: The Skrawn Inheritance [+]Loading...["The Skrawn Inheritance (comic story)"])

After a bad experience with the dinosaurs, Martha asked to return to the Royal Hope Hospital, where the Doctor found a faction of Cybermen that had not been not sucked into the Void, having been made on Earth during the Battle of Canary Wharf. The Doctor was then arrested by Captain Shelia Shandron, who wanted his help against the Cybermen. The Doctor phoned Martha and found she had been kidnapped by the Cybermen. Their location found, the Doctor and Sandron prepared for the Cybermen's attack. After the attack, the Doctor arrived at the Cybermen's base, the Millennium Dome, and pretended to help release the Cybermen trapped in the void, when he actually created a time portal to bring a dinosaur to defeat the Cybermen. (PROSE: Made of Steel [+]Loading...["Made of Steel (novel)"])

The Doctor encountered the Zygons in 1909, (PROSE: Sting of the Zygons [+]Loading...["Sting of the Zygons (novel)"]) and was nearly forced to be a living exhibit in the Gallifreyian section in the Museum of the Last Ones. (PROSE: The Last Dodo [+]Loading...["The Last Dodo (novel)"])

After upgrading Martha's phone in mid-travel, the Doctor locked onto the distress call sent out by the SS Pentallian, that was plummeting into the Torajii sun. The Doctor offered to help evacuate the ship, but was unable to when the TARDIS was trapped in the ship's boiler room. A malevolent force that had possessed the husband of the ship's captain, Kathryn McDonnell, began reducing the rest of the crew to cinders. Eventually, the Doctor discovered that Torajii was sentient and seeking revenge on McDonnell for scooping out some of it to use as fuel, and possessed him. Holding off possession long enough, the Doctor told Martha how to get rid of the fuel to appease Torajii. She did so with the last surviving crewmembers and the Doctor was released from its possession. (TV: 42 [+]Loading...["42 (TV story)"])

The Doctor next took Martha to Maught, a planet resembling the American Wild West, where he stopped three criminals, Tu, Blontt and Angelo, from stealing water of gold. (COMIC: The Green, the Bad and the Ugly [+]Loading...["The Green, the Bad and the Ugly (comic story)"])

The Doctor and Martha encounter Baltazar. (TV: The Infinite Quest [+]Loading...["The Infinite Quest (TV story)"])

The Doctor and Martha searched for the Infinite, a spaceship also sought by Baltazar. (TV: The Infinite Quest [+]Loading...["The Infinite Quest (TV story)"])

While in Blackwood Falls, the Doctor encountered the Hervoken, old enemies of the Carrionites, and prevented them from using the energy of the townspeople to launch their ship. (PROSE: Forever Autumn [+]Loading...["Forever Autumn (novel)"])

The Doctor next found a Voracious Craw heading towards Tiermann's World. He and Martha arrived there to save the Tiermann family, but due to the intelligence at the heart of the Dreamhome, the Domini, being possessive of the family, they could only save Solin. They then chased the Voracious Craw off Tiermann's World by using a copy of the alien's species to scare it off the planet before it could finish consuming it. (PROSE: Sick Building [+]Loading...["Sick Building (novel)"])

The Doctor and Martha visited Fraxinos, where they met Natalie Sharrocks, who was on the run from the Chelonian. Investigating, the Doctor was led to a company called the Body Bank, which allowed the aged to regain youth via mind transference. Undercover as a health inspector, he learnt an entity had taken Natalie's body whilst she was at the clinic to destroy a Chelonian breeding planet. The entity took control of another patient, who later died of a heart attack, killing the entity and saving Natalie from Chelonian retribution. (PROSE: The Body Bank [+]Loading...["The Body Bank (short story)"])

The Doctor and Martha visited the Great Solar Shield, which was used to partially block sunlight from 21st century Earth to ease the effect of global warming. A race called the Silhouettes began leeching energy from the Shield and its crew. The colour in Martha's shirt scared off the Silhouettes, who instead began heading for Earth. The Doctor realigned the Shield's prismatic mirrors to refract a rainbow towards the Silhouettes, scaring them off. This caused the Sihouettes to flee, and the Great Solar Shield's crew were returned to Earth in the TARDIS. (COMIC: Sunscreen [+]Loading...["Sunscreen (comic story)"])

Being human

The Doctor shows Martha his fob watch, telling her that he is going to become human. (TV: Human Nature [+]Loading...["Human Nature (TV story)"])

The Doctor and Martha found themselves being pursued by the Family of Blood, who wanted a Time Lord body to achieve a form of immortality as they had a limited lifespan. (TV: Human Nature [+]Loading...["Human Nature (TV story)"]) Rather than confront them directly, the Doctor, out of mercy, chose to hide from them instead. (TV: The Family of Blood [+]Loading...["The Family of Blood (TV story)"]) He used a Chameleon Arch to transform himself into a human school teacher named John Smith in 1913 England, completely repressing his Time Lord biology, and sending Martha undercover as his maid to protect the Arch, as his alter ego would have no recollection of the Doctor, only dreams of his adventures.

However, John Smith fell in love with the matron of the school, Joan Redfern, (TV: Human Nature [+]Loading...["Human Nature (TV story)"]) and initially refused to change back as he had adapted to a normal life and had foreseen a bright future with Joan, but decided to allow the Doctor to retake his Time Lord body so he could stop the Family from killing anyone else.

Haunted by all the death and destruction his act of mercy had caused, the Doctor gave the Family their immortality, with ironic punishments: he trapped Father of Mine in chains forged in a dwarf star, imprisoned Mother of Mine in the event horizon of a collapsing galaxy, suspended Son of Mine in time as a scarecrow and trapped Daughter of Mine in every mirror in existence. He asked Joan to travel with him, telling her that he was capable of all the things John Smith had been, but she refused, knowing that John and the Doctor were no longer the same person. (TV: The Family of Blood [+]Loading...["The Family of Blood (TV story)"])

Battles in time

During a trip to a supermarket, the Doctor and Martha encountered a rampaging warrior called Thaur, one of three warrior kings exiled from Norsum by a goddess called Angboda. During a scuffle, Martha caught Thaur's crystal necklace, his only link with his homeworld. Looking into the crystal, the Doctor saw a fleet of war-craft under construction, commanded by Angboda in order to attack civilisations across the galaxy. Instead of handing him over to the authorities, the Doctor took Thaur aboard the TARDIS to stop the attack on the galaxy. (COMIC: Wrath of the Warrior [+]Loading...["Wrath of the Warrior (comic story)"])

The Doctor and Martha located Thaur's fellow warrior king, Vulsturg the Vast, imprisoned on a planetoid. When they tried to free him, flying creatures emitted a deafening scream. Reversing the sonic field of three hearing aids, the Doctor blocked the sound and rescued Vulsturg. When a large beast tried to stop their escape, the Doctor attached the three hearing aids to each of its three ears then set them back to a normal setting. The beast was overcome by the amplified screaming and fell unconscious. The Doctor, Martha, Thaur and Vulsturg then left in the TARDIS to find the third warrior king. (COMIC: The Screaming Prison [+]Loading...["The Screaming Prison (comic story)"])

After the Doctor recovered from being incapacitated by the green mists of Orion's Belt, (COMIC: Ground Control [+]Loading...["Ground Control (comic story)"]) he and Martha travelled to a prison on Haklok, only to find the place littered with bodies, including those of robo-sassins, which had been sent to stop the group from finding the warrior kings. Looking into Thour's crystal, the Doctor realised that Angboda's fleet were in fact hospital ships travelling to help the worlds that Thour and his two fellow warriors had attacked. Having been tricked by Thour, the Doctor and Martha were left behind as the three warriors stole the battle cruiser and set off to avenge themselves against Angboda. (COMIC: Force and Fury [+]Loading...["Force and Fury (comic story)"])

Angry at being tricked, the Doctor travelled to Queen Angboda's hospital ship to defend it against Thour's imminent attack. With no weapons to use, the Doctor, Martha and Angboda instead jettisoned everything in the ship's cargo bay, creating a reflective barrier with Thour's laser that heavily damaged his ship and caused it to crash onto a barren asteroid, leaving the three warrior kings stranded and powerless once again. (COMIC: Warriors' Revenge [+]Loading...["Warriors' Revenge (comic story)"])

The Doctor became incapacitated by the green mists of Orion's Belt, forcing Martha to drive the TARDIS. (COMIC: Ground Control [+]Loading...["Ground Control (comic story)"])

Responding to a distress call from Professor Dinsdale of the Interplanetary Archaeological Institute on Brendock Seven, the Doctor discovered Dinsdale's team had been killed trying to open an ancient burial mound. The Doctor managed to bypass the door's sonic disruptor, and found the Vortex Cannon, a weapon created by an ancient civilisation that was capable of universal catastrophe. To his horror, the Doctor unmasked Dinsdale as a shape-changing Zaan Warrior, and the Zaan escaped with the Cannon, only to be destroyed by the guardians of the burial mound. The Zaan commander survived and escaped in an escape pod. Knowing that Treed Crystals that powered the Cannons were found only on the planet Garvrath, the Doctor and Martha set off in pursuit of the Zaan commander. (COMIC: Head Start [+]Loading...["Head Start (comic story)"])

The Doctor being chased by the Zaan on the planet Karaten (COMIC: Lock, Stocks and Barrel [+]Loading...["Lock, Stocks and Barrel (comic story)"])

After spending a while tracking the Zaan, the Doctor and Martha attended a film premiere, knowing that the leading star, Honey Vox, would wear a Treed Crystal, and would be a likely target of the Zaan. They contacted her and discovered the Treed Crystal locked in her safe, but stolen by Jebelex the Pulthasian using a matter transmuter. As the Zaan arrived, Jebelex tricked them into thinking he had chucked the crystal to Martha and escaped in his ship. Using the matter transmuter, the Doctor and Martha went off in pursuit of the crystal, following a trail of Jebelex' DNA. (COMIC: Jewel of the Vile [+]Loading...["Jewel of the Vile (comic story)"])

Tracking Jebelex to Karaten, the Doctor was thrown into a living water entity by the hostile villagers, where he found the skeleton of Jebelex, and the Treed Crystal. On the Doctor's instructions, Martha used Jebelex's matter transmuter to turn the liquid solid, freeing the Doctor and allowing him to destroy the entity. With the crystal in his possessions, the Zaan arrived and kidnapped Martha, threatening to kill her unless the Doctor delivered the crystal to their homeworld. (COMIC: Lock, Stocks and Barrel [+]Loading...["Lock, Stocks and Barrel (comic story)"])

After chasing the Zaan across space, the Doctor discovered the crystal was actually a trap. He freed Martha and tricked the Zaan into using the crystal, trapping the Zaan and their homeworld in a time-loop for eternity, although he did feel a sense of guilt for what he had done. (COMIC: End Game [+]Loading...["End Game (DWBIT comic story)"])

Further travels with Martha

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Info from Breathing Space [+]Loading...["Breathing Space (short story)"] needs to be added

The Doctor stopped a swamp monster from attacking a colony on the planet Sunday by tricking it into possessing him and, using a new protein-RNA mix, destroyed the creature. (PROSE: Wetworld [+]Loading...["Wetworld (novel)"])

The Doctor and Martha visited 1915 Antarctica, where Ernest Shackleton's Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition on the Endurance had crashed, near where Skith scientists had been experimenting with inserting Skith DNA into a whale. When the Skith discovered they were not the first to discover Earth, they deemed their expedition a failure, and began to use their spaceship, Oppressor One, to freeze the Earth and convert any remaining lifeforms below into Skithself. With Shackleton's help, the Doctor destroyed the ship by sending it into the sun. (COMIC: The First [+]Loading...["The First (comic story)"])

On a trip to 2375 Egypt, the Doctor and Martha watched the Great Pyramid of Cheops vanish. Intrigued, the Doctor found that other Seven Wonders of the Ancient World were vanishing from across the globe. Arriving at the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Doctor and Martha were approached by a Talithan swindler called Pholonius Ginn, who planned to sell the wonders on g-Bay. All three were then teleported to the deep space station headquarters of the FatKat Corporation, an auction for planet Earth and all inhabitants born in the Humanian period. Ginn bought Earth, but the Doctor disrupted the deal as Ginn had bought control of every inhabitant of Earth except Martha, which subsequently ruined his business deal. Afterwards, the Doctor returned the Seven Wonders to their original positions. (COMIC: Minus Seven Wonders [+]Loading...["Minus Seven Wonders (comic story)"])

The Doctor and Martha next became caught up in a decade-long alien war and discovered the guns used in the war placed the target in suspended animation rather than killed them. The Doctor stopped one of the last survivors, Elphon, from slaughtering everyone involved in the war in a desperate act to end the raging conflict. He brought the two warring species together and freed the hundreds of warriors that had been suspended. (COMIC: The Last Soldier [+]Loading...["The Last Soldier (comic story)"])

After watching the Beatles in 1960s Liverpool, Martha was kidnapped, and the Doctor traced her to Gelezen, a planet that was isolated from the rest of the universe thousands of years prior. Breaking the time field around Gelezen, the Doctor stopped the Gelezens from taking Martha's human DNA to survive, instead giving them his own genes to ensure they had a long future. (COMIC: Signs of Life [+]Loading...["Signs of Life (comic story)"])

The Doctor asked Martha to wait at a coffee shop while he searched a town centre to trace the source of an etheric beam. When the signal disappeared, he returned to Martha, believing it "must have been a blip." (PROSE: Needle Point [+]Loading...["Needle Point (short story)"])

Wanting to solve the mystery of Stonehenge, the Doctor parked the TARDIS at the same spot a few moments at the same time each year and had the TARDIS scanner take snapshots to document the construction of Stonehenge. (PROSE: The Secret of the Stones [+]Loading...["The Secret of the Stones (short story)"])

The Doctor discovered a Vurosis in Creighton Mere and, to prevent it from harming the populace, killed the alien by forcing its mutategenic powers back on it, (PROSE: Wishing Well [+]Loading...["Wishing Well (novel)"]) encountered space pirates in the 40th century, (PROSE: The Pirate Loop [+]Loading...["The Pirate Loop (novel)"]) and found living weapons known as the Clade causing trouble in 1880. (PROSE: Peacemaker [+]Loading...["Peacemaker (novel)"])

While on an adventure in the 2000s[nb 2] to stop "four things and a lizard" minutes before the Red Hatching, the Doctor met Sally Sparrow, who gave him a folder of information, telling him that it would be vital to him in the future when he would get stuck in 1969. (TV: Blink [+]Loading...["Blink (TV story)"])

After arriving on a planetoid that should not have existed, the Doctor and Martha found that the world around them was being formed from Martha's memories of her childhood books by a Ch'otterai that wished to use the power generated from imagination to create a new universe to rule over. When the Ch'otterai tried to threaten him into taking it to the Land of Fiction, the Doctor tricked it into entering the TARDIS, where it was destroyed by the TARDIS's powerful imagination. (PROSE: The Mystery of the Haunted Cottage [+]Loading...["The Mystery of the Haunted Cottage (short story)"])

Trapped in 1969

The Doctor warns Sally about the Angels. (TV: Blink [+]Loading...["Blink (TV story)"])

The Doctor and Martha were transported back in time to 1969 by the Weeping Angels while investigating strange disappearances at Wester Drumlins in the 2000s.[nb 2] Using the information given to him by Sally, the Doctor left messages for her to find in the future and bring the TARDIS to 1969 to collect him and Martha. The Doctor created a device, the Timey-wimey detector, to track people displaced in time by the Angels. (TV: Blink [+]Loading...["Blink (TV story)"])

Whilst in 1969, he and Martha were pursued by a Weeping Angel again and attacked by Autons. They worked with the Thirteenth Doctor and her friends to pit the two enemies against each other, resulting in the Nestene Consciousness being sent back in time. The two Doctors incorrectly believed they had avoided creating a paradox and parted ways, with the Tenth Doctor and Martha remaining in 1969 to await the TARDIS. (COMIC: A Little Help from My Friends [+]Loading...["A Little Help from My Friends (comic story)"])

The Doctor and Martha tracked down Billy Shipton when he arrived in 1969, having been touched by the same Angel as them. From Sally's notes the Doctor was able to give him a message to pass onto Sally in the 2000s to help her investigation and that he would die shortly after meeting her again. Sally succeeded in sending the TARDIS back in time to him. (TV: Blink [+]Loading...["Blink (TV story)"])

Final travels with Martha

While wandering the jungle on a planet he assumed had no intelligent life, the Doctor discovered a face carved into a tree that told him that the environment collapsed, causing one-hundred years of acid rain, dissolving the planet's people and their civilisation, somehow making them into a collective mind that was part of the planet for millions of years. Because they had run out of stories, the world intended to make the Doctor and Martha join them as they had new stories to tell. The Doctor rushed Martha back to the TARDIS before the falling acid rain could hit them. (PROSE: The Planet That Wept [+]Loading...["The Planet That Wept (short story)"])

With the TARDIS materialisation field damaged, the Doctor and Martha became trapped on the Seamancer on 2008 Earth for a few days whilst the TARDIS recalibrated, where they met Captain Ketley and his crew. Before they could leave, they and the crew were transported to the ocean world of Surobos, where they were sentenced to death by the Suroban. Making a deal with a friendly Suroban, the Doctor ventured into the ocean to retrieve his TARDIS and returned the Seamancer crew to Earth. (COMIC: Shipwreck! [+]Loading...["Shipwreck! (comic story)"])

Seeking some quiet time, the Doctor took Martha to an icy alien city called Isqaron, where they discovered the city was melting and that the population believed it was the work of a god called Asharoth. Empress Tamil believed the Doctor to be an escaped slave of Asharoth and had him thrown through a dimension gateway. The Doctor found himself deposited on Earth, where he learnt a group of scientists, led by Professor Milligan, were using Isqaron as air conditioning for Earth, pumping hot polluted air to Isqar and sucking cold air back. The Doctor convinced scientist Kate Curran of the dangers they were doing and destroyed Malligan's work with her help. He and Kate then flew through the gateway in a helicopter and saved Martha and the city. (COMIC: Cold War [+]Loading...["Cold War (comic story)"])

On Lumana, the Doctor and Martha were enlisted into protecting the Loomish from the reptilian Slaken. However, he soon discovered the Loomish were con artists and had led him off to find the Slaken so that they could take up residency in the TARDIS. Martha tricked the Loomish into thinking one of their family members were in danger, and she and the Doctor quickly escaped in the TARDIS when the Loomish left the ship. (COMIC: House Pests [+]Loading...["House Pests (comic story)"])

The Doctor and Martha landed at Research Base Truro, where they found the dead bodies of aliens after something "terrible" had happened. (COMIC: Death to the Doctor! [+]Loading...["Death to the Doctor! (comic story)"])

At some point, the Doctor and Martha took a quick jaunt to Atlantis. They initially wanted merely to visit, but when the Doctor detected the presence of vortex manipulator signals, they rushed to their source only to be confronted with River Song, time-travelling archaeologist and the Doctor's future wife. The Doctor was surprised to hear River call him "sweetie" and call herself his wife, and River realised this was an earlier version of the Tenth Doctor than she was meant to encounter. As a result, before making her escape, she "slapped a memory worm on [him] while [he was]n't looking", causing him — but not Martha — to forget the encounter. (GAME: Lost in Time [+]Loading...["Lost in Time (video game)"])

After detecting an inexplicable power source, the Doctor and Martha travelled to Zetheda, only to discover the whole planet to be overflowing with un-recycled waste. They were attacked by the Worgoth, but were saved by the Ratlings, who had sent the distress signal leading the TARDIS to Zethenda. The distress beacon also attracted the attention of the Optimi, a race of evolving humans who wanted to colonise the "paradise" world of Zethenda and destroy the Ratlings. Escaping, the Doctor, Martha and the Ratlings activated a terraforming device hidden underground that created a paradise landscape. (COMIC: Waste Not [+]Loading...["Waste Not (comic story)"])

The Doctor and Martha enjoy a Christmas meal. (COMIC: A Klytode Christmas [+]Loading...["A Klytode Christmas (comic story)"])

At Christmas in the 38th century, the Doctor took Martha shopping in Oxford Street, where he encountered Jimmy and "Bert". Spending Christmas with them, the Doctor learnt Jimmy had fallen under the control of another Klytode, who wanted to use Jimmy's new ecopower station to unleash the Prime Klytode onto Earth. He succeeded and Klytodes began invading London. Refusing to allow Bert to sacrifice himself, the Doctor reversed the hyperspatial link that brought the Klytode to Earth, sending the Prime Klytode and his army back to where they originated. (COMIC: A Klytode Christmas [+]Loading...["A Klytode Christmas (comic story)"])

An energy stream from a distress beacon forced the TARDIS down to a planet, where a girl called Cora had been attacked in the woods by a beast. After returning Cora to the village, Martha discovered the villagers had similar bite marks on them and were anaemic. The bio-mechanical beast, Viktor, tried taking both the Doctor and Martha to the Thane's castle, but Gideon freed the Doctor. The Doctor and Gideon came to the castle where they found a neuropathic generator was pacifying the Khamirae villagers. Martha tried and failed to warn the Doctor against destroying the generator. When he did this, Gideon and the rest of the villagers began transforming into bestial forms.

When the Doctor knocked out Gideon, he realised that the Thane and Viktor were using DNA samples from the villagers to extend the Thane's lifespan so they could continue watching over them after repeated cloning of the Thane degraded his pattern. The Doctor, aided by Viktor, repaired the generator by routing power through the Thane's distress beacon, but Viktor died protecting the Doctor from the attacking Khamirae. The Doctor suggested to the Thane to lower the output of the generator every so often so the Khamirae could control their transformations. The Thane refused to clone himself any further and decided to spend the remainder of his life letting the Khamirae come to terms with who they truly were. (COMIC: Universal Monsters [+]Loading...["Universal Monsters (comic story)"])

The Doctor and Martha visited a fanatically religious planet about to be struck by an asteroid, whcih the Doctor discovered was an automated mining vessel that he could redirect in the TARDIS, (AUDIO: The Last Diner [+]Loading...["The Last Diner (audio story)"]) and helped a group of miners in Nevada who had been forced to mine silver to repair an alien spaceship. (AUDIO: Silver Medal [+]Loading...["Silver Medal (audio story)"])

The return of the Master

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Info from The Story of Martha [+]Loading...["The Story of Martha (short story)"] needs to be added

The Doctor, Martha and Jack on Malcassairo. (TV: Utopia [+]Loading...["Utopia (TV story)"])

On another refuelling trip to Cardiff, the Doctor caught a glimpse of Jack Harkness running towards the TARDIS. Due to his Time Lord nature having an inbuilt rejection towards Jack's "impossible existence", the Doctor set off immediately after the TARDIS was refuelled, but Jack managed to jump onto to the exterior of the TARDIS. The TARDIS, reacting badly, made an uncontrollable leap into the Time Vortex, with Jack clinging on to it, until it made it all the way to Malcassairo at the end of the universe. After Jack revived from the fatal trip, the Doctor had a tense reunion with him.

Whilst investigating the planet, the Doctor, Martha and Jack saved a human from being hunted by cannibalistic humanoids called the Futurekind. Fleeing the Futurekind, they entered the Silo 16, the asylum of the last survivors of the universe and the launching point for the most ambitious trip in history: Utopia, supposedly a haven beyond the collapse of reality. The Doctor, Jack and Martha assisted Professor Yana and his assistant, Chantho, in powering up the rocket. However, the Doctor learnt Yana was actually the War Master, having made himself human to escape the Last Great Time War using a Chameleon Arch, and also learned that his name was an anagram of the Face of Boe's secret (You Are Not Alone).

Restoring his Time Lord consciousness out of curiosity from Martha's questions about his watch, Yana became the Master again, and killed Chantho, but not before she was able to shoot him. Facing imminent regeneration, the Master locked himself inside the Doctor's TARDIS and, once he regenerated into a new body, hijacked the ship and escaped, leaving the Doctor, Jack and Martha to be killed by the Futurekind at the end of the universe. (TV: Utopia [+]Loading...["Utopia (TV story)"]) The Doctor was able to fix Jack's vortex manipulator, and used it to escape the Futurekind and travel back to the 2000s.[nb 1]

Once there, the trio discovered the Master, using the alias "Harold Saxon", had been elected Great Britain's Prime Minister. He framed them for terrorism and planted explosives in Martha's flat, forcing the Doctor, Martha and Jack to go on the run. He also made sure they remained powerless by sending Jack's team at Torchwood Three to the Himalayas and captured Martha's family, after he had tricked Martha's mother into helping him entrap the Doctor.

On board the Master's airship, the Valiant, the Doctor discovered his TARDIS had been turned into a paradox machine. After failing to use a perception filter to foil the Master's plot, the Master summoned the Toclafane, whom he ordered to assassinate US President Arthur Winters, attack the Earth, and decimate the population. He then killed Jack and aged the Doctor into a frail old man with his laser screwdriver as he tried to reason with him. (TV: The Sound of Drums [+]Loading...["The Sound of Drums (TV story)"]) As the Toclafane began slaughtering the population, the Doctor sent Martha away with Jack's vortex manipulator after whispering his plan to stop the Master into her ear. (TV: The Sound of Drums [+]Loading...["The Sound of Drums (TV story)"], Last of the Time Lords [+]Loading...["Last of the Time Lords (TV story)"])

Being kept prisoner aboard the Valiant for a year, the Doctor, Jack and the Jones family witnessed the Master and the Toclafane devastate Earth's civilisations and reduce the human race to camps of survivors, and suffered at his hands themselves, while the Doctor realised that the Toclafane were the humans he had encountered at the end of the universe, and began to telepathically hack into the Archangel Network.

After Martha returned to the UK, the Doctor was further aged into a diminutive body by the Master as a warning to Martha. When Martha allowed herself to be taken to the Master for execution, she and the Doctor revealed their plan; using the Archangel Network, the Doctor harnessed the psychic energy of humanity's hope, as Martha had spent a year travelling the world telling humanity about his importance to them, regaining his youthful appearance in the process. He then forgave the Master for everything he had done, inflicting a blow to the Master's ego. On the Doctor's orders, Jack destroyed the paradox machine keeping the Toclafane in the present, undoing the entire year; Earth was restored as time resumed for everyone else right after the President was killed, but those on the Valiant retained their memories of the year due to being at the "eye of the storm".

Urging the Jones' against descending to his level for revenge, the Doctor planned to imprison the Master in the TARDIS, but Lucy Saxon, the Master's human wife, shot him, and the Master refused to regenerate in an act of defiance against the Doctor, and died in his arms. After burning his body, the Doctor offered Jack the chance to rejoin him on the TARDIS, but Jack declined, saying that he was still needed at Torchwood Three. (TV: Last of the Time Lords [+]Loading...["Last of the Time Lords (TV story)"]) Repairing the TARDIS, but forgetting to put his shields back up, (TV: Time Crash [+]Loading...["Time Crash (TV story)"]) the Doctor prepared to depart with Martha, but found she also wished to leave him to help her family recover from the year-long ordeal they had suffered, and also told him she was in love with him, but knew he'd never return her feelings. However, she gave him her upgraded mobile phone so that she could call him if trouble arose. (TV: Last of the Time Lords [+]Loading...["Last of the Time Lords (TV story)"])

Shields down

The Doctor examines his fifth incarnation's bald spot. (TV: Time Crash [+]Loading...["Time Crash (TV story)"])

Immediately after Martha left, the Doctor crashed his TARDIS into that of his fifth incarnation's, which put the universe in danger of being sucked into a Belgium-sized black hole. However, the Tenth Doctor used his memory of the event from his fifth incarnation's viewpoint to create a supernova at exactly the same moment the black hole appeared. After giving a heart-felt speech of appreciation to the Fifth Doctor, the Doctors' TARDISes separated and the two parted ways. (TV: Time Crash [+]Loading...["Time Crash (TV story)"]) Before he could turn the TARDIS' shields back on, the spaceship Titanic crashed through the walls. (TV: Last of the Time Lords [+]Loading...["Last of the Time Lords (TV story)"], Time Crash [+]Loading...["Time Crash (TV story)"], Voyage of the Damned [+]Loading...["Voyage of the Damned (TV story)"])

After fixing the damage to his TARDIS, the Doctor attended a party on the Titanic on Christmas Eve in the 2000s,[nb 3] where he befriended Morvin and Foon Van Hoff and a waitress named Astrid Peth. During a brief trip to Earth with Astrid, the Van Hoffs, Mr. Copper, and a Zocci named Bannakaffalatta, the Doctor also met Wilfred Mott, who informed him that London had evacuated in fear of another alien attack on Christmas day.

When the ship's owner, Max Capricorn, had a meteor shower purposely crash into the Titanic so that it would crash on Earth and wipe out six billion humans to bankrupt his treacherous company, the Doctor took command of his surviving friends, and an arrogant businessman named Rickston Slade, and tried to lead them to safety. However, Morvin died, and Foon and Bannakaffalatta gave their lives to save the others. Whilst his party of three survivors reached the flight deck, the Doctor was taken prisoner by Capricorn and was nearly killed by the Heavenly Host. He was saved by Astrid, who lifted Capricorn with a forklift, taking him with her into the Titanic's nuclear storm drive. With Capricorn deceased, the Hosts recognised the Doctor as the new authority and took him to the steering wheel, where he, alongside Midshipman Alonso Frame, stopped the Titanic from crashing into Buckingham Palace.

Using Astrid's teleport bracelet, the Doctor managed to bring Astrid back, but only as a partially cohesive form. Devastated, he kissed her goodbye and allowed her atoms to scatter into space to see the universe. The Doctor then went to Earth with Mr. Copper to find his TARDIS. The Doctor rejected Copper's request to travel with him, though, as Copper had accidentally brought more than enough credits to live comfortably on Earth, he left to start a new life for himself, while the Doctor set out on his own, (TV: Voyage of the Damned [+]Loading...["Voyage of the Damned (TV story)"]) stopping at UNIT to recommend Martha for a job as a way of thanking her for everything she had done for him. (TV: Reset [+]Loading...["Reset (TV story)"], The Sontaran Stratagem [+]Loading...["The Sontaran Stratagem (TV story)"])

Caught in a paradox

Whilst travelling alone, the Doctor became embroiled in the paradoxical timeline that a paradox triggered by his encounter with the Thirteenth Doctor in 1969 had created, where the Sea Devils now ruled Earth. He discovered an alternate version of Rose Tyler in 2020, who was a resistance fighter opposing the Sea Devils, and persuaded her to come with him to correct the timeline. As he took the TARDIS back to the point of divergence, 1903, it collided with the Thirteenth Doctor's TARDIS which was making the same journey. The two Doctors stabilised their TARDISes and the Doctor and Rose boarded the future Doctor's TARDIS. The Tenth Doctor and Rose accompanied Team TARDIS and rogue Skithra Queen as they discovered that the Skithra had successfully captured Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison and were attempting to awaken Sea Devils at the Raven Peninsula. After stopping them, the team infiltrated the Skithra ship to rescue the scientists, with the Tenth Doctor insisting he rescue them so he could meet them. He, Rose and the Thirteenth Doctor's companions rescued them and returned to the TARDIS, where the Thirteenth Doctor revealed she and the Queen had successfully sabotaged the ship and dematerialised before it exploded. During the journey, the Tenth Doctor distracted Edison from the TARDIS by asking him basic questions about electricity. After the scientists were returned to Earth, the Tenth Doctor left with Rose in his own TARDIS.

The Doctor meets the Emperor of the Restoration, who he believed had been brought back by a paradox. (COMIC: Defender of the Daleks [+]Loading...["Defender of the Daleks (comic story)"])

Before his memory of the paradox faded, the Doctor took Rose to the restored 2020 however she realised there was nothing for her there, as it was not her timeline, and asked to be dropped her off on a planet in need of liberating. (COMIC: Alternating Current [+]Loading...["Alternating Current (comic story)"])

The Doctor lost his memory of the paradox and found himself in another paradoxical timeline where the Dalek Restoration Empire was active without knowledge of the Time War, (COMIC: Defender of the Daleks [+]Loading...["Defender of the Daleks (comic story)"]) unaware this timeline had been caused by temporal fluctuations created by his own future self interfering in the Dark Times. (PROSE: The Guide to the Dark Times [+]Loading...["The Guide to the Dark Times (short story)"]) He was captured by the Daleks and brought before the Emperor on Skaro, annoyed that the Emperor of all the people had been restored by the paradox. The Emperor told him the Daleks were at war with the Hond, who the Doctor believed should have died out in the Dark Times, and requested his help. Reluctantly he agreed, believing the Hond could be a greater threat than the Daleks, and was sent to meet the Prime Strategist. He and the Strategist investigated the Vault of Obscenities and encountered a Hond, discovering a way to pacify them by ending their constant pain. The Doctor had the Daleks deploy this method as the Hond approached Skaro's defences and was successful, however a Grey Dalek turned on him and ordered his extermination. The Doctor was rescued by the Thirteenth Doctor who took him back to his TARDIS. Escaping Skaro, the two Doctors parted ways for good. (COMIC: Defender of the Daleks [+]Loading...["Defender of the Daleks (comic story)"])

Solo adventures

Detecting an unstable space-time manipulator which disturbed the very existence of the universe, the Doctor used the TARDIS to pursue it in a race through time and space against the Daleks, Judoon or Slitheen, each of whom wished to acquire it. Ultimately, however, after chasing it through from the Time Vortex to New Earth, the lunar surface, and the London Blitz, the Doctor finally caught the space-time manipulator back in the Time Vortex before destroying it. (GAME: Doctor In A Dash [+]Loading...["Doctor In A Dash (video game)"])

Within the TARDIS, an accident caused the Doctor's consciousness to be transferred into the TARDIS' memory core, forcing him to travel through the TARDIS' neutral network to escape. (GAME: Eye of the TARDIS [+]Loading...["Eye of the TARDIS (video game)"])

When an ancient alien parasite inhabited his mind, the Doctor lost his memory and took up residency in a boarding house owned by the Manns family in 1940. Working with Robert Mann, the Doctor discovered the parasite had inhabited the oak tree in the village and sucked it into the time vortex, regaining his memory and control over his mind. Afterwards, the Doctor had dinner with the Manns and the local villagers. (PROSE: Number 1, Gallows Gate Road [+]Loading...["Number 1, Gallows Gate Road (short story)"])

Visiting a house on Christmas Eve 1920, the Doctor met a boy named Tom Wake. He discovered a sonic screwdriver hanging from the tree and a note for him with the screwdriver, which thanked him for saving the family's life on Christmases in the next nine decades. With this, the Doctor travelled to every Christmas between 1920 and 2007, protecting the Wake family. As time passed, the Doctor grew closer to Tom, his wife and their children and grandchildren. Eventually, the Doctor and Tom reached Christmas 2007 and discovered it was Tom who left the note for the Doctor, instructing him to protect his descendants. (PROSE: The Hopes and Fears of All the Years [+]Loading...["The Hopes and Fears of All the Years (short story)"])

The Doctor talks to the Extron. (COMIC: The Monster Upstairs [+]Loading...["The Monster Upstairs (comic story)"])

The Doctor went on the trail of the Extron, a galactic criminal, after the alien parasite kidnapped Violet Hopley, a nine-year-old girl. He located the Extron on the desolated planet Onla-toch in the 957-Dogron system, which the Extron devastated many years prior. After re-capturing the Extron, the Doctor returned Violet to her parents on Earth. (COMIC: The Monster Upstairs [+]Loading...["The Monster Upstairs (comic story)"])

Intending to brush up on his language skills, the Doctor's lesson was cut short when he became trapped in the News Factory, a virtual world of crystalline matrix populated by journalists, including married couple Ray and Boudica Royce, whom the Doctor allied with to destroy the aggressive SubEds and the News Factory itself by distrupting the crystalline matrix. (COMIC: Hot Metal [+]Loading...["Hot Metal (comic story)"])

Landing in a cavern next to a pool of superheated water, the Doctor came under attack from flying aliens called Shrikes. He was rescued by a youngster called Kaze, who led him to a village and the villager's leader, Genji, who invited him to the Ceremony of Choosing, when warriors to defend the village against the Shrike were selected. After the ceremony, the Doctor and the rejected group were thrown from a cliff and came across a crashed spaceship which had used up all its energy shielding itself from the Shrikes. The Doctor landed his TARDIS on the ship, connected his engines with the ship and gave it enough power to launch. (COMIC: The Halls of Sacrifice [+]Loading...["The Halls of Sacrifice (comic story)"])

After burning toast in the TARDIS, the Doctor was forced to land in a purple alien jungle, where he met Mason Burns, an archaeologist searching for the final resting place of the Old Kings of Skarab. The Doctor joined him on his quest and, after battling giant scorpions and escaping various traps, he discovered a group of humans had been turned into gorillas by the kings centuries prior. Finding and sealing the kings' tomb, the Doctor left Mason to lead a revolution on Skarab. (COMIC: The Old Kings of Skarab [+]Loading...["The Old Kings of Skarab (comic story)"])

The Doctor was summoned to 19th century China by an old acquaintance, Chan Chiu, and learnt that immortal spirits were operating at the temple of Qingyange. Taking Chan's nephew, Li, to investigate, the Doctor found the spirits under the command of a stone monkey and his governor. Taken prisoner, the Doctor challenged the stone monkey for the future of Earth: they both had to defeat a dragon to seal their power over Earth. The Doctor won the challenge, defeated the dragon and drove the stone monkey and his spirits away from Earth. Leaving, the Doctor travelled to the future and visited Li in his eighties, as he was telling his grandchildren about their adventure. (COMIC: Reign of the Stone Monkey [+]Loading...["Reign of the Stone Monkey (comic story)"])

The Doctor stumbled onto Majenta Pryce's operation in the Hotel Historia, a chain of time-travelling hotels that had been destroyed in the Last Great Time War, while confronting the Graxnix in 41st century London and used the faulty tech to travel back to the hotel. The Graxnix followed the Doctor and started to kill people at the hotel. Majenta quickly decided to leave with her bills unpaid, but the Doctor prevented her escape. He used her time travel technology to imprison the Graxnix outside time, and then ensured she was taken to debtors' jail. (COMIC: Hotel Historia [+]Loading...["Hotel Historia (comic story)"])

The Doctor took part in a polar expedition on Grothender, (COMIC: Wormhole [+]Loading...["Wormhole (comic story)"]) and bumped into Winston Churchill while searching for Sontaran grenades in 1895. (PROSE: The Lost Diaries of Winston Spencer Churchill [+]Loading...["The Lost Diaries of Winston Spencer Churchill (short story)"]) He was also held prisoner by the Toymaker for a time, (POEM: The Toymaker [+]Loading...["The Toymaker (poem)"]) and entrusted Elvis Presley and his mother with two communicators he had recovered from alien thieves. (PROSE: That's All Right, Mama [+]Loading...["That's All Right, Mama (short story)"])

Whilst looking for his copy of It's a Wonderful Life, the Doctor accidentally released the Wire, who he forgot to tape over after their previous encounter. He tracked it to a small suburban house, where Alice Wu helped him to recapture it. The Doctor then joined Alice's family for a Christmas dinner and a movie. (PROSE: Loose Wire [+]Loading...["Loose Wire (short story)"])

After finding the corpse of Dr. Kaleb Loss on the poisonous planetoid Death's Door, the Doctor returned Loss to the Institute of Exo-Contamination Treatment base on Mustron V, only to be attacked by the base's protector, a Vox. He was saved by Rachel Barlow and allied with her to unmask a sabotuer who was distrupting the team's work. After an attempt was made on their lives, the Doctor and Rachel discovered a medical officer, Jennifer Arden, was responsible due to her disagreement with the methods of the team's leader, Mick Hogan. When Jennifer infected herself whilst fighting with Hogan, the Doctor used samples collected by Kaleb Loss to cure her. (COMIC: The Poison Planet [+]Loading...["The Poison Planet (comic story)"])

The Doctor found a giant creature called Zzazik was responsible for a storm in 1816 Switzerland, and trapped it in sparks of electricity. Afterwards, the Doctor encountered Mary Shelley, who had been knocked unconscious by the sparks of electricity. However, he left without revealing his identity, inspiring her to write Frankenstein. (COMIC: The Creative Spark [+]Loading...["The Creative Spark (comic story)"])

Tracking a Sea-Rah that had fallen through a hole in time, the Doctor ended up on a beach in England, where he saved a young boy called Lewis from the Sea-Rah. Unable to return the Sea-Rah home, the Doctor relocated it to Kerun Za in the 29th Galaxy and returned Lewis to Earth afterwards. (COMIC: Sea-Rah [+]Loading...["Sea-Rah (comic story)"])

Visiting the Vienna State Opera, the Doctor found the great tenor, Anton Mordillo, was actually a member of the Thieves' Guild of Kardol, a group of alien con-artists wanted in seven star systems, but allowed him to continue his opera career. (COMIC: The Great Mordillo [+]Loading...["The Great Mordillo (comic story)"])

The Doctor received a telepathic summons from the War Master, which pulled his TARDIS into the time lock around the Time War. He found the Master was on trial by the High Vectors and reluctantly served as a witness for his defence. The Vectors sentenced the Master to erasure, which the Doctor attempted to rescue him from. The Vectors had him imprisoned and telepathically contained by Severine, who was also restraining the Master. The strain on Severine from containing two Time Lord minds enabled the Master to enact an escape and destroy the Vectors, retrieving the Doctor in his own TARDIS, which the Doctor furiously realised had been his plan all along. The Master used the Doctor's TARDIS to find his ship and left, with the Doctor reluctantly letting him go for fear of becoming stuck in the time lock if he stayed any longer. (AUDIO: The Last Line [+]Loading...["The Last Line (audio story)"])

Early exploits with Donna

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Info from Untitled [+]Loading...["Untitled (10DY3 11 comic story)"] needs to be added

The Doctor and Donna witness the departure of the Adipose. (TV: Partners in Crime [+]Loading...["Partners in Crime (TV story)"])

While investigating Adipose Industries, the Doctor was reunited with Donna Noble. With her help, he used two Adipose Industries pendants to prevent a million Londoners from being killed and their organs and skeletons converted into Adipose babies. Amid this March of the Adipose, the Doctor tried to save the life of Matron Cofelia, the foster mother to the few thousand Adipose, but the Adiposian First Family's ship dropped her as it took aboard the incomplete harvest of Adipose, killing her due to her being a liability to their crimes Deciding to take Donna on as a companion, the Doctor and Donna were both quick to rule out the possibility of a romantic involvement, making their companionship dynamically different from those of Rose and Martha. He flew the TARDIS to where her grandfather, Wilfred Mott, was looking at the stars through his telescope, waving to him along with Donna before heading off into the stars. (TV: Partners in Crime [+]Loading...["Partners in Crime (TV story)"])

During the incident, the Doctor had also met a young woman named Penny Carter, who later told her experiences with the Doctor to The Blue Box Files during a crisis where people who had met the Doctor were doubting their memories. (AUDIO: SOS [+]Loading...["SOS (audio story)"]) While Donna was lost in the TARDIS, the Doctor decided to turn over the mattress of the bed William Shakespeare had given him to prevent the psychic hole in the bed from seeping through the memory hay. Wanting to test the bed, the Doctor found Donna and pushed her onto bed to see if there were any side effects. After nothing happened, the Doctor told Donna the history of the bed. (PROSE: Appendix - The Last Will [+]Loading...["Appendix - The Last Will (short story)"])

For her first trip in time, the Doctor accidentally took Donna to 79 Pompeii, where they discovered Mount Vesuvius was on the verge of its historical eruption. Initially determined to escape to avoid tampering with the fixed point in time, the TARDIS was sold to the marble merchant Lobus Caecilius before the Doctor could return to it. Despite trying to leave when he reunited with it, the Doctor took an interest in the stone circuits the augur Lucius Petrus Dextrus had designed for Caecilius to make. The Doctor discovered Pyroviles were attempting to take over the Earth after losing their own world by converting humans into their own kind by using the circuits as an energy converter. Having the choice between the death of the entire world or of the thousands in Pompeii, the Doctor made Vesuvius erupt, with Donna's help and support. Per Donna's request, the Doctor saved Caecilius and his family, becoming their household gods. (TV: The Fires of Pompeii [+]Loading...["The Fires of Pompeii (TV story)"])

Setting the TARDIS controls on random, the Doctor ended up taking Donna to the Ood Sphere in 4126. Upon finding a dying Ood, the Doctor was shocked to see it display red eyes; worried that he may run into an old foe, the Doctor decided to investigate. He and Donna sneaked into Ood Operations, where they discovered the Ood of the Second Great and Bountiful Human Empire were slaves. They soon discovered that Oods were born with secondary brains, which gave them individuality; however, they were lobotomised and had the translator put in its place. Allied with Ood Sigma, they turned off the force field preventing the Ood from connecting to the Ood Brain, while the CEO of the Ood Operations was turned into Ood as punishment. (TV: Planet of the Ood [+]Loading...["Planet of the Ood (TV story)"])

At Donna's request, the Doctor took her to Hollywood in 2012, where they discovered Amelia Hubble, a creature capable of sucking thoughts and ideas out of the brain, had brought the town to a standstill. After falling under Amelia's control himself, the Doctor stopped her from destroying the last talent in the city, Alan Crawford, and allowed her to draw creative plasma energy from the internet, saving the celebrities she already claimed and restoring Hollywood. The Doctor and Donna returned to Hollywood a year later to find that Amelia and Alan had got married. (COMIC: Nightmare on the Boulevard [+]Loading...["Nightmare on the Boulevard (comic story)"])

The Doctor and Donna next travelled to Calcutta, where they were forced to stop Darac-7 from turning humans into Gelem warriors, (PROSE: Ghosts of India [+]Loading...["Ghosts of India (novel)"]) and to Planet 1, where the Doctor was hunted for sport by Sebastiene, (PROSE: The Doctor Trap [+]Loading...["The Doctor Trap (novel)"]) Soon after, the Doctor and Donna visited a dairy farm in 1970 and defeated turbine-shaped plant creatures. (COMIC: Windswept [+]Loading...["Windswept (comic story)"])

The Doctor and Donna stopped the anti-robot Cult of Shining Darkness from carrying out their plans, but at the cost of the cultists being caught in an explosion. (PROSE: Shining Darkness [+]Loading...["Shining Darkness (novel)"])

The TARDIS picked up a number of distress signals coming from Death's Deal, the most lethal planet in the universe, and the Doctor and Donna went to answer them. On the planet, the Doctor found a video message from his next incarnation, asking him to locate Professor Erskine on the planet, obtain his research and use it to reveal to the galactic authorities the existence of slaughter crystals on the planet. The Doctor found Erskine, but the scientist had gone crazy due to the loneliness, and tried to kill him by sacrificing him to a gigantic coral creature. The arrival of the TARDIS saved his life, and the Doctor managed also to save the life of Lyric, Erskine's daughter, but he was unable to save her father. The Doctor then sent Erskine's research to the galactic authorities, and, having understood that the electrical waves of the distress signals made the planet dangerous, he shut them down, bringing the planet back to normal. (AUDIO: Death's Deal [+]Loading...["Death's Deal (audio story)"])

Helping Martha

The Doctor encounters Sontarans. (TV: The Sontaran Stratagem [+]Loading...["The Sontaran Stratagem (TV story)"])

Whilst teaching Donna how to pilot the TARDIS, the Doctor received a call from Martha, who led him back to UNIT to investigate the ATMOS-related deaths across the Earth. Alongside Private Ross Jenkins, the Doctor discovered the Sontarans were working with teenage genius Luke Rattigan to create ATMOS; they also replaced Martha with a clone, to keep them updated on the movements of the Doctor and UNIT. (TV: The Sontaran Stratagem [+]Loading...["The Sontaran Stratagem (TV story)"]) The Caesofine gas was emitted from ATMOS-equipped cars across the Earth to be used to breed more Sontarans for the war against the Rutans. After finding and freeing the real Martha, the Doctor used an atmospheric converter, built by the students at Rattigan's school for gifted children, to ignite the atmosphere, destroying the gas. The Sontarans' next plan was to simply conquer Earth. Rattigan, having been betrayed by the Sontarans, sacrificed his life to destroy the flagship with the converter, swapping places with the Doctor at the last minute.

While bidding Martha a farewell, the TARDIS' doors unexpectedly closed, and the TARDIS began dematerialising on its own power, (TV: The Poison Sky [+]Loading...["The Poison Sky (TV story)"]) transporting the Doctor, Donna and Martha to the planet Messaline in the year 6012. There, DNA was stolen from the Doctor and replicated to produce Jenny, his biological "daughter". Initially critical of the girl due to her predilection for violence and being a reminder of his lost family, the Doctor came to feel for his daughter after much persuasion and help from Donna.

After the Doctor activated the Source, a terraforming device that had become a subject of mythology, Messaline became inhabitable and the war between humans and Hath on the planet ended. However, before the Doctor could take Jenny aboard the TARDIS, she was shot by General Cobb, who had aimed for the Doctor before Jenny had stepped in his way, and died in her father's arms. Heartbroken, the Doctor was tempted to execute the detained general, but overcame the urge, and used his resistance in order to help found a new society on the planet. (TV: The Doctor's Daughter [+]Loading...["The Doctor's Daughter (TV story)"])

Having a fun time

The Doctor and Donna watched the courtship of the Zyglots, ran from intelligent dogs in a flying house, joined forces with a survey team to escape a living swamp, witnessed "something" bring time to a halt, saw the Beatles perform "My Bonnie" at The Cavern Club, chased after "vampire goth cannibals", saw time get meddled with while being chased by Cossacks, and got infected by a reality-altering psychic parasite. (COMIC: The Time of My Life [+]Loading...["The Time of My Life (comic story)"])

The Doctor next took Donna to a leisure planet called Splendorosa, where they visited a floating city called Coral. Intrigued by the city, the Doctor went undercover at GeoCorp, the company responsible for the city's position in the sky. He came into conflict with the company's CEO, Volsairius Trefgar, after he and Donna uncovered a plot to "steal" Splendorosa by Trefgar and the war-like Sarriflex, who intended to transport the planet to a galaxy at war in order to use it as a weapon. The Doctor stopped them by disrupting their ships, bringing Coral City back to the land in the process. However, he and Donna, instead of being honoured for saving the population from a deadly war, were chased out of the city by a lynch mob, as the population had grown fond of "living in the sky". (PROSE: Grand Theft Planet! [+]Loading...["Grand Theft Planet! (short story)"])

Answering a distress signal in the Arctic Circle, the Doctor and Donna met Professor Renfrew and joined him and his team in their search for the corpses of ten miners. When Renfrew was killed, the Doctor discovered an Ice Warrior called Issaxyr was searching for a frozen Ice Warrior army. He discovered the Ice Warriors had planned to unleash a Spanish flu pandemic during World War I to weaken Earth. However, they were all killed by the Spanish flu themselves. With his army dead, the Doctor returned Issaxyr to Mars to help rebuild the Ice Warrior civilisation. (PROSE: Cold [+]Loading...["Cold (short story)"])

The Doctor and Donna visited China during the Qin dynasty, where they were thrown into a crater for being foreigners and faced a robotic soldier made of ceramics. Donna defeated it by disrupting the control signal with her mobile phone. The two were taken to the Imperial Palace of the first Emperor, Qin Shi Huang, who had become a cyborg. Donna was threatened by the Emperor's general, Meng Tian, who was really an alien gangster, and Meng remotely awakened the soldiers of the Terracotta Army and shut down Qin Shi Huang. Donna made a call on her mobile phone, stopping the signal that paralysed Qin Shi Huang, waking him up again. While Qin Shi Huang and Meng were fighting each other, Meng shot at the warp converter, which shut down the Emperor and the Army, while also burying the whole palace in an explosion. The Doctor and Donna escaped the exploding palace. (COMIC: The Immortal Emperor [+]Loading...["The Immortal Emperor (comic story)"])

The Doctor was reading a collection of short stories when he realised that the words of one of them, Variations by David Banderson, changed each time it was read. The Doctor and Donna broke into Banderson's house when there was no answer at the door, and they discovered he was being influenced to write stories by a creature in the computer screen that was kept alive by stories. Donna was nearly caught in the creature's trap too, but the Doctor intervened. He pulled Banderson away from the computer and began typing at a speed that drew the entire creature into his words. The Doctor then printed the first pages of the story, with the creature trapped in its pages, and deleted all the text from the computer file. Banderson was freed from the creature's influence, and as a result, every time Variations was read, the reader was reading their own version of events. (PROSE: Once Upon a Time [+]Loading...["Once Upon a Time (DWAN short story)"])

After the TARDIS became damaged, the Doctor and Donna were taken prisoner by a space-junk dealer called Silas Wrench, who wanted to sell the TARDIS as scrap and sell the Doctor and Donna to slave masters. Alongside a Horobot, the Doctor used the TARDIS mesion recognition defence system to knock Silas unconscious. He and Donna regained the TARDIS, and the Horobot crashed Silas' ship into the desert to prevent his escape. (COMIC: Any Old Iron [+]Loading...["Any Old Iron (comic story)"], Merchant of Menace [+]Loading...["Merchant of Menace (comic story)"])

The Doctor and Donna were captured by the Family of Blood after Daughter of Mine had escaped the mirrors by possessing Nancy Latimer and freed Father and Son of Mine. The Family intended to commandeer the TARDIS to free Mother of Mine, but the Doctor was able to escape his restraints and, after the TARDIS rendered the Family unconscious, freed Nancy from her possession. The Doctor then imprisoned the entire Family in the event horizon of the black hole, and returned Nancy to her grandfather Timothy. (PROSE: Blood Will Out [+]Loading...["Blood Will Out (short story)"])

The Doctor and Donna were present in London during the coronation of Elizabeth II on 2 June 1953, where they fought a large winged humanoid that was subdued by Eva De Ville. (COMIC: Where's the Doctor? [+]Loading...["Where's the Doctor? (comic story)"])

The Doctor searches for Charlemagne. (TV: The Unicorn and the Wasp [+]Loading...["The Unicorn and the Wasp (TV story)"])

Deep in the Ardennes, the Doctor rescued Charlemagne from an insane computer. (TV: The Unicorn and the Wasp [+]Loading...["The Unicorn and the Wasp (TV story)"], PROSE: The Lonely Computer [+]Loading...["The Lonely Computer (short story)"])

Working with Agatha Christie, the Doctor became embedded with a murder mystery at Eddison Manor in 1926. The Doctor discovered Arnold Golightly, a Vespiform/human hybrid, was the murderer; he was mentally connected to Agatha by the Firestone, causing him to imitate her literature. Donna threw the gem into the lake, drowning Golightly, who went after it; the link damaged Agatha's short-term memory. The Doctor dropped her off at the Harrogate Hotel. (TV: The Unicorn and the Wasp [+]Loading...["The Unicorn and the Wasp (TV story)"])

Whilst dealing with a small dinosaur situation, the Doctor found the time to give William Shakespeare a hand writing The Tempest. (PROSE: The Tempest – A Work in Progress [+]Loading...["The Tempest – A Work in Progress (short story)"])

At a performance by the thief Fergus Antelect, the Doctor used the telepathic abilities of Antelect's Ood, Ood Delta, to manipulate the minds of the audience into thinking he had confessed to the crimes. Delta told Special Agent Ratner that though it was true that Antelect had not committed theft through manipulating chronometers, he was guilty of thirty-seven counts of theft, ninety-two counts of misleading the public through illegal telepathic manipulation, and one hundred and thirteen counts of cruelty to a sentient life form due to his abuse towards Delta. Delta projected memories of what actually happened at every one of Antelect's performances into the minds of the people in the room. The Doctor advised Ratner to check the security videos for the shows Antelect performed at, and Antelect was arrested. (PROSE: Disappearing Act [+]Loading...["Disappearing Act (short story)"])

Arriving on the International Space Station in 2058, the Doctor formed an alliance with researcher Truman Truss to battle space insects called the Mange Mites. (COMIC: Attack of the Mange Mites! [+]Loading...["Attack of the Mange Mites! (comic story)"])

Enemies in time

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Info from The Black Sea [+]Loading...["The Black Sea (comic story)"], Sting of the Serpent [+]Loading...["Sting of the Serpent (comic story)"], Attack of the Rats [+]Loading...["Attack of the Rats (comic story)"], The Zantraan Invasion [+]Loading...["The Zantraan Invasion (comic story)"], The Time Stealer [+]Loading...["The Time Stealer (comic story)"], School of the Dead [+]Loading...["School of the Dead (comic story)"], Ghosts from the Past [+]Loading...["Ghosts from the Past (comic story)"] & The Battle for Time [+]Loading...["The Battle for Time (comic story)"] needs to be added

Visiting the 22nd century, the Doctor investigated the deaths of a gang of criminals after seeing their car explode with them inside, interrogating Laura Efston. (COMIC: Pawns of the Zenith [+]Loading...["Pawns of the Zenith (comic story)"]) He discovered the population of London was being possessed by the Zenith, (COMIC: Swarm of the Zenith [+]Loading...["Swarm of the Zenith (comic story)"]) which had hacked into Earth's satellites and had begun rewriting the DNA of humans. He targeted Donna, who, in her possessed mind, attacked the Doctor. (COMIC: Prey of the Zenith [+]Loading...["Prey of the Zenith (comic story)"])

Resisting the Zenith, the Doctor was transported to the Zenith's lair, and fled back to London to set up a firewall to stop their conquest. The Zenith ordered him to stop interfering, threatening to kill Donna if he didn't. However, the Doctor activated the firewall nonetheless. With the Zenith signal cut, Donna and the rest of London were freed. (COMIC: Lair of the Zenith [+]Loading...["Lair of the Zenith (comic story)"])

Officially meeting River Song

The Doctor and River try to figure out the mystery of the Library. (TV: Silence in the Library [+]Loading...["Silence in the Library (TV story)"])

The Doctor received a message on his psychic paper instructing him to go to the Library in the 51st century, where he met Professor River Song, a "very important" woman from his future, who had called him to help a team of archaeologists representing the Felman Lux Corporation to investigate the planet, which had been sealed off a century prior with the message "4022 saved. No survivors." The group discovered the Library was infested with Vashta Nerada. When the swarm began hunting Dave, the Doctor used his sonic screwdriver to increase his spacesuit's integrity, discovering that River had her own sonic screwdriver supposedly from his future self when she did the same to the others. He decided to teleport Donna back to the safety of the TARDIS with the Library's teleporters, (TV: Silence in the Library [+]Loading...["Silence in the Library (TV story)"]) with the sudden appearance of a time fly distracting the both of them before she could object. (COMIC: A Stitch in Time [+]Loading...["A Stitch in Time (CC comic story)"]) However, Donna failed to make it, being "saved" into the Library's Data Core instead. (TV: Silence in the Library [+]Loading...["Silence in the Library (TV story)"]) After the time fly was devoured by the Vashta Nerada, (COMIC: A Stitch in Time [+]Loading...["A Stitch in Time (CC comic story)"]) the Doctor returned to the group but they were forced to flee when the swarm occupied Dave's suit and began marching on them, discovering a Node with Donna's face on to his horror. As the group continued through the library, the Doctor managed to convince the Vashta Nerada to communicate, learning that the library was their forest. He continued to distrust River until she revealed that she knew his true name, which deeply shocked him. The Doctor realised that the four thousand and twenty-two people being "saved" literally meant they had been teleported and saved into the data core, however the core began going into meltdown. Strackman Lux took them to core, revealing the computer was the preserved mind of a little girl who had been dying.

Realising the computer needed more memory, the Doctor devised a plan to connect his mind to it and intimidated the swarm into giving him a single day to save the people in the core. Knowing he would not survive the process, River knocked the Doctor out and handcuffed him to a railing, sacrificing herself to boost the Library's memory, enabling it to return the people who had been saved in the core, including Donna. The Doctor reunited with Donna as the people departed as per his deal with the Vashta Nerada, (TV: Forest of the Dead [+]Loading...["Forest of the Dead (TV story)"]) unbeknownst to him he was observed by one of Clara Oswald's echoes. (TV: The Name of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Name of the Doctor (TV story)"]) As they prepared to depart, the Doctor pondered why his future self had given River a sonic screwdriver and discovered it had actually saved River by preserving her data ghost. He uploaded her into the core's virtual reality, having fixed the core so it could reunite her with the uploaded data ghosts of her deceased team. As he returned to the TARDIS, the Doctor tested snapping his fingers to open its doors, something which River had told him his future self could do, and was delighted when it worked. (TV: Forest of the Dead [+]Loading...["Forest of the Dead (TV story)"])

After having lost her husband, Lee, in the virtual world created in the Library, Donna decided to take a break from travelling with the Doctor and he returned her home to Chiswick. (AUDIO: Out of this World [+]Loading...["Out of this World (audio story)"])

Last exploits with Donna

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Info from In the Blood [+]Loading...["In the Blood (novel)"], Autopia [+]Loading...["Autopia (comic story)"], By Order of the Bonemenders [+]Loading...["By Order of the Bonemenders (comic story)"], The Alice in Wonderland Circuit [+]Loading...["The Alice in Wonderland Circuit (comic story)"], Wild Pastures [+]Loading...["Wild Pastures (audio story)"], The Man in the Moon [+]Loading...["The Man in the Moon (comic story)"], The Giant's Ring [+]Loading...["The Giant's Ring (comic story)"], Cold Blooded War! [+]Loading...["Cold Blooded War! (comic story)"] & The Nemonite Invasion [+]Loading...["The Nemonite Invasion (audio story)"] needs to be added

Whilst Donna returned home to recover from her experience in the Library and became reacquainted with her friend Natalie Morrison, the Doctor was kidnapped by the Collectors. Whilst frozen, he psychically contacted Donna to guide her to rescue him. Once freed he reunited with her to the TARDIS, only to discover the ship required repairs due to the damage inflicted by the Collectors' meddling and Donna's piloting. (AUDIO: The Chiswick Cuckoos [+]Loading...["The Chiswick Cuckoos (audio story)"])

The Doctor and Donna visited the London Technology Museum in 2011 where the Doctor became interested in the M-pad which had a built-in A.I named Silvi. When people started becoming scared of their technology, he and Donna investigated however his mind became affected, rendering him unable to use the sonic screwdriver and TARDIS, though not before he‘d traced the source of the effect to to the Underground. There he and Donna found the Koggnossenti base and got themselves purposely captured to distract the aliens so Kevin could ram it with a train to force their machinery to turn off. Whilst the humans escaped in the confusion, the Doctor tampered with the Koggnossenti's machine so it would affect them. He gave them a chance to leave however the Koggnossenti reactivated the machine regardless and hurriedly attempted to retreat upon realising they were being affected, only to perish when they inadvertently blew up their ship. (AUDIO: Technophobia [+]Loading...["Technophobia (audio story)"])

The Doctor and Donna travelled to Calibris to procure a new fluid link for the TARDIS from Soren. They discovered the Time Reaver weapon was loose on the streets and the Vacintians had occupied Calibris in search of it. They discovered the gangster Gully had acquired the weapon from Cora, the daughter of the Vacintian commander. Upon finding the Time Reaver with the Vacintians, the Doctor defused it by exposing all of its energies to him, slowing time around himself so much it felt like decades had passed in mere minutes. Once he resumed normal time, Donna informed him that Gully had escaped and they departed whilst the Vacintians withdrew. (AUDIO: Time Reaver [+]Loading...["Time Reaver (audio story)"])

The Doctor and Donna visited Shadow Cay on Earth, which was really a disguised Sycorax spaceship occupied by a group widowed by the 2006 Sycorax invasion which hypnotised humanity into believing the "island" had been discovered by Columbus. After being separated from Donna, the Doctor discovered the Sycorax had been animating zombies. The Doctor broke the control of the zombies, but the Sycorax had a curse put on the phage abstracts that boarded a nearby plane. The phage abstracts intended to release a virus on humanity that would leave humanity in immense agony and prevent them from dying in revenge for the loss of the Sycorax widows' husbands once it landed in London.

Though unable to stop the phage abstracts himself, the Doctor controlled the abstracts outside the Church of the Sycorax to make the Sycorax ship overload by recreating the whole of Earth with the ship's magma-sculptor. Donna, having stowed away on board the plane with Norah, flew the plane back towards Shadow Cay, and the Doctor caught Donna duplicating hands from a "drowning giant" sculpture with the magma-sculptor. Jean saved the Doctor from being killed by the Haxan Craw, and the Doctor stopped Jean from dying along with the Haxan Craw. The Doctor, Donna, Jean and Norah escaped the ship after the Doctor set its controls to take off before it exploded. (COMIC: The Widow's Curse [+]Loading...["The Widow's Curse (comic story)"])

The Doctor prevented the Mandragora Helix from spreading influence through the internet, and then sent it out into space, confused and with memories missing. (PROSE: Beautiful Chaos [+]Loading...["Beautiful Chaos (novel)"])

On a visit to the Myolthen galaxy, the Doctor and Donna lost the TARDIS when it was swept away by a waterfall. Caught up in a raging waterfall themselves, the Doctor and Donna were saved by Jeb, a fisherman from Zentos 3. He, along with a group of intelligent bears, helped the Doctor to locate the TARDIS. (COMIC: Washed Away! [+]Loading...["Washed Away! (comic story)"])

Taking Donna to the ancient Acropolis of Xentha in Galaxy 12, the Doctor encountered the Titanoleum Army and foiled their plot to convert holidaymakers into Teglatrons. (COMIC: Titanoleum Tourists [+]Loading...["Titanoleum Tourists (comic story)"])

During a visit to Donna's family on Earth, the Doctor and Donna watched a program called Hunting Makeover, led by Donna's old acquaintance, Justin. Noticing that weird phenomena did indeed happen around him, the Doctor suspected that he was the cause. He and Donna's family pretended to be a family and participated at the program, pretending they wanted to restore a haunted house in Chiswick where Justin used to live as a caretaker. During the program, they found the remains of two aliens who had been buried alive there, and the Doctor figured out that it was their last desperate telepathic message to haunt Justin. Through a series of accidents and trials prepared for him, the Doctor and the Nobles led Justin to accumulate enough psychic energy to make him capable to expel the message from his brain, thus freeing him from the curse. (AUDIO: No Place [+]Loading...["No Place (audio story)"])

At Donna's request, the Doctor took her to Vallarasee for a holiday, in spite of his personal distaste for how the place had changed since his last visit. As they were following a guided tour in one of the many attractions of the place, a door closed, trapping Donna and other tourists inside a room filling with water. The Doctor saved them by smashing the door, only to be immediately arrested by the Judoon for "vandalism" and put into custody. While waiting for judgement, he was informed by Thispus that the dome protecting the city from the water was failing. In order to save everyone, he tricked a Judoon recruit, Clo, so that he would bring him to the leaders of the city. After many attempts, he finally managed to save the town by having Clo arrest all the tourists for various charges, an action which prompted the Judoon to raise the city over the sea to arrest everyone. (AUDIO: One Mile Down [+]Loading...["One Mile Down (audio story)"])

Arriving during the Great Smog of London, the Doctor and Donna stumbled across the Fumifugium's attempt to invade Earth using the smog as a cover. They managed to repel the invasion with the help of Ivy Clark, Richard Cooper and Terry Hopkins, before leaving with them for the sea to have a proper holiday. (AUDIO: The Creeping Death [+]Loading...["The Creeping Death (audio story)"])

The terrified and catatonic Doctor unintentionally repeats Sky. (TV: Midnight [+]Loading...["Midnight (TV story)"])

The Doctor and Donna visited the leisure planet Midnight, where Donna stayed at the Leisure Palace, whilst the Doctor took a four-hour ride on the Crusader 50 bus to the Sapphire Waterfall. However, the bus was attacked by an unknown entity, which possessed one of the passengers, Sky Silvestry, causing her to speak at the same time as others around her or repeating them. The creature eventually appeared to have passed into the Doctor, causing him to become catatonic, as Sky was, while repeating Sky's words. She incited mass hysteria among the other passengers, though it was she who the creature was still possessing. Before the creature could trick the passengers into throwing out the Doctor, Sky was dragged out into the X-tonic sunlight by the bus' hostess. (TV: Midnight [+]Loading...["Midnight (TV story)"])

After a turbulent ride in the vortex, the Doctor crashed the TARDIS at a science convention, where he and Donna witnessed Professor Eustace Krosson invent a wave-time vector detector that unleashed the Imago, parasites from the fourth dimension that devoured people's personal timelines. The Doctor tricked their queen into devouring Donna, a time traveller, which sent the Imago back to their own dimension and released everyone they had devoured, including Donna. (COMIC: Time Flies [+]Loading...["Time Flies (comic story)"])

Visiting a garden centre at Christmas, the Doctor and Donna ran into a Snowdemon creature, and they helped the Pixees to put it on trial for its crimes. (COMIC: Frosty the Snowdemon [+]Loading...["Frosty the Snowdemon (comic story)"])

While celebrating Christmas Eve inside the TARDIS, the Doctor and Donna went out to fetch a Christmas tree, and Donna was kidnapped by living snowmen and robotic Santas. The Doctor rescued Donna, and accidently ran into the real Santa Claus during their escape to the TARDIS. On Christmas morning, the Doctor received a new sonic screwdriver from Santa, while Donna received a fresh hot chocolate. (PROSE: Dr. Tenth: Christmas Surprise! [+]Loading...["Dr. Tenth: Christmas Surprise! (novel)"])

When they travelled to the French Rivera in the 1780s, they met Rudolph of Goritania and Donna became his Queen and ran away with him. The Doctor tracked her down to Goritania and warned her about Death who was approaching the castle. He eventually conceded he'd been hostile to Rudolph due to not wanting Donna to leave and gave his blessing, unaware Donna had just discovered the marriage was a trap. He interrupted the ceremony to try to stop Donna being surrendered to Death but she rejected his help and danced with Death, who could not destroy her anyway because her underwear was made from the royal standard. Donna chose to continue travelling with the Doctor. (AUDIO: Death and the Queen [+]Loading...["Death and the Queen (audio story)"])

Reunions and farewells

The Doctor's horror-struck response at two familiar words signalling universal calamity. (TV: Turn Left [+]Loading...["Turn Left (TV story)"])

The Doctor and Donna visited the planet Shan Shen, where the Time Beetle, a member of the Trickster's Brigade, created an alternate universe around Donna while she had her fortune told; a universe where the Doctor died fighting the Empress of the Racnoss and Donna teamed up with Rose Tyler to go back in time and get the Beetle off of her back. After Donna corrected the timeline by killing herself in the alternative universe, she was able to give the Doctor a message from Rose, "Bad Wolf". (TV: Turn Left [+]Loading...["Turn Left (TV story)"])

Realising that the barriers between universes were breaking down, the Doctor rushed back to Earth, where he initially found everything was normal, but the planet vanished when he and Donna returned to the TARDIS. Finding no clue as to its location, the Doctor went to the Shadow Proclamation and learned twenty-seven planets had also been stolen, such as Adipose 3, Pyrovillia, and the lost moon of Poosh. Realising from Donna that bees had been disappearing from Earth, the Doctor connected the Migrant Bees of the Tandocca Scale to the Medusa Cascade, and concluded that the planets were there.

Fleeing the Shadow Proclamation, the Doctor and Donna arrived at the Medusa Cascade, only to find it apparently empty, until a phone call to the TARDIS from Jack, Martha and Sarah Jane allowed him to track down the Earth, which he discovered had been stolen by Davros and his New Dalek Empire; Davros had been saved from the Time War by Dalek Caan, at the cost of Caan's own sanity.

After landing on a ravaged Earth, the Doctor finally reunited with Rose, but he was mortally wounded by a passing Dalek before he could properly embrace Rose. After Jack destroyed the Dalek, the Doctor was taken into the TARDIS, where the Dalek's gunshot forced him to regenerate (TV: The Stolen Earth [+]Loading...["The Stolen Earth (TV story)"]) to heal himself. Once his body was restored, the Doctor was able to channel the excess regenerative energy that would have changed his appearance into his nearby severed hand as a bio-matching receptacle, leaving him healed while remaining in his current incarnation. (TV: Journey's End [+]Loading...["Journey's End (TV story)"]) However, the act did use the eleventh of the Doctor's twelve regenerations, leaving him with only one remaining, an action his successor stated was due to "vanity issues". (TV: The Time of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Time of the Doctor (TV story)"])

The TARDIS was taken aboard the Dalek ship Crucible, where the Doctor, Rose and Jack were captured, but Donna was locked inside the TARDIS and the Doctor assumed her and the TARDIS lost when it was sent to the Crucible's Z-Neutrino core. As the Doctor's secret army gathered on the Crucible, Davros forced the Doctor to remember everyone who had died in his name and how he had turned all of his companions into weapons and willing murderers, which unveiled the Doctor's "soul".

However, before Davros' reality bomb could be detonated, a new Doctor, born from the severed hand when Donna touched it, arrived in the TARDIS, having piloted it away from being destroyed at the last second, to assassinate Davros, only for Davros to thwart the attempt, electrocuting Donna in the process. However, the meta-crisis made Donna part-Time Lord, with Davros' electrical attack transforming her into the "DoctorDonna". Donna then disabled the planet powered reality bomb to stop Davros from destroying reality itself and the Doctors and their companions overpowered the Daleks and sent the planets back to their original time and place. Whilst the Doctor worked on returning Earth home, the meta-crisis committed genocide against the Daleks, horrifying the Doctor. As the Doctor's companions retreated to the TARDIS, the Doctor offered to save Davros and Caan. Davros refused, hatefully denouncing the Doctor as "the destroyer of worlds", while Caan predicted that one of the Doctor's companions would still perish. The Doctor and company used the TARDIS to tow Earth back to its original location as the Crucible exploded.

The Doctor said his goodbyes to Sarah Jane, Martha, Jack and Mickey before he left the meta-crisis Doctor in the Pete's World with the Rose and Jackie, hoping Rose would help him control his dangerous ways just as she had done to him in his previous incarnation. Upon returning to his own universe, the Doctor was dealt another emotional blow as he was forced to remove all of Donna's memories of travelling with him, as her human mind was deteriorating due to her Time Lord part killing her. He returned Donna to her family, and told them they would have to make sure she never remembered him. After receiving comfort from Wilfred, the Doctor left to travel on his own. (TV: Journey's End [+]Loading...["Journey's End (TV story)"]) Whilst grieving in the TARDIS, the Doctor discovered Donna had recorded a message on Emergency Program One to say goodbye to him, knowing that one day she would be forced to leave him. (COMIC: The Time of My Life [+]Loading...["The Time of My Life (comic story)"])

Still in mourning, the Doctor's mind was taken over by Es'Cartrss of the Tactire, who had been stuck on the Dalek Crucible and was unable to return home before his planet was returned, but the Doctor's link with the TARDIS forced them both into the Matrix, where the Doctor lost his memories. He was surprised to come across a room dedicated to nine of his previous incarnations. Assisted by a TARDIS impersonation of Martha, the Doctor began recalling past adventures, eventually gaining control of his memories. The Doctor and his TARDIS, which was now impersonating most of the Doctor's past companions, fought Autons, Eight Legs and Clockwork Droids, and the Doctor seemingly killed Es'Cartrss. Having regained his memories, the Doctor decided to take an overdue trip to the planet Barcelona. (COMIC: The Forgotten [+]Loading...["The Forgotten (comic story)"])

Lonely exploits

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Info from The Rising Night [+]Loading...["The Rising Night (audio story)"], Churchill Victorious [+]Loading...["Churchill Victorious (audio story)"] & The Puplet [+]Loading...["The Puplet (short story)"] needs to be added

The Doctor found, floating in a bottle in space, a message from River Song on psychic paper, inviting him to join her at the Apocalypse Vault. Knowing that the opening of the Vault was a fixed point in time, the Doctor refused to go and instead tried to track down River. What followed was a chase from planet to planet, where River always left a message for him and he liberated a few species on his way. Eventually he tracked her down to the location of the Apocalypse Vault a few centuries early, discovering a forged copy of the Scroll of the Last Days she'd left. He gave up pursuing her whilst she wrote to him demanding the scroll back, as he visited an avian species and had adventures with Jane Austen. He finally agreed to meet her at a cafe where she manipulated the Fifth Doctor into taking the scroll. Afterwards, the Doctor uncovered numerous times River had contacted his earlier selves to go to the Apocalypse Vault and was terribly angry, believing her to be a thief who had tricked him. However, after she helped him escape an undersea base he'd set to autodestruct, he met with her again and finally agreed to go to the Crypt. He arrived early and opened all the doors so she could choose what to do with the original Scroll, as a test of who she really was. Upon returning to the TARDIS, he found a recording from River, which revealed she'd borrowed the ship to replace the original Scroll with her fake at the initial closure of the Vault, altering history to prevent the anticipated atrocity the original Scroll would cause without threatening the fixed point. She revealed his involvement was her plan to help him get over the loss of Donna. (AUDIO: Expiry Dating [+]Loading...["Expiry Dating (audio story)"])

The Doctor arrived on Arcopolis to destroy the Fortress, which contained a weapon that was left behind after the Last Great Time War. An alien force called the Eyeless attempted to steal the weapon themselves, but the Doctor successfully destroyed the weapon and defeated the Eyeless. (PROSE: The Eyeless [+]Loading...["The Eyeless (novel)"])

The Doctor arrived at BASE and discovered a series of bizarre murders had taken place at the sports training facility. His investigation was interrupted by the arrival of Sontarans led by Major Stenx, who were hunting a Rutan. The Doctor helped the students survive the deadly games the Sontarans devised as an experiment, working with Emma. With the Sontarans defeated, the Doctor confronted Emma and revealed he'd deduced she was the original murderer and was actually a Rutan. They were attacked by the wounded Stenx, who shot Emma just as she killed him. Solemn at the deadly outcome, the Doctor departed. (PROSE: The Sontaran Games [+]Loading...["The Sontaran Games (novel)"])

Alone in the TARDIS, the Doctor attempted to compose his own piece of music, but was interrupted when a Graske teleported in. Inquiring as to what the harmonious sound echoing through the TARDIS was, the Doctor explained that it was the Music of the Spheres. Alerted by the Graske to a hole in space which manifested at the entrance of the TARDIS, the Doctor found that it had appeared within the Royal Albert Hall in London. Calling his piece "Ode to the Universe", the Doctor passed his sheets through the hole for the orchestra to perform as he assumed the role of conductor using the sonic screwdriver. Finding that the Graske had travelled through the hole to London, the Doctor realised that he had lied to him in order to reach Earth, and so he prevented him from creating any more trouble by reversing the polarity of the neutron flow. Returning the Graske to the TARDIS, the Doctor used the sonic screwdriver to send him to the end of the galaxy. (TV: Music of the Spheres [+]Loading...["Music of the Spheres (TV story)"])

Unknowingly making an "illegal park", the Doctor found that the TARDIS had been locked by the Judoon, forcing him to crack a set of security codes so could penetrate the force field holding the TARDIS and escape. (GAME: Jobsworth Judoon [+]Loading...["Jobsworth Judoon (video game)"])

To his confusion, the TARDIS took the Doctor to the middle of space. Unknown to him, Jenny had just travelled through that region. (AUDIO: Zero Space [+]Loading...["Zero Space (audio story)"])

The Doctor arrived early in Peladon's history and discovered his arrival had inadvertently inspired the following of supposed prophet Skarn, to his horror. Feeling unable to interfere as he'd experienced the consequences in the future already, making this fixed in time, he rapidly departed. (AUDIO: The Ordeal of Peladon [+]Loading...["The Ordeal of Peladon (audio story)"])

Saving the Krikoosh

Seeking to take his mind off things, the Doctor went to 22nd century Earth to visit a zoo. Spotting a Krikoosh, a rare specimen with the ability to pass through solid matter by destabilising molecules, the Doctor witnessed its theft at the hands of surviving Daleks while he was left at the mercy of animals whom the Daleks had induced into a frenzy to provide a distraction. (COMIC: Carnage Zoo [+]Loading...["Carnage Zoo (comic story)"]) Making his escape on a Vulgle, the Doctor pursued the Daleks to their hideout, where he rescued the Krikoosh, (COMIC: Flight and Fury [+]Loading...["Flight and Fury (comic story)"]) which used its ability to save the Doctor from Dalek firepower.

After making their presence known, the Daleks deployed their specially created proton cannon against humanity. Rendering everyone intangible just as the Doctor and the Krikoosh were, it was the Daleks intent to take over Earth unhindered as humanity would be left to waste away. (COMIC: The Living Ghosts [+]Loading...["The Living Ghosts (comic story)"]) However, unbeknownst to the Daleks, the Doctor had made a partnership with the Krikoosh and, with its power, was able to enter the Daleks' base and modify their cannon to turn against them while restoring humans to their solid state. Judging their failure an unacceptable outcome, the Daleks self-destructed. (COMIC: Extermination of the Daleks [+]Loading...["Extermination of the Daleks (comic story)"])

Quest for the Eternity Crystal

After arriving on the Moon in the 30th century, the Doctor discovered a powerful device called the Eternity Crystal, created by the Karagulan society called the Darksmith Collective, for an undisclosed client. The Collective lost it. When they discovered it was located on the Moon, they sent an agent to collect it, but the Doctor had taken it to prevent them from having it. (PROSE: The Dust of Ages [+]Loading...["The Dust of Ages (novel)"])

Whilst he was trying to understand the history of the Eternity Crystal, the Doctor travelled to the graveyard planet, Mordane, where its power had been tested by the Collective. However, the Crystal began to reanimate the dead bodies, but the Doctor managed to defeat them, and made them inanimate again. The Agent eventually arrived and took back the Crystal on behalf of the Collective. (PROSE: The Graves of Mordane [+]Loading...["The Graves of Mordane (novel)"])

In pursuit of the Agent and the Crystal, the Doctor arrived on Karagula, the homeworld of the Darksmith Collective. When the Doctor accessed the Darksmith's underground base via the Dark Cathedral, he retrieved the Crystal. In an attempt to understand the Crystal's purpose, he wanted to track down the person who initially constructed the Crystal, Brother Varlos, former member of the Darksmith Collective. (PROSE: The Colour of Darkness [+]Loading...["The Colour of Darkness (novel)"])

After tracing Varlos, the Doctor arrived in an underwater base on Flydon Maxima. However, the Collective dispatched a military force called the Dreadbringers to retrieve the Crystal, and the Doctor battled the native lifeform of Flydon, the Blaska. He discovered that Varlos had already departed from Flydon, and left behind his daughter called Gisella. Gisella told him that Varlos was the person who buried the Eternity Crystal on the Moon, because he realised that the Crystal was uncontrollable, and left it behind until he could find a way to destroy it. She told the Doctor that Varlos had travelled back in time, and settled in 1895 Paris. (PROSE: The Depths of Despair [+]Loading...["The Depths of Despair (novel)"])

Arriving in Paris, the Doctor and Gisella found Varlos living under the alias Baron De Guerre, who was killed by a Time Vampire that was pursuing Varlos through the Time Vortex. The Doctor began investigating the deaths caused by the vampire, with the assistance of Inspector DuPont, who helped them discover that the vampire was an artificial alien, created by the crew of a spaceship to collect energy to refuel it. However, when it had amassed enough energy, it returned to the ship to discover the crew had already died. Reverting to its sole purpose of gathering even more energy, and without the means to discharge the energy, the creature became unstable. To defeat the vampire, Varlos gave his own life when he drained the vampire's time-energy using his own body, a mock Eternity Crystal and Gisella. (PROSE: The Vampire of Paris [+]Loading...["The Vampire of Paris (novel)"])

The Doctor began tracking the Agent across the Milky Way, and followed him to the Silver Devastation. The Doctor arrived in Devastation Hall during the Game of Death, an event devised by the Nocturn to lure humans. He found out that the Agent was destroyed by the Nocturn, Zalenby. The Doctor and Gisella departed and avoided being killed by the Nocturnes in the Game of Death. (PROSE: The Game of Death [+]Loading...["The Game of Death (novel)"])

To find out who employed the Darksmith Collective to construct the Eternity Crystal, the Doctor arrived on Ursulonamex, where the Collective met with their clients. Expecting the planet to be lush and beautiful, upon arrival they found it had been scorched and charred to remove all trace of their arrival. The Doctor learnt from the survivors that evidence of their identity might exist in an observation station in orbit around Ursulonamex. On board the station, the Doctor found a Dravidian Hive, but the Doctor and Gisella escaped from them, and were unable to uncover any evidence about the Collective's mysterious clients. (PROSE: The Planet of Oblivion [+]Loading...["The Planet of Oblivion (novel)"])

While in flight, the TARDIS was captured by the Shadow Proclamation, and the Doctor was put on trial. Because Gisella was Varlos' daughter, the Crystal was legally returned to her, as it was officially Varlos' property. However, Gisella betrayed the Doctor, when she handed over the Eternity Crystal to the Collective. Although, she accidentally revealed the Darksmith's secret rendezvous point, the location where they were meeting their infamous clients. (PROSE: The Pictures of Emptiness [+]Loading...["The Pictures of Emptiness (novel)"])

The Doctor arrived in the designated location, London in 2009. Whilst he was there, he discovered the clients were really the Krashok. He also found out that Gisella was an android all along, who was created by Varlos, and who had been reprogrammed by the Darksmith Collective to give them the Eternity Crystal when she collected it. When Gisella and the High Minister of the Collective, Drakon, handed over the Crystal to the Krashok, Drakon was killed as soon as he fulfilled the deal, which broke the Collective's conditioning over her. (PROSE: The Art of War [+]Loading...["The Art of War (novel)"])

The Doctor discovered that the Krashok planned to use the Crystal to target their fallen warriors and to resurrect them, making them an invincible fighting force. They intended to detonate the Eternity Crystal unless the Doctor stopped them. To give him an incentive to do so, they trapped Gisella on their ship, aware that he wouldn't let her die, despite being an android that had been hoodwinked by the Collective. However, the Doctor eventually rescued Gisella, defeated the Krashoks and the Darksmith Collective, and destroyed the Eternity Crystal in the process. After the Doctor had completed his mission with the Eternity Crystal, he left Gisella behind to live out a normal life as an android. (PROSE: The End of Time [+]Loading...["The End of Time (novel)"])

Early ventures with Heather

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Info from The Secret Army [+]Loading...["The Secret Army (comic story)"], Monster Idol [+]Loading...["Monster Idol (comic story)"] & Code Freeze [+]Loading...["Code Freeze (comic story)"] needs to be added

The Doctor met Heather McCrimmon, a 19-year-old history student at University of Edinburgh, and she helped him defeat the Mozhtratta, who had plotted to go back in time to murder the McCrimmons of the 19th century. The Doctor invited Heather aboard the TARDIS, considering it as a way of furthering her education. (COMIC: The Chromosome Connection [+]Loading...["The Chromosome Connection (comic story)"])

On their first adventure together, the Doctor and Heather went swimming in the Pacific Ocean and discovered an underwater city populated by the Spaeron. The Doctor transported them to Kerun Za, since their planet had been destroyed by the Daleks. (COMIC: The Aquarius Condition [+]Loading...["The Aquarius Condition (comic story)"])

The Doctor is confused by an extra Law of Robotics. (COMIC: Glum Culture [+]Loading...["Glum Culture (comic story)"])

The Doctor next took Heather to Podworld, where they worked with former model and businesswomen, Maya De La Gratzka, to restore the Podworld residents. (COMIC: Glum Culture [+]Loading...["Glum Culture (comic story)"]) Returning Heather to Edinburgh, the Doctor stopped the Cran Movement from stealing Earth's clouds, and imprisoned them at the Shadow Proclamation when they refused to leave Earth. (COMIC: The Great Rain Robbery [+]Loading...["The Great Rain Robbery (comic story)"])

Visiting Delquis, a place of radiant beauty, the Doctor and Heather united two kingdoms, the Parrians and the Shells, by convincing the Parrian prince to declare his love for the Shell Judge. (COMIC: The Parrian Proposal [+]Loading...["The Parrian Proposal (comic story)"]) Leaving Delquis, the Doctor and Heather met Hiram Bingham in 1911 Peru, and worked alongside him to close a number of time holes that had been unleashing the Incasaurs, creatures from another dimension onto Earth. (COMIC: Hitching Point [+]Loading...["Hitching Point (comic story)"])

The Doctor took Heather to Waltox Worldstore, the largest supermarket in the galaxy, where they prevented faulty robots from crushing all life on Earth, as they believed that humanity was the store's competition. (COMIC: Store Wars [+]Loading...["Store Wars (comic story)"]) The Doctor and Heather next became stranded on a sinking German U-boat in 1944, led by Captain Otto Lehmann. With no other option, the Doctor helped save Otto's crew, even though he was opposed by an aggressive soldier called Krigge, who believed he was a spy. The Doctor also helped Heather to overcome her grief and revenge for her grandfather, who had died in a U-Boat attack in 1944. (COMIC: The Submariners [+]Loading...["The Submariners (comic story)"])

Taking Heather to a musical in 2018 New York City, the Doctor discovered the Gavulav, alien computer hackers, had infiltrated the NYPD so that they could fleece Earth's economy. The Doctor used a Gallifreyan counter virus to stop their schemes. (COMIC: The Greed of the Gavulav [+]Loading...["The Greed of the Gavulav (comic story)"])

Intending to visit Professor Vexor on planet Flexella, the Doctor and Heather took a train through the Fluxos desert, where they encountered a Flexellan Octopod. (COMIC: The Silver Bullet [+]Loading...["The Silver Bullet (DWA comic story)"]) After escaping the Mohagan Horde on Mohaga, Heather became invisible, so the Doctor took her to InFECT, which specialised in intergalactic medicine. The Doctor allied with Professor Aldrin Strykt to find a cure. When everyone on the InFECT space station became infected by Heather's invisible virus, the Doctor went on a mission to Mohaga, where he once again battled the Mohagan Horde and found the organic protein that saved Heather and everyone aboard InFECT. (COMIC: The Invisibles [+]Loading...["The Invisibles (comic story)"])

Visiting an OAP's home in deep space, the Doctor helped the residents to retrieve their stolen spaceship from space pirates. However, his plan failed when the residents took up a life of piracy and the pirates, who had stolen their ship, decided to retire. (COMIC: Good Old Days [+]Loading...["Good Old Days (comic story)"]) On a trip to an alien mountain, the Doctor and Heather were challenged to the Abomination Game, where contestants undertook dangerous tests. After completing the game, the Doctor closed down the game's computer, allowing all of the population to be winners. (COMIC: The Abomination Game [+]Loading...["The Abomination Game (comic story)"])

The Doctor took Heather to Tranquility, but found the planet in ruins. Joining the Bereft on their journey to the Eternity Canyon, the Doctor and Heather encountered T.R.O.L, the robotic creation of the Bereft's warlike ancestors. The Doctor travelled on T.R.O.L to the planet's crust and found a military bunker. He discovered an ancient bomb had caused tremendous damage to Tranquility. The Doctor resettled the planet's defence shield so that the Bereft could escape before the bomb exploded and destroyed Tranquility. After saving the population, the Doctor and Heather watched the destruction of Tranquility from space, hopeful that Tranquility would be reborn in a thousand years. (COMIC: T.R.O.L. [+]Loading...["T.R.O.L. (comic story)"])

The Doctor became curious about the disappearance of USS Cyclops in 1918 and arrived aboard the ship hours before it vanished in the Bermuda Triangle. There, he and Heather were captured by Captain Worley and defeated an Octopod. Even though he saved the crew from the Octopod, the Doctor never discovered why the Cyclops disappeared and was unable to avert it, as it was a fixed point in history. (COMIC: Cyclops [+]Loading...["Cyclops (comic story)"])

The Doctor and Heather visited the Crystal Palace in 1854, only to find the palace deserted. Investigating, the Doctor encountered Victumas, queen of the dominion sisterhood whom he trapped in an antimatter realm years previously. He foiled her plot to dominate the galaxy, killing her and burning down the Crystal Palace in the process. (COMIC: The Crystal Palace [+]Loading...["The Crystal Palace (comic story)"]) The Doctor and Heather then took a trip to the tomb of Ashgar, the most feared demon of Kroul, and encountered his spirit. (COMIC: The Spirit of Ashgar [+]Loading...["The Spirit of Ashgar (comic story)"])

The Doctor and Heather stopped a Slakkenkind hunter from hunting and killing Slakken cats In 1969 London, taking him to Slakken afterwards to free all the cats he had imprisoned. (COMIC: The Slakken Cat [+]Loading...["The Slakken Cat (comic story)"])

After losing his sonic screwdriver, the Doctor located it at Jubilee Court on Earth, where he and Heather discovered the screwdriver had been broadcasting a bubble of silence across the world, cancelling out any sound waves. He and Heather saved Agnes Hardcastle from a silent creature responsible and broke the silence, destroying the creature. (COMIC: Hear No Evil [+]Loading...["Hear No Evil (comic story)"])

When the TARDIS encountered an anomaly in the vortex and received time sickness, it caused the interior of the ship to change, including the console room. Exploring the depths of his ship to fix things, the Doctor battled giant chicks and stumbled across a high-tech console room with a Jacuzzi and plasma TV. After becoming infected by the time sickness, the Doctor used the sonic screwdriver to form a connection to the "real TARDIS", which returned his ship to normal. (COMIC: Terror in the TARDIS [+]Loading...["Terror in the TARDIS (comic story)"])

Returning Heather home, the Doctor escorted her to the Edinburgh University summer ball, which was ambushed by the eyeless Kulgaris. He discovered they had been lured their by the ball singer, who was actually a Gumpii. Foiling their plot of conquest, the Doctor destroyed the Kulgaris and put the Gumpii in chains. (COMIC: The Ball and Chain Gang [+]Loading...["The Ball and Chain Gang (comic story)"])

The Doctor was puzzled when the TARDIS took him and Heather to Uriel, a planet that had been destroyed by the Supress. He discovered a memory collective, a galactic terraforming computer which rebuilt destroyed planets, was responsible. He was forced to destroy the machine and the planet when the Supress attacked it. However, he managed to save the population. (COMIC: The Memory Collective [+]Loading...["The Memory Collective (comic story)"]) In 1938 Los Angeles, the Doctor and Heather allied with private detective, Jake Krumb, to save his estranged mother from a Blue Star Bomb and its paymaster, reuniting the estranged mother and son in the process. (COMIC: The Blue Star Bomb [+]Loading...["The Blue Star Bomb (comic story)"])

Joined by Wolfie

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Info from Starstruck [+]Loading...["Starstruck (comic story)"], Copycat [+]Loading...["Copycat (comic story)"] & Shadow of the Vaipid [+]Loading...["Shadow of the Vaipid (comic story)"] needs to be added

Soon after, the Doctor and Heather began tracking down the Giurgeax, chasing it to an airport, where they, along with 16-year-old foreign exchange student, Wolfgang Ryter, became trapped inside its body, which was disguised as an aeroplane. After defeating the Giurgeax, the Doctor offered Wolfgang a lift home in the TARDIS as he had missed his plane, promising to take a few detours on the way. (COMIC: Flight of the Giurgeax [+]Loading...["Flight of the Giurgeax (comic story)"])

Taking Heather home to Edinburgh again, the Doctor investigated a number of student disappearances, leading to Wolfgang being kidnapped. Using clues from a new puzzle game that was a hit with the campus, the Doctor and Heather found a Bacothormeon had been stealing the brains of students and adding their intelligence to its own. Saving Wolfgang, the Doctor overloaded the Bacothormeon's brain with his memories. (COMIC: The Genius Trap [+]Loading...["The Genius Trap (comic story)"])

After a trip to the beach and an encounter with an alien octopus, (COMIC: The Rising Tide [+]Loading...["The Rising Tide (comic story)"]) the Doctor took Heather and Wolfgang to Lurbos 3, a tropical rainforest world. They discovered the population had been forced into a lifelong sleep by a "Dream Sucker". When Heather was sent into an endless dream, the Doctor allowed the Dream Sucker to send him to sleep and brought up his darkest memories, which the Dream Sucker couldn't bear to see. Weakened, the Dream Sucker awoke the population, as well as Heather. (COMIC: Sweet Dreams [+]Loading...["Sweet Dreams (comic story)"])

Visiting a gangster joint in 1920s America, the Doctor encountered the Sidewinder Syndicate, alien criminals he had encountered in his second incarnation, and stopped their plot to seize control of America and "banished them" from Earth. (COMIC: Snakes Alive! [+]Loading...["Snakes Alive! (comic story)"]) Leaving America, the Doctor and his companions helped a diamond smuggler called McKendrick to escape Adamas, a planet "off-limits" to the universe. However, he discovered an Adamasian creature had secretly stowed away aboard McKendrick's space freighter to reclaim the diamonds he stole from Adamas. The Doctor ejected the creature into space, but was thrown out of an airlock himself by McKendrick. Luckily, Wolfgang blackmailed McKendrick into saving the Doctor's life. (COMIC: The Sparkling Planet [+]Loading...["The Sparkling Planet (comic story)"])

Attempting to take Wolfgang home, the Doctor landed in an alien village, where he, Heather and Wolfgang began investigating the disappearance of villagers. When Heather disappeared, the Doctor discovered the kidnapper was a cyborg reptile who was working for the Queen of the Leviathan Leeches, Vladula. He went to Castle Wrath, saved Heather and stopped Vladula from experimenting on the villagers. When she fought back, he turned her cyborgs against her, and the villagers attacked the castle. (COMIC: The Curse of Vladula [+]Loading...["The Curse of Vladula (comic story)"])

Whilst in 1880 London, the Doctor took his companions to meet George Brunswick and his family. However, the Doctor discovered Heather, Wolfgang and the Brunswicks had been duplicated by an energy creature from the Scree Dimension, who had the power to replace people by taking a photo of them. He reversed the process, destroying the duplicates and bringing back his original friends. (COMIC: Photo Finish [+]Loading...["Photo Finish (comic story)"])

After spending a few days tracking down the Gruutis, (COMIC: Brain Train [+]Loading...["Brain Train (comic story)"]) the Doctor and his friends stopped the Rhastin from using robotic shoes to control and abduct humanity to solve their planet's energy problems. (COMIC: Foot Soldiers [+]Loading...["Foot Soldiers (comic story)"])

On a trip to 1135 Cambodia, Wolfgang came under the control of an Altzan warrior named Lychaos. When the Doctor was overpowered, Heather told Wolfgang to "remember" her, which caused the emotions of love and compassion to destroy the angst-filled Lychaos. Realising he was putting Wolfgang's life in danger on a regular basis, the Doctor returned him home, even though it greatly upset himself and Heather. (COMIC: Bad Wolfie [+]Loading...["Bad Wolfie (comic story)"])

Last ventures with Heather

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Info from Doomsilk [+]Loading...["Doomsilk (comic story)"], The Goats of Christmas Past [+]Loading...["The Goats of Christmas Past (comic story)"] & Hook, Line and Sinker [+]Loading...["Hook, Line and Sinker (comic story)"] needs to be added

With Wolfgang gone, the Doctor continued his travels with Heather, taking her to Luminous, a dead planet in the Higlag system. (COMIC: City of Light [+]Loading...["City of Light (comic story)"])

Back in Edinburgh once again, the Doctor and Heather discovered the Murchers were projecting a 3D image of Earth in a mission to hide their homeworld from their enemies, the Sebees. When they discovered and attacked Murcher Moon, the Doctor scared them away with the projection of a gigantic ant. (COMIC: The Guardian of Murcher [+]Loading...["The Guardian of Murcher (comic story)"])

On further adventures, they attended a party at the galaxy's tallest building and foiled the murderous schemes of an Arcylamide Assassin, (COMIC: Night of the Burnt Toast [+]Loading...["Night of the Burnt Toast (comic story)"]) and encountered a lonely robot on the Nurburr Asteroid. (COMIC: The Ghost Factory [+]Loading...["The Ghost Factory (comic story)"])

The Doctor next took Heather to Sky City, a hovering city and the showpiece of Earth's civilisation in the 453rd century. However, Heather was accused of being a member of Anti-Antigravity Activists and was arrested. Investigating, the Doctor went on the trail of the activist who framed Heather, Laydon. Assisted by Laydon, the Doctor ensured Sky City had a long future by installing an advanced gravity converter, saved Heather from jail and stopped the police from targeting the AAA. (COMIC: Skydive! [+]Loading...["Skydive! (comic story)"])

The Doctor and Heather next met Lady Harrington-Fletcher when her carriage was robbed by a robot disguised as a highwayman. The three went on his trail and learnt he was a mechanic for a crashed Cyrronak space pod and its injured driver. The Doctor fuelled up their chemical engines, whilst Heather and Harrington-Fletcher distracted a mob. After seeing off the Cyrronak, the Doctor used gas to erase the mob's memories of the night and entrusted Harrington-Fletcher with keeping the adventure to herself. (COMIC: Highway Robbery [+]Loading...["Highway Robbery (comic story)"])

In the 208th century, the Doctor lost his TARDIS to "dodgy businessmen" Briak and Ronnu Thanjess. They sold it to a criminal called Ludo Farltrati, who savagely attacked Briak because the TARDIS didn't work for him. Allied with the hapless brothers, the Doctor had Ludo arrested for his crimes, though Ronnu was also arrested for theft. (COMIC: One Careful Owner [+]Loading...["One Careful Owner (comic story)"])

After leaving Ronnu and Briak, the Doctor took Heather to Hyde Park in the future, only to discover it had been turned into a car park, and Britain had fallen under the control of the Gardenizens. After witnessing an explosion at the Royal Albert Hall, the Doctor joined with a gang of rebels and convinced the Gardenizens that they and humans could live together, ending the chaos that they had caused. (COMIC: The Garden Rebellion [+]Loading...["The Garden Rebellion (comic story)"])

At Christmas, the Doctor took Heather to the village of Stillmuir to spend the festival period with her grandmother. However, he found aliens in Santa disguises called Selby and Kerlow had been transporting the villagers across space to learn about Christmas by experimenting on humans. He stopped their plan and gave them what they wanted by inviting them to spend Christmas with him and the McCrimmon family in Stillmuir. (COMIC: A Merry Little Christmas [+]Loading...["A Merry Little Christmas (comic story)"])

After Christmas, the Doctor and Heather went to a rock gig in Cardiff in 2000. One rock band, the Mondegreens, hypnotised everyone in Cardiff so that they could cook and feast upon humanity. The Doctor reversed their hypnotism spell, turned them to stone and had them arrested by the Shadow Proclamation. (COMIC: We Will Rock You [+]Loading...["We Will Rock You (comic story)"])

After being captured by the Lords of Jelsen, the Doctor and Heather were forced to participate in a deadly race through the ruined city of Jelsen with two young alien teenagers, which the Lords of Jelsen thought to be entertaining. After escaping the clutches of the N-Fish, the Doctor diverted the TARDIS to the Fork of Fate, a spaceship graveyard where he released the many other ships and travellers the Lords had captured, putting an end to their "entertainment" terror. (COMIC: The Highest Stake [+]Loading...["The Highest Stake (comic story)"])

After serving time in the Graxel prison after being accused of being "hostile off-worlders", (COMIC: The Unwelcome Visitors [+]Loading...["The Unwelcome Visitors (comic story)"]) the Doctor and Heather stopped the Benjix' plot to use a fully automatic futuristic factory dedicated to ending world hunger to invade Earth. (COMIC: Junk Food [+]Loading...["Junk Food (comic story)"])

Taking another routine visit to Edinburgh, the Doctor and Heather encountered the Mozhtratta. Having spent centuries feeding upon the vortex residual of the McCrimmon family, the Mozhtratta intended to use the ReCohesion Cannon to drain Heather's energy. The Doctor turned the Cannon on him, and the Mozhtratta was consumed by his own DNA. Although they defeated him, the Doctor was learnt that the cannon had broken down Heather's defence again vortex radiation: if she travelled in the TARDIS again, she would be torn apart. After saying a fond farewell to Heather, the Doctor was left to travel alone in his TARDIS. (COMIC: Dead-line [+]Loading...["Dead-line (comic story)"]) Tired of losing his friends, and the feeling of them "break[ing] [his] heart", the Doctor vowed that he would never travel with a companion again to spare himself the hurt feelings of another departure. (TV: The Next Doctor [+]Loading...["The Next Doctor (TV story)"], Planet of the Dead [+]Loading...["Planet of the Dead (TV story)"])

No more companions

The Doctor meets a man claiming to be the Doctor. (TV: The Next Doctor [+]Loading...["The Next Doctor (TV story)"])

The Doctor arrived in London on Christmas Eve 1851, where he met a man calling himself "the Doctor" and his companion, Rosita, and assumed he was his next incarnation. However, after noticing inconsistencies, the Doctor discovered the "Next Doctor" was actually a human named Jackson Lake, who had the contents of an infostamp about the Doctor imprinted on his brain after his wife was murdered by the Cybermen. Jackson aided the Doctor in stopping the Cybermen and their ally, Ms. Hartigan, who was betrayed and cyber-converted into the CyberKing. After London was saved, Jackson was reunited with his son, and invited the Doctor to share Christmas dinner with them in memories of everyone the two men had lost, an offer which was at first declined, but then accepted by the Doctor. (TV: The Next Doctor [+]Loading...["The Next Doctor (TV story)"])

The Doctor discovered Earth had been accidentally sold to the peace-loving Nin Confederacy by a human called Robbie, who had gained possession of the mobile of intergalactic estate agent Fliant Wormbleeder. Before he could save humanity from being exiled from their homeworld, the Doctor discovered two other hostile alien species, the Ssraarl and the Hoolox, had also bought Earth. He failed to reason with them, but allied with the Nin to stop them from firing missiles at Earth, and stopped a war from breaking out by finding a new homeworld for the three species. (COMIC: The Day the Earth Was Sold [+]Loading...["The Day the Earth Was Sold (comic story)"], The King of Earth [+]Loading...["The King of Earth (comic story)"])

The Doctor ran into Sontaran General Staal while holidaying on a far-off planet. Staal was attempting to invade the planet for its sausages, which were believed to be the best in "the whole of the universe". After saving him from an Ogron, the Doctor convinced Staal that he didn't need to invade the planet to enjoy the sausages, but could just come by for lunch instead. Realising he was right, Staal accepted the Doctor as a friend, and they sat down with the Sontaran platoon for lunch. (PROSE: Dr. Tenth [+]Loading...["Dr. Tenth (novel)"])

When the Fourth Doctor used his TARDIS tuner to begin a temporal meta-collision with his other incarnations, the Tenth Doctor learnt that Earth was under threat from a pandimensional entity that had trapped his fourth incarnation in his TARDIS. While the Tenth Doctor argued with his other incarnations, the War Doctor used encoded messages from the Sixth Doctor to stop the invasion before it began, and the Sixth Doctor installed a way to expel the entity from the Fourth Doctor's TARDIS. With the crisis over, the Tenth Doctor went off to deal with "ghosts". (WC: Doctors Assemble! [+]Loading...["Doctors Assemble! (webcast)"])

The Doctor worked with River Song to investigate explosive jewels unearthed in Cheapside in 1912, tracing their origins in 1632 to Gerald Pulman, who they found possessed alien explosive material and had killed his wife. Confronting Pulman on a sailing ship, the Doctor learnt his wife, Omara, had been an alien and had deliberately created the jewels. The crew then turned on them and they were thrown overboard along with the TARDIS, with Pulman giving the Doctor his wife's locket beforehand. The Doctor and River swam to the TARDIS which was directed by the locket to Omara's ship. There, the Doctor confronted a data projection of Omara, learning the jewels were meant as a contingency if humanity ever threatened her people. The Doctor convinced her to use the psychic power her ship was draining from the TARDIS to disarm them, however she refused his offer to preserve her and faded away in the process. The Doctor then returned River to 1912. (AUDIO: Precious Annihilation [+]Loading...["Precious Annihilation (audio story)"])

The Doctor and Lady Christina de Souza on San Helios. (TV: Planet of the Dead [+]Loading...["Planet of the Dead (TV story)"])

The Doctor travelled to London at Easter, investigating strange readings on a bus, where he met Lady Christina de Souza, an enigmatic jewel thief. After the bus was hurtled through a wormhole to San Helios, the Doctor cooperated with Christina to return the bus and its occupants to Earth. Phoning UNIT to stabilise the wormhole, the Doctor and Christina discovered a swarm of metallic alien stingrays had reduced San Helios to a barren wasteland and were heading to the wormhole to invade Earth. Converting the bus into a hovercraft, the Doctor piloted the bus through the wormhole, and had UNIT's scientific officer, Malcolm Taylor, close the wormhole behind him.

Before leaving in the TARDIS, the Doctor rejected Christina's offer of companionship, affirming his desire to avoid heartache. As he turned to leave, Carmen, a low level psychic on the bus, offered a prophecy after telling the Doctor his "song [was] ending"; "It is returning. It is returning through the dark. And then, Doctor? Oh, but then... he will knock four times." As Christina was arrested for multiple thefts, the Doctor used his sonic screwdriver to aid her escape, and she took off in the bus. When the Doctor was about to be arrested for helping Christina, he entered the TARDIS to "arrest [him]self" and left. (TV: Planet of the Dead [+]Loading...["Planet of the Dead (TV story)"])

On a trip to a purple planet called Corah, the Doctor was arrested by Professor Slade and her crew on suspicion of murder. He found an energy-absorbing fugitive was turning the population to stone. On its trail, he and Slade's crew came across a lost Corah city that had been built by ancient Corah beings to combat the creature. Re-aligning their old machinery, he trapped the creature in the pools of Corah. (COMIC: The Guardians of Terror [+]Loading...["The Guardians of Terror (comic story)"], The Rebirth of Corah [+]Loading...["The Rebirth of Corah (comic story)"])

The Doctor intervened to save a spaceship who had been left open to depressurisation after a Judoon raid in search of the Invisible Assassin. Pursuing the Judoon to New Memphis, the Doctor became embroiled in the machinations of the two rival gang lords, Uncle and the Widow, and persuaded the Judoon commander, Rok Ma, to work with him to find the Assassin rather than send in his troops. With the aid of private detective Nikki Jupiter, they uncovered the true identities of the Widow and the Invisible Assassin and foiled Uncle's scheme to bomb the spaceport so its owner could claim insurance to repay his gambling debt to Uncle. With the Judoon withdrawing, save Rok Ma who joined Nikki's detective agency, the Doctor departed. (PROSE: Judgement of the Judoon [+]Loading...["Judgement of the Judoon (novel)"])

In the 21st century, the Doctor foiled grey aliens he believed were trying to destroy Athens in the Acropolis. With the aid of a passer-by, June, he trapped them, so he decided to repay June with a trip to Ancient Greece. En route they were diverted by a distress signal, leading them to 1500 BC Greece where they discovered a group of Slitheen dominating the local kingdoms to aid their time travel holiday packages for aliens. Together they managed to help captive humans survive the games designed for the tourists' entertainment and convinced the tourists the Slitheen were mistreating the humans. Having seen to the tourists' safe return to the future, though thr Slitheen escaped, the Doctor took June a thousand years forward in time where they found the three Slitheen calcified and displayed as statues. Realising the aliens he'd encountered in Athens in the future had actually been trying to arrest the Slitheen, the Doctor returned to the 21st century to release them and the Slitheen. Afterwards he offered June a lift home, as she'd missed her train. (PROSE: The Slitheen Excursion [+]Loading...["The Slitheen Excursion (novel)"])

When the TARDIS jumped a time track, the Doctor found himself at a refuelling base on the planet Hurala during the Second Dalek War, where he encountered the crew of the bounty spaceship, the Wayfarer. The base was attacked by Daleks, forcing the Doctor to flee with the bounty hunters rather than return to the TARDIS. As they escaped he stopped a Dalek boarding their ship by freezing it, though not in time to stop it killing one crew member, Stella. To his fury the crew subsequently tortured the Dalek until they believed it dead, having gained no information, though he found the mutant still clinging to life and coaxed it into speaking. From its cryptic hints of imminent Dalek victory and the Dalek interest in Hurala, he deduced that the Dalek Empire was attempting to exploit the Arkheon Threshold so they could achieve time travel. He persuaded the crew to go on a mission to Arkheon where they were captured by the Daleks. Upon learning his identity, the Daleks summoned Dalek X. To save the crew from execution the Doctor agreed to help Dalek X open the Threshold, claiming he needed his TARDIS from Hurala. Back on Hurala he and the crew used the fuel reserves to destroy the Daleks accompanying them, including Dalek X's flagship the Exterminator. The Doctor subsequently took the two surviving bounty hunters home to Earth and saw to the sealing of the Threshold, and then briefly returned to Hurala to inform Dalek X, who was critically damaged and unable to call for help, of his actions. (PROSE: Prisoner of the Daleks [+]Loading...["Prisoner of the Daleks (novel)"])

In 2070, the Doctor boarded the colony ship Heart and discovered that its mission was doomed to failure. After the craft was badly damaged in an act of sabotage, the Doctor managed to rescue Danielle in his TARDIS, and took her to Centauri-Beta, which had been Heart's intended destination. (PROSE: Total Eclipse of the Heart [+]Loading...["Total Eclipse of the Heart (short story)"])

In an English town, the Doctor came across a rainbow which was causing anyone who touched it to change colour. With the help of Bobby, the Doctor discovered that the rainbow was caused by a broken colour-coding device, used by the Filbik to catalogue samples they were collecting for research. After the Doctor and Bobby were colour-coded and transported to a Filbik storage ship, Bobby explained the mishap to the Filbik. The Filbik very politely agreed to return all of the samples taken by accident, and the Doctor decided to return some samples of birds and fish to the Earth, along with the accidentally-collected humans, to spare them from spending the rest of their lives in a museum. (PROSE: The End of the Rainbow [+]Loading...["The End of the Rainbow (short story)"])

The Doctor discovered the Trickster was plotting to end Sarah Jane and the Bannerman Road gang's alien fighting by planting Peter Dalton as a love interest for Sarah Jane, knowing she would retire after Dalton proposed to her. After the Doctor crashed the wedding, Sarah Jane and Dalton were taken by the Trickster, and the Doctor and the Bannerman Road gang were teleported to a nether realm, trapped in a single second away from Sarah Jane. The TARDIS' rescue of the Doctor gave Clyde Langer the power to control artron energy by mistake, which Clyde used to weaken the Trickster, while the Doctor informed Sarah Jane what needed to be done. Dalton sacrificed himself to destroy the Trickster, leaving Sarah Jane alone and heartbroken. After the world was restored, the Doctor visited 13 Bannerman Road and let Clyde, Luke Smith and Rani Chandra look inside his TARDIS, after which he said farewell to Sarah Jane, asking her to never forget him and promising her he would see her again. (TV: The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith [+]Loading...["The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith (TV story)"])

The Doctor caused a change in the timeline that resulted in Carla disappearing, and, per Carla's request, began searching for her. (PROSE: The Haldenmor Fugue [+]Loading...["The Haldenmor Fugue (short story)"])

The Doctor arrived in the 26th century to investigate the appearance of Sontarans and Rutans on the planet, Chelsea 426, during the Chelsea Flower Show. (PROSE: The Taking of Chelsea 426 [+]Loading...["The Taking of Chelsea 426 (novel)"]) The Doctor foiled an Auton invasion at the Hyperville shopping complex in 2013, with the help of Kate Maguire. (PROSE: Autonomy [+]Loading...["Autonomy (novel)"]) He then encountered the Krillitanes in Worcester in 1140, and defeated them with their own oil. (PROSE: The Krillitane Storm [+]Loading...["The Krillitane Storm (novel)"])

After finding out about the events of the planet Henlen, where six of his previous incarnations prevented the temporal paradox caused by the Sirens of Time by piloting together the first experimental TARDIS and assuring Gallifrey's discovery of time travel, the Tenth Doctor, worried that there could have collateral effects, went to collect his first and second incarnations and brought them to Henlen so that the three of them could deal with the backlash of the other six Doctors' actions. After the experiment was successful, he brought them back to their own time. (AUDIO: Collision Course [+]Loading...["Collision Course (audio story)"])

The Doctor visited Skaz where he stopped a local gangster, Gavaritt, starting a turf war by cheating him of his money at a gambling game. Gavaritt pulled a gun on him, but the Doctor was saved by the intervention of the other two players, Ayimus and Marley. He gave them his winnings and disabled Marley's tongue chip, but was forced to flee back to the TARDIS when Gavaritt returned. He kept an eye on them in the weeks following, helping Marley escape a Garrulous Liberation rally the police violently dispersed, and retrieving Ayimus from custody after being arrested for attending the rally. He disabled Ayimus' chip and encouraged him to speak at a new rally, then showed the pair that their campaign for free speech would succeed by briefly taking them 20 years into the future. (AUDIO: Free Speech [+]Loading...["Free Speech (audio story)"])

The Doctor was summoned to Demonese 2, the most haunted planet in the galaxy, by River Song. They discovered the "ghosts" were actually holographic recreations created by the computer of a crashed spaceship, which was struggling to maintain them. Devising a computer virus to help, the Doctor created holographic replications of himself and River who could make the computer accept it and discreetly guided them to deduce the situation themselves. (AUDIO: Ghosts [+]Loading...["Ghosts (10DA audio story)"])

Helping Majenta

Majenta comes to terms with meeting the Doctor again. (COMIC: Thinktwice [+]Loading...["Thinktwice (comic story)"])

The Doctor encountered time-travelling businesswomen Majenta Pryce when he went undercover as a medical doctor at the Thinktwice Orbital Penitentiary, where she had been imprisoned after being arrested for her "Hotel Historia" business. However, the harsh regime and crude psychological methods of the prison left Majenta with no memory of the Doctor or her life before their first meeting. The Doctor restored Majenta's memory of him, but could not restore anything else beyond their first encounter. Together, they discovered that Thinktwice was being used by the Memeovax, who fed on the prisoners' memories. When one of the Memeovax tried to invade Majenta's mind, she unleashed a blast of power that destroyed all the Memeovax in Thinktwice Prison. Afterwards, the Doctor was ordered into helping Majenta to resolve her memory issues, reluctantly taking her aboard the TARDIS. (COMIC: Thinktwice [+]Loading...["Thinktwice (comic story)"])

Trying to take Majenta to the healing world of Panacea, where he planned to solve Majenta's memory problems, the Doctor instead landed the TARDIS in Stockbridge, where he was reunited with Maxwell Edison and saved Stockbridge village from the Lokhus of the Zytragupten. After this, the Doctor once again asked Maxwell to travel with him. Maxwell declined, instead opting to protect Stockbridge from aliens. (COMIC: The Stockbridge Child [+]Loading...["The Stockbridge Child (comic story)"])

The Doctor and Majenta arrived at an apparently abandoned house on the edge of the Proxima System. The Doctor discovered a holographic party run by a digitised avatar of Wesley Sparks, founder of Sparktech. As events from decades before replayed in holographic form, the Doctor learnt that Majenta had been a guest at the party as Wesley's fiancée. The real Majenta explored the house. She came upon the real Wesley Sparks, now a desiccated cyborg who had gone insane as he preserved himself with bionic parts, waiting for Majenta to return from "pressing business". He attempted to force Majenta into marrying him, but she was saved by the Doctor and Wesley's avatar, still the dignified host and gentleman he had been. Damaged in battle saving Majenta, the avatar begged Majenta to remember their lives together. Majenta tearfully broke down and embraced the avatar as it died. (COMIC: Mortal Beloved [+]Loading...["Mortal Beloved (comic story)"])

Still trying to take Majenta to Panacea, they got side-tracked and landed in Sydney, where they were taken into custody by UNIT's Australian branch by Majenta's old confidante, Fanson, disguised by a perception filter. Fanson was now in the thrall of the Skith Leader, who was secretly helping Fanson infiltrate the UNIT operation. Majenta was captured by the Skith General's rival forces, who were surprised to find they were unable to access her mind. The Skith elected her as the perfect pilot for their prototype timeship, the SKARDIS, and converted her into a Skith Queen. While she was in this form, the Doctor convinced her to turn on the Skith and help UNIT destroy their ship. As the Skith ship fell, Fanson revealed that he was responsible for erasing her memory to spare her from agony. Fanson died from injuries sustained at the hands of the Skith General, and the Doctor and Majenta fled, finally beginning to warm to each other. (COMIC: The Age of Ice [+]Loading...["The Age of Ice (comic story)"])

The Doctor and Majenta next visited New Old Detroit, a planet in the Proxima System, where they solved the final case of Johnny Seaview and wrested control of the World Bomb from a corrupt Alpha Centauran. The Doctor triggered the World Bomb, transforming the slums of New Old Detroit into a world mapped on his memories of England. (COMIC: The Deep Hereafter [+]Loading...["The Deep Hereafter (comic story)"]) The Doctor next took Majenta to Graveworld 909, where they reset Prespero, the automated guardian of the planet who had taken away the population's speech following a galactic war. (COMIC: Onomatopoeia [+]Loading...["Onomatopoeia (comic story)"])

After that, the Doctor took Majenta to see the play The Mousetrap. In the London Underground, they found "ghosts" saved by a being known as Mnemosyne. After they defeated Mnemosyne, and he received another prophecy about his approaching demise, the Doctor decided to stick to his "no companions" rule and finally take Majenta to Panacea. Before he could take her there, a fleet of ships surrounded Earth, having finally tracked down him and Majenta. (COMIC: Ghosts of the Northern Line [+]Loading...["Ghosts of the Northern Line (comic story)"])

Majenta and the Doctor tried to escape in the TARDIS, but failed when Intersol launched a tractor beam. The Doctor was captured and tortured by Finn Dargo and learned that Majenta was a member of the Crimson Hand, a highly dangerous criminal organisation. Majenta was mind-probed by Intersol's computer, Justice, and then attacked by her old cellmate, Zed. The Doctor convinced Zed into becoming his ally, helping him escape and save Majenta, just as the Crimson Hand arrived, having followed the TARDIS around the universe. Her memories restored, Majenta revealed the Hand had use of the Manus Maleficus which five individuals could use to rewrite the universe. They killed most of Intersol's staff and took Majenta over again. As she was taken over, she used the Manus' power to teleport the Doctor and his TARDIS in a pocket dimension, making her Crimson Hand friends believe that she had turned the Doctor to ashes.

After the Crimson Hand members seized control of the whole universe with the Manus, Majenta restored her homeworld of Vessica, however the Hand's changes to reality caused the Morass to begin to consume the universe, starting with Vessica, prompting Majenta to bring the Doctor back into existence. They planned to infiltrate the Hand's headquarters, with Majenta distracting them whilst the Doctor used a piece of the Manus she'd given him to shut it down and revert the Hand's changes. After resisting the urge to use its power to bring back everyone he had lost, the Doctor attempted to shutdown the Manus but it rejected him, revealing Majenta had tricked him. Whilst the Hand gloated, Majenta entered the Manus and used it to finally destroy the Crimson Hand, at the cost of her life. The Doctor jumped after the Manus as it withdrew to the Morass and used it resurrect her and place her in the restored New Old Detroit. With the Manus linked to his mind, as long as the Doctor remembered her she would stay alive. On good terms, the Doctor and Majenta parted. (COMIC: The Crimson Hand [+]Loading...["The Crimson Hand (comic story)"])

Meddling with time

The Doctor arrived in London in 1889 and encountered H.G. Wells and Jonathan Smith. They were pursued by two agents of Torchwood, Robert Lewis and Eliza Cooper, who were seeking to capture the Doctor. The Doctor and Jonathan escaped to the TARDIS where Jonathan revealed himself as a time traveller from the 51st century, seeking to prevent the Fourth Doctor's upcoming defeat of Magnus Greel. The Doctor tricked Jonathan by dematerialising the TARDIS without him, leaving him for Robert and Eliza who mistook him for the Doctor and captured him. The Doctor reunited with Wells afterwards, encouraging him to write The War of the Worlds. (COMIC: The Time Machination [+]Loading...["The Time Machination (comic story)"])

The Doctor, pretending to be a young actor, is used by the Terronites. (COMIC: Silver Scream [+]Loading...["Silver Scream (comic story)"])

The Doctor attended a celebrity party in 1926 Hollywood, where he met Archie Maplin, a young actress named Emily Winter and a runner named Matthew Finnegan. He drew the attention of Maximilian Love and Mr Leo Miller, two Terronites, who planned to transfer the hopes and dreams from young actors, such as Maplin and transplant them into themselves, because they were actors on Terron V. Offering himself for Maplin's safety, the Doctor's memories were too much for them, and inadvertently set fire to the building. The Doctor got them all safely out the building before it exploded. Outside, they saw Miller escaping, but were eventually arrested by the police. As the Doctor headed back to the TARDIS, Matthew and Emily asked if they could join him, but he refused. However, as he was about to enter his ship, a temporal vortex opened up. From it emerged Judoon and a Shadow Architect, who arrested the Doctor for interfering in a fixed points in time. (COMIC: Silver Scream [+]Loading...["Silver Scream (comic story)"])

The Doctor was placed on trial by the Shadow Proclamation for saving Emily's life when she should have died in the fire. Krillitane leader Lassar was the Doctor's prosecutor and the Advocate was defence, but the Advocate was apparently killed. The Doctor was sentenced to imprisonment on Volag-Noc, and, during the journey, met a Draconian, a Sontaran and an Ogron. The Doctor's party took control of the ship. After this, the Doctor learned that his trial was set up to uncover Lassar's plot, but he also found out that "Lassar" was from a shapeshifting race called the Gizou, in disguise. The Doctor returned to Hollywood to collect the Terronite Transference machine, and used it to extract memories from his mind. He also decided to break his "no companions rule" by inviting Matthew and Emily to travel with him. (COMIC: Fugitive [+]Loading...["Fugitive (comic story)"])

The TARDIS was invaded by aliens called the Acari led by the Advocate, and were intent on killing the Doctor. The breach of the TARDIS by the Acari spaceship forced the TARDIS interior to rearrange itself, displacing the console room, and risking implosion. Since the Doctor was psychically linked to the TARDIS, the trauma of having the Acari ship aboard caused the Doctor to undergo mental instability. The Advocate placed doubt into Matthew's mind about the Doctor's morality by urging him to read the secret diary previously belonging to Turlough, as a being called the Tef'Aree appeared to Emily in the TARDIS. Emily helped the Doctor save the ship, and the Acari ship separated from the TARDIS, but not before the Advocate stole the Terronite technology.

The Doctor was summoned to Greenwich Park by Martha Jones (COMIC: Tesseract [+]Loading...["Tesseract (comic story)"]) and Captain Erisa Magambo, working on behalf of UNIT, and claimed that the trees were attacking people. The tree trunks were marked with Enochai symbols, a language invented by mathematician and magician John Dee to converse with angels. The Doctor realised these "angels" were trapped beneath the observatory, but emerged through the trees in the park. The Doctor headed into the passages beneath the park to communicate with the "angels". In actuality, the aliens were waiting in suspended animation for the Doctor to free them. Believing the Enochai's story, the Doctor set them free, but it was a trick, and they were free to take over all of the trees and conquer the Earth.

The Enochai realised the Doctor didn't remove the force field trapping it, so they threatened Emily. The Doctor and Emily escaped, but plunged down a hidden shaft into an ancient cavern where they discovered a stripped down colony ship containing thousands of Enochaia in stasis. The Advocate arrived and opened the stasis pods, releasing the Enochai. The Enochai trapped Central London in a force field. The Advocate appeared to Martha and proposed a way of ending the crisis, by striking at the Enochai ship and planting a bomb in it. Martha found Emily and the Doctor, and they confronted the Advocate, but Magambo refused to allow the Doctor time to develop an alternative solution to the Enochai threat and insisted on following the Advocate's plan. When he resisted this option, she arrested the Doctor.

Martha and Emily rescued the Doctor. The Doctor arrived and launched the Enochai ship into space, which drew all the Enochai up with it, and removing the force field. The Advocate's bomb was no longer needed, but the countdown was accidentally started and the ship would explode, leaving a gardener called Mr Crane trapped inside, but the Doctor could do nothing to save him. The Advocate used Crane's death to finally destroy Matthew's faith in the Doctor and Matthew elected to leave the Doctor, and travel with the Advocate instead. After solving the crisis, the Doctor and Emily departed from London. (COMIC: Don't Step on the Grass [+]Loading...["Don't Step on the Grass (comic story)"])

After several adventures in the TARDIS, the Doctor and Emily arrived at the Shady Grove Rest Home in the 21st century where an old man named Barnaby Edwards was celebrating his birthday. Although the Doctor didn't recognise him, Barnaby insisted he travelled with the Doctor when he was a young man, and that the Doctor had given him an envelope with the instructions of guarding it. Barnaby returned it to the Doctor before dying. Inside the envelope were the charred remains of Turlough's diary and a warning that Matthew was in danger. The Doctor and Emily then headed off to find him. (COMIC: Old Friend [+]Loading...["Old Friend (comic story)"])

While exploring a war-torn planet, the Doctor and Emily encountered Torchwood agents Robert Lewis, Eliza Cooper, Professor Alexander Hugh and Annabella Primavera from 1906 Oxford University, who were testing a time machine created from cannibalised alien technology, which inadvertently transferred them through time and space to the planet. Their group was captured by inhabitants of the planet, called the Soul Free, who had been fighting with other inhabitants called Terror Farmers for thousands of years. The party were led to a temple called Kol'Ne Wah by Lau'Tan, the Gizou who impersonated Lassar during the Doctor's trial by the Shadow Proclamation and had been working against the Advocate since the trial.

They were attacked by the Terror Farmers, causing Annabella's death. Lau'Tan disguised himself as the Doctor and was captured with Emily. The Doctor led the remaining group to the temple, where he discovered a lost expedition, who made contact with the Tef'Aree, who Emily had encountered in the TARDIS during the Acari incursion, and were in fact humans given a terraforming device with which they hoped to make the colony planet self-sufficient. After this discovery, the Doctor realised that the name "Terror Farmers" was a corruption of Terra Firma.

The Doctor discovered that the Advocate planned to use Matthew's human DNA to reactivate the terraforming device which would wipe out the whole planet. Matthew and the Advocate teleported up to the orbiting terraforming device and the Doctor followed in the TARDIS. As the Advocate tried to get Matthew to activate the terraforming device, he revealed his true allegiance was with Lau'Tan. She shot Matthew, and used his palm to activate the device. The conflict on the ground between the Terror Farmers and the Soul Free was brought to an instant end as the device began to destroy everything on the planet.

Robert Lewis was destroyed by the terraforming beam, while Emily was saved from the blast by Turlough's diary. The force field around the colony ship couldn't be repaired, but Lau'Tan realised it could be replaced. He transformed himself into a device to replace the damaged component and restart the shields while Emily got everyone safely inside. Matthew distracted the Doctor, grabbed the Advocate and deactivated the terraforming controls, but it backfired. Both Matthew and the Advocate died instantly, but both their minds merged into a fifth-dimensional being called Tef'Aree. The Tef'Aree previously gave the Earth colonists the terraforming technology, revived the Advocate and had manipulated events surrounding the Doctor so that he could bring about his own creation. When the Doctor tried to scold the Tef'Aree, it vanished. Before deactivation, the terraforming beam destroyed the force field equipment, in turn, destroying Lau'Tan. However, many of the Soul Free and Terror Farmers were saved by his action, being protected by the force field. Eliza elected to remain and help to rebuild the planet, and build diplomatic relations between both factions. Upon discovering that the planet was called Terron V, he realised that both groups would unite, and eventually become the Terronites, who the Doctor fought in the form of Maximilian Love and Mr Leo Miller in Hollywood in 1926.

The Doctor took Professor Hugh and Emily back to 1906 Oxford in the TARDIS, where he explained that Annabella Primavera, like Emily, was a fixed point in time, but while Emily was supposed to have died, Annabella was supposed to have lived. Therefore, Emily had to live on Earth, and take her place to mend the Web of Time. Before she departed, Emily gave him Turlough's scorched diary, and the Doctor left for a trip to Mars. (COMIC: Final Sacrifice [+]Loading...["Final Sacrifice (comic story)"])

Becoming the Time Lord Victorious

The Doctor becomes the Time Lord Victorious. (TV: The Waters of Mars [+]Loading...["The Waters of Mars (TV story)"])

On his trip to 2059 Mars, the Doctor met the crew of Bowie Base One, led by Adelaide Brooke. Knowing the crew would die in one of the most crucial events in humanity's expansion through the universe, the Doctor learned that the crew died due to the Flood, which possessed six of them. He was initially unwilling to interfere in events due to his belief that the event was a fixed point in time and made to leave multiple times, but he became continuously integrated in the events of Bowie Base One and even confessed his foreknowledge of how the timelines played out to Adelaide. During a final attempt to leave, the Doctor was caught in an explosion and, reflecting on his status as the last Time Lord, declared himself the "Time Lord Victorious" and elected to save Adelaide and the two surviving crew members and take them back to Earth. (TV: The Waters of Mars [+]Loading...["The Waters of Mars (TV story)"]) The TARDIS believed this was his attempt to "teach [Death] a lesson". (PROSE: What the TARDIS thought of "Time Lord Victorious" [+]Loading...["What the TARDIS thought of \"Time Lord Victorious\" (short story)"]) Although confident that the Laws of Time were his to govern, Adelaide committed suicide after stating her fury at the Doctor's interference and scolded him for thinking himself above obeying history's course. The events of Bowie Base One shaped the same timeline, but with Adelaide dying on Earth instead of Mars and the events that happened on Mars being made public knowledge by the survivors. Distraught at the results of his actions, he saw a vision of Ood Sigma appear before him, and fled into the TARDIS, determined to avoid the crisis Sigma was heralding. (TV: The Waters of Mars [+]Loading...["The Waters of Mars (TV story)"])

Fleeing to the Dark Times through the Time Fracture that his alterations to history had created, (PROSE: What the TARDIS thought of "Time Lord Victorious" [+]Loading...["What the TARDIS thought of \"Time Lord Victorious\" (short story)"]) the Doctor, wanting some peace and quiet, found himself on the planet Andalia and was intrigued by a demonstration of Professor Hana Fallomax's Lifeshroud that claimed to cheat death. He saved the demonstrator, Estinee, from being attacked by Brian the Ood, who had been contracted to test the technology's efficacy by Ambassador Verv-Hoondai Chalskal. The Kotturuh arrived and issued their judgement on the inhabitants of Andalia, and kidnapped Estinee, but the Doctor and Brian followed them to Mordeela to rescue her. They witnessed her being rescued by Fallomax and fled from revenants back to the TARDIS, but the Kotturuh, angry at his interference in their Design, marked the Doctor with a date on Andalia in a few days.

Rufusing to be intimidated, the Doctor sought out Fallomax to help her Lifeshroud project and, even after he learnt them to be useless and that Estinee had an inexplicable natural immunity to death, agreed to help her make a working model without the crystals needed from Mordeela. With Chalskal's funding, the were able to make a Lifeshroud with a six hour operating time, which they tested on Chalskal when Brian outed him as a fraud. Brian convinced Chalskal to hand over his mercenary forces for the Doctor's war with the Kotturuh, while the Doctor refocused his efforts on reverse engineering the Kotturuh's power to render them mortal as well, taking Estinee and Fallomax back to Atharna to finalise his research. While he initially wanted to only grant them an ordinary lifespan, after the Kotturuh influenced Estinee to send the TARDIS forward in time to his appointed date and also kill Fallomax, and she killed herself to save him, the Doctor chose to give the Kotturuh a lifespan of just fifteen minutes to wipe them out, believing this would stop death at its source and rewrite time for the better as he declared himself the "Time Lord Victorious" again.

Adopting the ceremonial Time Lord robes of the Prydonian Chapter, the Doctor returned to his fleet for a final charge against the Kotturuh by sealing their power source at Mordeela. However, his fleet was confronted by his eighth and ninth incarnations, who arrived above Mordeela in a Dalek saucer and a Vampire coffin ship respectively, and attempted to convince him to stop. Dismissing them as Kotturuh illusions, the Doctor ordered his fleet to fire on Mordeela (PROSE: The Knight, The Fool and The Dead [+]Loading...["The Knight, The Fool and The Dead (novel)"]) destroying the planet. In the ensuing Battle of Mordeela, the Tenth Doctor's fleet was either destroyed by the Daleks and the vampires or forced to flee. While he was able to negotiate a cease fire with his other incarnations in a telepathic contact, the Eighth and Ninth Doctors were unable to make their forces stand down, and the Tenth Doctor escaped in his flagship, the only surviving ship of his fleet, in the confusion after he managed to seal the gateway to the Kotturuh's realm. (PROSE: All Flesh is Grass [+]Loading...["All Flesh is Grass (novel)"]) Afterwards, he connected the TARDIS to the ship's damaged engines to supply them with power, (AUDIO: The Minds of Magnox [+]Loading...["The Minds of Magnox (audio story)"]) and named the flagship the HMS Donna. (PROSE: All Flesh is Grass [+]Loading...["All Flesh is Grass (novel)"])

Wanting to do some good, the Doctor wandered alone to a desert planet. Brian tracked him down and saved him from being fed on by ghosts, who had tricked the Doctor into believing he had managed to save their species. (COMIC: Tales of the Dark Times [+]Loading...["Tales of the Dark Times (comic story)"]) With Brian in tow, the Doctor headed to Magnox to finding out if he had truly done the right thing in taking out the Kotturuh. While Brian went off to explore on his own, the Doctor received help from Bibliocrat Peschell in finding the Council of Minds to ask his question, but the Minds laughed at his question and refused to answer. When the Kotturuh arrived on Magnox demanding the Minds tell them how to defeat the Doctor, Brian killed the Minds to fulfil a recent contract, and the Doctor used their technology to temporarily halt the Kotturuh before they could attack Magnox, giving him time to send out an evacuation order, taking the Magnoxians to Islos in the flagship. (AUDIO: The Minds of Magnox [+]Loading...["The Minds of Magnox (audio story)"])

When Brian convinced him to acquire new weapons for their ship, the Doctor took him to Entranxis to meet the Death Brokers, who showed them a vampire they had captured named Ikalla, but the Eighth and Ninth Doctors interrupted the meeting to liberate Ikalla. The Daleks and the Kotturuh then attacked, and the Tenth Doctor returned to the Donna with Brian and the Eighth Doctor. As they left the planet, they witnessed the Daleks destroy the Kotturuh ship before the Ninth Doctor arrived with Ikalla, but they quickly left to help the Kotturuh. Searching for a way to stop the Daleks, the Eighth and Tenth Doctors found a damaged coffin ship the Daleks had attacked and learnt from the surviving Bloodsman that they had captured a Great Vampire, and infiltrated a Dalek saucer with Brian the Ood and Gelsin the Bloodsman, where the Tenth Doctor and Gelsin discovered the Dalek Prime Strategist and Dalek Scientist experimenting on the Great Vampire, extracting its DNA and adding it to a Dalek mutant to create the Dalek Symbiont. The Strategist revealed it knew the Doctor was there, but the Doctors escaped with Gelsin in the confusion caused by the experiment draining the saucer's power, leaving Brian behind.

The Doctors used the Donna to destroy a Dalek scout ship sent to attack Birinji and reunited with the Ninth Doctor in a biodome on the planet, where they were introduced to Inyit, the last of the Kotturuh, and the Tenth Doctor realised the Kotturuh were not the great evil he had believed them to be. Brian contacted the Doctors to inform them he had discovered the Daleks planned to destroy Gallifrey before the rise of the Time Lords, and the Doctors together mounted a defence of Gallifrey, with the Tenth Doctor rescuing Brian from the Daleks. However, even with the Free Undead, the Doctors were unable to stop the Daleks' army of undead drones with Symbiont DNA, so prepared to collide the flagship with the saucer, in the hopes of the ensuing paradox wiping out the Daleks, but were prevented from doing so when Inyit used her final judgement to wipe out the Symbiont and the hybrids, ending the Daleks' assault as they panicked, fearing the judgement may spread to pure Dalek DNA, allowing the Eighth Doctor to sneak aboard with the aid of a Bloodsman. There, he used a remote detonator to trigger an explosive Brian had left in the saucer's engine room, forcing the saucer into the Time Vortex and away from the Dark Times. As they left the Donna to burn up in Gallifrey's atmosphere, the Ninth and Tenth Doctors returned to Birinji, only to find Inyit had already passed away, with the Tenth Doctor finally expressing his remorse for what he had done. The Doctors reflected that death would now spread entirely naturally and the Tenth Doctor agreed that, though he approved of the change, he had gone too far and would not rewrite history any further. After Brian decided to stay with the Free Undead, who were settling on Birinji, the Tenth Doctor departed the Dark Times alone. (PROSE: All Flesh is Grass [+]Loading...["All Flesh is Grass (novel)"])

Delaying his fate

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Info from A Brave New World [+]Loading...["A Brave New World (audio story)"] & The Last Voyage [+]Loading...["The Last Voyage (audio story)"] needs to be added

The Doctor with his fourth incarnation. (AUDIO: Out of Time [+]Loading...["Out of Time (audio story)"])

Trying to avoid his future, the Doctor visited the Magellan World and saw a door to the Cathedral of Contemplation. He went to the Cathedral and, out of curiosity, broke a barrier intending to stop timelines to cross and bumped into his fourth incarnation. As a punishment for his behaviour, the Abbess confiscated his sonic screwdriver. When the Daleks attacked the Cathedral, the two Doctors brought the pilgrims to safety. The Tenth Doctor tried to prevent his earlier self from confronting the Daleks, but he was unsuccessful, so he stayed to help the pilgrims get out of the place by making them crawl through the air ducts, after Kivell had given him back the sonic.

As he was doing that, he had a vision of the Fourth Doctor being imprisoned by the Daleks and forced to try and move the Cathedral. He reached him and joined him to the console, so that the combined efforts of their two minds could be successful in moving the place through space and time. The two Doctors first arranged for the pilgrims to get out safe and alive, then directed the time corridor to Earth, 5,000,000,000, thus leading the Daleks to their destruction. Released by Jora, the two Doctors then managed to escape and trap the Dalek Supreme in the collapsing cathedral. As he prepared to leave in his TARDIS, the Fourth Doctor encouraged his tenth incarnation to find a new companion, inspiring the Tenth Doctor to continue delaying his trip to the Ood Sphere. Afterwards, the Doctor stayed at the Festival of the Phosphorous Carousel. (AUDIO: Out of Time [+]Loading...["Out of Time (audio story)"])

The Doctor noticed the Time Agency placing Galaxy L-10 in a time lock, erasing it from time, and went to confront them. Time Marshal Barnes refused to listen to his pleas and had him arrested, however he quickly escaped and discovered the device they'd used to achieve the erasure, the Hourglass, which Barnes revealed was based on a Time Lord weapon, the "galaxy eater" and she had erased the galaxy on its prediction there was a 96% chance of time travel experiments there destabilising the universe. She had him imprisoned again but feared he'd still manage to reverse her success and ordered his placement in a time lock. The Doctor appealed to the Hourglass, knowing it would have a conscience from the weapon it was based on, and it took him inside it's core where he could further modify it to get grant it more autonomy and reversed the erasure of L-10. As the reversal occurred, he confronted Barnes again and she ordered an Agent, Alison, to destroy the Hourglass before the reversal was complete. He convinced Alison to disobey and decided to name the galaxy after her. He then left with Alison to take her to guide the time travel experiments to avert disaster, warning Barnes that time always won and the Agency would likely disappear one day. (AUDIO: The Shattered Hourglass [+]Loading...["The Shattered Hourglass (audio story)"])

Planning on going to the Majestic hotel in Paris 1922, the Doctor was dragged to 1944 by a temporal anomaly. He went down to the catacombs but remembered his previous excursion there. He relived his previous excursion and the paradox happened to allow the Cybermen to fully invade. Travelling back to the 18th century with his past self, they learnt that the Cyber technology that was part of the legends in the new timeline. Tracing where the cyber technology entered the timeline to 1761 they made sure that Joseph Delon was too emotional to except the cyber implant. Back in 1944, the Doctor discovered that his TARDIS was missing. (AUDIO: The Gates of Hell [+]Loading...["The Gates of Hell (audio story)"])

The Doctor took a pop-up add from the psychic paper, and landed on Thoros-Beta, where the TARDIS landed on an angry Mentor named Gom. (COMIC: Psychic Paper Inc Claims Department [+]Loading...["Psychic Paper Inc Claims Department (comic story)"])

The TARDIS didn't want to take him the the Archus Neblula and encountered some time distortions leading them to Lucidus Silvara. He encountered the Sixth Doctor. They learnt from Estra and Padilla about the army of Weeping Angels outside the city, and that Dax moved inside. He used his site to save Estra and Padilla, before he was zapped back in time. He got the Angel who took Dax's voice to look into the heart of the TARDIS paralysing him and it's offspring. (AUDIO: Wink [+]Loading...["Wink (audio story)"])

The Doctor visited 1958 America, where he accidentally activated a piece of "space junk" from a UFO crash, drawing the attention of the Alliance of Shades. Escaping with Cassie Rice and Jimmy Stalkingwolf, the Doctor was attacked by a Viperox battle drone, which was promptly blown up by the United States military. The three were taken to Area 51, where they met Colonel Stark, who dismissed the Doctor's warnings about the Viperox, and attempted to have the Doctor and his new friends mind-wiped. The attempt was unsuccessful, and the trio soon escaped, discovering a small grey alien named Seruba Velak along the way.

They fled to the town of Solitude, where Jimmy was kidnapped by the Viperox. After tracking him down, the Doctor and Cassie found a Viperox Queen before escaping with Jimmy into the desert, where they were confronted by the Alliance of Shades, who were destroyed by Jimmy's grandfather, Night Eagle, and his tribe. Night Eagle took them to Rivesh Mantilax, the husband of Seruba. Colonel Stark captured them all and took them back to Area 51, where the Doctor and Rivesh escaped with the "space junk", which was actually a weapon capable of destroying the Viperox. The Doctor was cornered on the roof by the Colonel, but convinced him to turn against the Viperox, and managed to stop them invading America with the TARDIS. He departed soon after, leaving Cassie and Jimmy with the job of rebuilding the town following the Viperox attack and also encouraged them to start dating. (TV: Dreamland [+]Loading...["Dreamland (TV story)"])

The Doctor watched a solar eclipse in the Arctic in 2019, (COMIC: Arctic Eclipse [+]Loading...["Arctic Eclipse (comic story)"]) and, whilst in 4041 Washington DC, encountered the Klytode, and stopped him from gaining presidency for Earth by turning his invasion force of androids against him. (COMIC: Return of the Klytode [+]Loading...["Return of the Klytode (comic story)"])

The Doctor stopped Larry Haxton from exploiting a stranded Thrunn creature in one of his film productions, (COMIC: Creature Feature [+]Loading...["Creature Feature (comic story)"]) and saved a space frontier town called Dustville from a beast. (COMIC: Mudshock [+]Loading...["Mudshock (comic story)"])

Meeting Gabby Gonzalez

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Info from The Weeping Angels of Mons [+]Loading...["The Weeping Angels of Mons (comic story)"] needs to be added

Arriving in 21st century Brooklyn, the Doctor met a young art enthusiast named Gabby Gonzalez. Together, they fought off an invasion of Cerebravores on the Day of the Dead, which resulted in the complete and utter destruction of Gabby's family laundromat. Afterwards, Gabby begged the Doctor to take her to see the universe, with the Doctor agreeing to take her on one trip after she told him "no song should end too soon". (COMIC: Revolutions of Terror [+]Loading...["Revolutions of Terror (comic story)"])

For her first journey in the TARDIS, the Doctor took Gabby to the No-Gallery of Ouloumos, where they discovered that a block transfer artist, Zhe Ikiyuyu, was missing from the gallery, having been exiled to her private moon. While investigating in her retreat, Zhe's apprentice, in conflicting male and female forms, menaced the Doctor and Gabby before Zhe awakened from her stasis and pulled them into her, revealing they had been conflicting aspects of her personal psyche. Impressed by Gabby's skills in the crisis, the Doctor decided to allow her to be a full-time companion. (COMIC: The Arts in Space [+]Loading...["The Arts in Space (comic story)"])

The Doctor and Gabby make a hasty escape. (COMIC: Echo [+]Loading...["Echo (comic story)"])

Returning to Brooklyn so Gabby could see her family, the Doctor discovered a mysterious increase in noise pollution throughout the city. He used the sonic screwdriver to deduce the noise increase was a cry for help from the Echoes, beings of living sound that were being hunted by Shreekers, who were enslaving them to harvest their energy for weaponry. Escaping back to the TARDIS on a moped, the Doctor and Gabby travelled to the Empire State Building, where the Doctor began tuning the mass to absorb the sonic chaos of the Echoes and expel it at the Shereeker ship. However, a Shreeker knocked the Doctor away. As it taunted Gabby, Gabby grabbed the screwdriver and used it to finish the calculations, destroying the Shreekers and their ship. The Echoes flew away, thanking Gabby for freeing them. (COMIC: Echo [+]Loading...["Echo (comic story)"])

After a brief trip to a planet going through a "rainy season", the Doctor took Gabby to the TARDIS's Laundro de-mat to get their clothes cleaned. However, he forgot his sonic screwdriver was in his jacket, resulting in it and the TARDIS's telepathic field creating a mud avatar that returned the screwdriver to him, and resulted in the Doctor's pinstripes being swapped with the flower patterns on Gabby's shirt. (COMIC: Laundro-Room of Doom [+]Loading...["Laundro-Room of Doom (comic story)"])

After he received a cloaked signal on his sonic screwdriver, the Doctor used the GPS on Gabby's phone to pinpoint the signal, and learnt it was from an auction in the city. While Gabby went to meet with her friend, Cindy Wu, the Doctor attended the auction, where he became suspicious of a mysterious artefact that had already been auctioned off. As he attempted to send a message to UNIT to stop the auction, the Doctor was attacked by Cleopatra Hunsicker, who had noticed his suspicion and demanded his help in acquiring the artefact. The Doctor agreed and the two tracked the artefact to an apartment in the east upper side of Manhattan, where they found it was in the possession of Dorothy Bell. Cleo took control of the artefact and revealed it was used to regress age, using it to regressing Dorothy's assistant, Vivian, to a baby. When the Doctor tried to stop her, Cleo used the artefact on him, regressing him back into his previous incarnation.

Dorothy fought for control over the artefact with Cleo, breaching the time field and causing a burst of energy that knocked everyone out. Cleo awoke first, and escaped with the artefact. The Doctor woke up to find that his and Vivian's ages had been restored, but Dorothy was dead. Vivian revealed that she was aware of the artefact's properties and had hoped to use it to preserve Dorothy's life. Dorothy's body, which was still connected to the artefact's power field, suddenly began levitating as Gabby and Cindy entered the apartment, having tracked the Doctor via Gabby's superphone. Dorothy's body let out pulses of energy, and when it stopped, she had been regressed in age and had powers of matter transmutation. (COMIC: The Fountains of Forever [+]Loading...["The Fountains of Forever (comic story)"])

Having become a quantum harvester, Dorothy flew away St John's Hospital to use her new powers to build the hospital's new wing, with the Doctor, Gabby and Cindy in close pursuit. As Cindy tried to talk to Dorothy, the Doctor was approached again by Cleo, who had brought her associates, Erik Ulfriksson and Hanif, from her religious cult with her. They were under the belief the artefact could be used to communicate with the gods. Afraid of the mentioning of gods, Dorothy flew away, taking Gabby with her, while the Doctor, Cindy and the cult decided to team up to track her down.

They tracked Dorothy to the Empire State Building, where she was using her powers to rebuild the city, while a mysterious force captured the Doctor, Cindy and the cult and sent them to a vessel. The Doctor deduced that the "gods" were the Osirans, and that the vessel was a remnant of their civilisation. The force, calling itself "the Seeker", detected Gabby and Dorothy and beamed them to the vessel as well, but then dispensed the Doctor and Cindy back on Earth. Cindy demanded that she be allowed to help, so the Doctor reluctantly agreed to take her to the TARDIS. They travelled to the Osiran mothership, which was where the vessel was located. They exited to find Gabby, Dorothy and the cult frozen and suspended, and were confronted by Anubis. (COMIC: Spiral Staircase [+]Loading...["Spiral Staircase (comic story)"])

Anubis's servant deduced that Dorothy, with her new powers, was the manifestation of the key of Horus, and Anubis revealed that he was trying to build a gateway to follow his fellow Osirans to a four-dimensional universe. The Doctor, however, knew that the gateway would create a catastrophic ripple effect that would destroy N-Space. Erik, feeling betrayed from his beliefs, attacked Anubis, and the servants responded by killing Hanif. The Doctor healed Anubis of his injuries in a bid to make him see sense, but Anubis still planned on going through the gate. As the misalignment of the circle of transcendence and the mothership widened, the Doctor finally persuaded Anubis to delay his journey by reminding him he had defeated his father, Sutekh, and that he was nothing like him. Anubis agreed to delay his journey by five thousand life cycles, and Dorothy decided to stay behind with him. The Doctor returned Cindy, Cleo and Erik to Earth and set off for further adventures with Gabby. (COMIC: Sins of the Father [+]Loading...["Sins of the Father (comic story)"])

Working for Anubis

The Doctor and Gabby visited 1923 Paris, where they thwarted a Cyberman plot to raid the French Gold Reserves. Passing a cafe in the aftermath, the Doctor asked Gabby to order some crepes while he disposed of a leftover Cyberman head. Returning to the café, the Doctor ran into his eleventh incarnation and they both met the Twelfth Doctor. When the three Doctors barged into the café to confront each other, Gabby and the other Doctors' companions, Alice Obiefune and Clara Oswald, explained what an alternative Gabby from a bad future had said and the six attempted to plan a way to avoid the original timeline. Realising that the picture still existed of the three Doctors arguing, they decided that going to Marinus was still part of the new timeline, and the three left Paris calmly, avoiding the Blinovitch Limitation Effect that summoned the Reapers and destroyed the café.

On Marinus, the Doctors posed for the picture and purposefully fell into the continuity bomb, entering the Eleventh Doctor's alternate timeline and used the TARDIS to go to the Voord's pocket universe. Met with Voord soldiers, the Twelfth Doctor pretended to be his alternate self to gain authority, but a Voord soldier, believing the deception, connected the Twelfth Doctor to the Voord's group mind, while the Tenth Doctor and Gabby ran to the city's environmental unit. When the Twelfth Doctor found his alternate self to powerful to fight alone, he summoned the others to help him. Inside the group mind, the Tenth Doctor turned off the city's force field, threatening to wipe them out with acid lest he change the timeline, and the Eleventh Doctor reprogramed the dimensional controls to return the Voord to the main universe. After Clara apologised to him, the alternate Twelfth Doctor agreed and let history take its normal course, regressing the Voord and Marinus back to their primitive evolution. The deed done, the Tenth Doctor spoke his regret at taking the Voords' development from them, and the Eleventh Doctor said he would arrange for them to receive support and advice from the wider community of species.

Back in Paris, the six considered eating at the café, until they saw the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler seated inside, with the Tenth Doctor agreeing when his twelfth incarnation theorised that the Ninth Doctor had been left out of the plot due to there being no timeline where he was "anything but fantastic." The groups departed, with the eleventh and tenth incarnations aware they would lose their memories of the event, but that Gabby and Alice would not. (COMIC: Four Doctors [+]Loading...["Four Doctors (comic story)"])

The Doctor and Gabby visited the planet of Wupatki, a world in which humans lived and worked with the alien Shan'tee, perceived as living music. The Doctor took Gabby to the Presley Foundation to meet one, but they found that the Shan'tee were succumbing to a plague threatening their extinction and mutating them into beasts. The Doctor found that the source of the plague came from an Earth song transmitted through the network. Upon discovering this, thousands of Bovodrines came stampeding towards the foundation centre. He rushed off to shut down the source of the signal, leaving Gabby in the centre as the Bovodrines closed in. On Waystation Terra, the Doctor located the original song and used it to cure the Shan'tee, returning Wupatki to its blissful state. However, as he and Gabby set off in the TARDIS, they received a message from Anubis, who reminded the Doctor he was still waiting for a solution to return to his universe. (COMIC: The Singer Not the Song [+]Loading...["The Singer Not the Song (comic story)"])

The Doctor and Gabby next travelled to the Pleistocene era, where they were captured by antigrave discs and registered as "undesirable". They were dropped to the ground, where the Doctor cushioned Gabby's fall, but was knocked unconscious. He awoke to find himself in the company of a healer named Munmeth. Munmeth told them that the discs had attacked and abducted his clan, and the Doctor and Gabby joined him to help. They arrived to find the clan had been taken, and the discs attacked them again and took them. Gabby fell from hers but was rescued by a nearby ship. The Doctor and Munmeth were deposited in various environments and confronted by various others, who were being forced to fight them. The Doctor deduced that the plan had been orchestrated by the Monaxi, a race seeking to sell the prehistoric humans. He confronted their leader, Iktra, who was overpowered by the humans and a group of bounty hunters who had rescued Gabby. Iktra, however, refused to concede defeat and summoned his true employers within a time bridge, sucking everyone in and away. (COMIC: Medicine Man [+]Loading...["Medicine Man (comic story)"])

The group were warped into a cosmic death match in the Arena of Fear and had their memories manipulated to repeatedly fight. The Doctor and his party, however, avoided the manipulation by undergoing a voluntary sensory retreat to retain their minds. Following clues left in Gabby's sketchbook, Jack Harkness, Cindy, Cleo and Erik entered the death match and allowed the Doctor to regain his senses. They encountered the true employer of the Monaxi, Mister Ebonite, who revealed he was abducting the humans for their life energy. As the death matches went on, the Doctor assisted his friends in retaining their memories to avoid going to battle. Gabby and the bounty hunters, who had been captured and possessed by Ebonite, attacked them to gain their energy. The Doctor, however, managed to bring Gabby back to her senses by showing her the Shan'tee's musical portrait of her. With her remaining power, Gabby attacked Ebonite, causing him to activate an emergency scale change, revealing that they had been shrunken in a miniature environment beneath the Rockefeller Center. Ebonite split into multiple tiny clones, which ran off, vowing revenge. Munmeth decided that his remaining Neanderthal kind could live out in another world, and the Doctor suggested to Jack that he start a new group with Cleo and Erik's cult. The Doctor and Gabby left in the TARDIS, deciding to allow Cindy to join them as well. (COMIC: Arena of Fear [+]Loading...["Arena of Fear (comic story)"])

While settling Cindy into the TARDIS, the Doctor began work on a new rift detector. In his tinkering, he accidently "deleted" Cindy's bedroom. (COMIC: Lady of the Blue Box [+]Loading...["Lady of the Blue Box (comic story)"])

Intending to head to London, the TARDIS instead brought the Doctor, Gabby and Cindy to the English village of Dewsbury, where the TARDIS trio learned of a mysterious curse in the town surrounding a witch. Investigating the curse, the Doctor entered a cave, where he discovered the "witch" was a creature that had come through a window into the Time Vortex. He accidentally scared it, causing it to attack the town in a feeding frenzy, stealing people's psyches. Reuniting with his companions, the Doctor worked to dispel the witch by using a time scope to track back the witch's origin point. The witch fused itself with the Doctor's mind, revealing to him that it was the remnants of ancient Gallifreyan children trapped in the Untempered Schism. The witch was then dragged back into the Time Vortex, restoring the residents of Dewsbury to normal, but the Doctor was left haunted by the experience as he and his companions left in the TARDIS. (COMIC: The Wishing Well Witch [+]Loading...["The Wishing Well Witch (comic story)"])

The trio decided to go to New Orleans for a holiday, but the TARDIS's plasmic cohesion came under pressure as it travelled in the vortex, forcing the Doctor to engage its inhibitors. The TARDIS stabilised, but Cindy was transported to another area. The Doctor discovered that the TARDIS was containing miniature bubble dimensions, one of which was containing Cindy, who was being chased by a creature. He ordered Gabby to re-enter the TARDIS into the vortex to break the connection of the dimensions, as he dragged Cindy back in. The Doctor deduced that it had been a deliberate attack on the TARDIS, which Gabby determined could only have been orchestrated by Anubis. The Doctor produced the Eye of Horus in the event that Anubis attacked them again. (COMIC: The Infinite Corridor [+]Loading...["The Infinite Corridor (comic story)"])

The trio arrived in New Orleans in the "Jazz Age", where they spent two weeks having a holiday. While Gabby and Cindy enjoyed themselves, the Doctor remained withdrawn in the TARDIS, though he would still join them for dinner every night. Encouraging him to have an evening off, Gabby and Cindy brought him to a jazz concert where they discovered that several musicians in the area had mysteriously been losing their ability to play. Investigating, the Doctor and Gabby discovered the Nocturnes were responsible and harvesting the musical abilities to power themselves, having possessed musicians Roscoe Ruskin and Paradisa to harvest their abilities. The Nocturnes used the energy to shape themselves into the form of a giant monster. The Doctor encouraged other musicians to play music to weaken the monster, but it had the result of making it stronger instead. (COMIC: The Jazz Monster [+]Loading...["The Jazz Monster (comic story)"])

The Doctor determined that noise amplitude could affect the monster. Gabby used the Wupatki's music box music to weaken the monster, which then collapsed the incubation field. Using powers left over from Ebonite's control of her, Gabby shielded herself, the Doctor and Cindy at the last second, but everyone else in the club was killed. Gabby apologised to the Doctor for keeping the powers secret from him. The Doctor and Gabby travelled to Chicago so that they could stop Roscoe and Paradisa from recording an album while still under the Nocturnes' influence. Using Gabby's music box from the Shan-Tee, the Doctor overloaded the Nocturnes with centuries of music. Fuelled by his love of Paradisa, Roscoe attacked the Nocturnes with his trumpet, overloading and destroying it, but killing himself in the process. The Doctor, Gabby and Paradisa returned to New Orleans for Cindy, who was extremely upset at Roscoe's death. (COMIC: Music Man [+]Loading...["Music Man (comic story)"])

The Doctor dropped Gabby and Cindy off at Sunset Park so that Cindy could recover from Roscoe's death. During this time, the Doctor looked in on Cleo and they shared several adventures together, including attending the Ogrons poet society and visiting the Guild of Unfeasible Mirthcasters. (COMIC: Revolving Doors [+]Loading...["Revolving Doors (comic story)"])

Joined by Noobis

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Info from Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth [+]Loading...["Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth (comic story)"] & Vortex Butterflies [+]Loading...["Vortex Butterflies (comic story)"] needs to be added

The Doctor spent some time in the Garden of Osiris. While he attempted to help the Seeker seal certain Keyhole Anomalies surrounding the Circle of Transcendence, the Doctor, Gabby, Cindy and Noobis were attacked by a consciousness from another dimension at the last moment that it could have passed through. Placed in a virtual reality, the Doctor slept for several days before waking up beside a fellow-homeless man named Boris. Noting an over-arching building known as the department store, the Doctor decided to travel there with Boris. Along the way, he witnessed first-hand the ferocity of a species known as the Wraiths, who attacked and killed another civilian.

Around the same time, Cindy was able to break free of her reality, causing the Doctor's to slip slightly. He fell from a hanging draw-bridge, although he suddenly could remember Cindy. Preparing to be attacked by the Wraiths, the Doctor was shocked to see his hand snap open much like that of an Auton. Awakening in another reality, duplicates of Cindy and Gabby attempted to sell him a new sonic screwdriver alongside a new TARDIS. However, he was broken by the trance when the real Cindy shifted into the new reality and took control of the faux Cindy. He soon shifted back to his initial world, alongside Boris. The Doctor rushed to the department store, which he recognised as the link between all of the realities.

Stopped at the department store's security gates, the Doctor and Boris were quickly identified as rejects and were chased by security. The Doctor began to lightly wake in the real world, surrounded by dead duplicates of his previous incarnations. Cindy soon arrived and helped him break free using his sonic screwdriver, and they were able to free the rest of the group. Escaping their trapped environment, the crew discovered that they were inside a massive organic red hull which had scanned and duplicated the TARDIS' police box form. The Seeker explained that outside the shuttle only moments had passed since they were attacked, and while the team began to try and decode the situation, the Jade TARDIS grabbed Cindy with one of its tentacles and dematerialised. (COMIC: Breakfast at Tyranny's [+]Loading...["Breakfast at Tyranny's (comic story)"])

During their travels together, the Doctor, Gabby, Cindy and Noobis encountered fake Cybermen that re-enact the Cyber-Wars, visited a world where fruit was used currency, and also visited the Xenopsychology Library of Aramuko. Noobis decided to take a break from travelling in the TARDIS in order to stay on Aramuko. (COMIC: Vortex Butterflies [+]Loading...["Vortex Butterflies (comic story)"])

Final travels with Gabby and Cindy

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Info from Vortex Butterflies [+]Loading...["Vortex Butterflies (comic story)"], The Good Companion [+]Loading...["The Good Companion (comic story)"] & Catch a Falling Star [+]Loading...["Catch a Falling Star (comic story)"] needs to be added

The Doctor, Gabby, and Cindy are surrounded by Zoroniss. (COMIC: The Long Con [+]Loading...["The Long Con (comic story)"])

When the Cybermen allied with Rassilon to take over history, the Doctor was made the Field Marshal of the Last Great Sontaran War Fleet by the Sontaran-Prime after he, Gabby and Cindy were captured by Sontarans at Cosmomart. As the Prime showed the Doctor his fleet, the Cybermen attacked Sontar with CyberKings, using Gallifreyan technology to ambush the Sontarans, with the Sontaran-Prime sacrificing his life to shield the Doctor. While Gabby and Cindy caused a diversion with a Sontaran scout ship, apparently at the cost of their lives, the Doctor commandeered a CyberKing and wired himself into the Cyberiad. Channelling his rage, the Doctor attacked the Cybermen until a Cyber-Ark appeared and began a planetary conversion, only for everything to revert back to normal. Still able to remember the events when everyone else forgot, the Doctor looked on suspiciously as Gabby and Cindy shopped in Cosmomart. (COMIC: Supremacy of the Cybermen [+]Loading...["Supremacy of the Cybermen (comic story)"])

The Doctor, Gabby, and Cindy visited the road to Parthia in 111, and stopped the Zoroniss from taking over the world. During this adventure, a word-rider flew inside the Doctor's body. (COMIC: The Long Con [+]Loading...["The Long Con (comic story)"])

After hearing that his old friend Plex had passed away, the Doctor went to pay his respects on Plex's adopted home planet, where he, Gabby and Cindy found a message Plex had left for the Doctor, asking him to erase him from the memories of his clones so they could grow as a species without his influence. (COMIC: The Promise [+]Loading...["The Promise (FCBD comic story)"])

While telling Gabby and Cindy of his past adventures, the Doctor saw his third incarnation being consumed by white energy as their TARDISes briefly merged, forcing his TARDIS to use an emergency temporal displacement and encountered a temporal funnel and extreme gravitational stresses that pulled the TARDIS to Poseidon, a space station mining energy from Hades' Helix in the late Expansion Era. As they gained entry by pretending to be inspectors, the Doctor fixed the shields of the station, just as it was attacked by Cybermen that were possessed by the same white energy he saw attacking the Third Doctor. As the crew of Poseidon evacuated, the Doctor realised there was an intelligence behind the attack. As they returned to the TARDIS, the Doctor noticed that the white energy had begun consuming the local space, and he, Gabby and Cindy left as the station self-destructed, but were caught in one of the white energy's tendrils, dragging the TARDIS off-course. The TARDIS merged with the that of the Twelfth Doctor at St Luke's University in 2017, where the Tenth Doctor was reunited with Jenny. Strategising with his future self, the Doctors and Jenny ejected themselves from the TARDIS, only to be surrounded by a mob of possessed students, but they were saved by the Ninth Doctor as a massive white hole opened in the sky.

Joined by Gabby, Cindy, Bill Potts and Nardole, the three Doctors ran into the Ninth Doctor's TARDIS, but found that all three of their ships had merged before the craft began being consumed by the white energy that the Doctors had now traced to the Void. When the Eighth Doctor arrived, he revealed that all of his past incarnations were also trapped in the Void. Leaving their eighth incarnation to safeguard Earth, the other Doctors flew into the Void in Jenny's bowship and discovered that the disruption to the universe was being caused by a Type 1 TARDIS that their eleventh incarnation had failed to correctly pilot. After being updated by the Eleventh Doctor to his situation, the other Doctors realised that the Type 1 could be made to listen to another TARDIS, linking it to the prior versions of their ship and having it jettison all that it had consumed, but remaining behind in the Void. The Tenth Doctor, Gabby and Cindy were then returned to their proper place by the Ninth Doctor. (COMIC: The Lost Dimension [+]Loading...["The Lost Dimension (comic story)"])

Following a distress signal to a 31st century spaceship in the Spiral Head Nebula, the Doctor, Gabby and Cindy found themselves in the middle of an Earth-Corp weapons test of a Kirlian Field Harness. After nullifying the test and bringing the lone survivor, Erica Kelly, back to Earth, the Doctor, Gabby and Cindy witnessed Kelly make the first step towards changing Earth-Corp for the better. (COMIC: The Ghost Ship [+]Loading...["The Ghost Ship (comic story)"])

While disarming an alien bomb in the British Museum, the Doctor fell into a booby trap and was poisoned by Praxis gas, but he was saved when Gabby and Cindy called upon Nurse Elizabeth Garrett Anderson to concoct a remedy. In return for her treating him, the Doctor took Anderson to the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries to begin her career as England's first female doctor. (COMIC: Nurse Who? [+]Loading...["Nurse Who? (comic story)"])

The Doctor, Gabby, Cindy, Noobis and Cleo saved Aramuko from the Red Carnivorous Maw. (TV: The End of Time [+]Loading...["The End of Time (TV story)"], COMIC: The Good Companion [+]Loading...["The Good Companion (comic story)"])

Trapped in the past

Whilst visiting Bury St Edmunds, the Doctor suddenly found himself transported to a crashed spaceship on Mira, where he encountered Anya Kingdom. Once he convinced her of his identity, he discovered she was part of a Space Security Service team investigating the crash, discovering that Visians had killed the survivors and were picking off Anya's team. They were saved by Mark Seven and they escaped back to the retrieval team's ship. Mark explained he was currently investigating George Sheldrake, who was preparing to unveil his time tunnels to the public. Concerned about the risks of mass time travel and wondering if Sheldrake was connected to his abduction, the Doctor agreed to help. (AUDIO: Buying Time [+]Loading...["Buying Time (audio story)"])

On Earth, the trio tried in vain to access Sheldrake's building and encountered a pastor, in actuality the Nun in disguise. At the SSS headquarters, the Doctor was disturbed when surveillance of Sheldrake revealed he had a piece of Gallifreyan technology. Whilst Anya and Mark went to request a warrant to search Sheldrake's building, the Doctor was attacked by the Nun who stunned him and imprisoned him in her TARDIS. After impersonating and using the SSS investigation to reclaim her technology, the Nun returned to in her TARDIS and taunted the Doctor, revealing her identity which lead to him realising he had been pulled back to the universe before the Time War. She ignored his warnings about the temporal cataclysm that would unfold if Sheldrake activated his tunnels without her component, and reluctantly took him back to Earth when his warnings were proven right. He used Sheldrake's technology to stabilise the Vortex, however the Nun refused to help him any further and fled. The Doctor used the technology to contact Anya and she came to his aid. He realised he needed to abduct himself from Bury St Edmunds to correct the timeline and resisted the urge to use the time tunnels to save anyone else. The crisis resolved, he prepared to use the SSS' time machine to return to the TARDIS, forgiving Anya as he said goodbye, however a Dalek intercepted his time bubble and destroyed the machine, leaving him stranded. (AUDIO: The Wrong Woman [+]Loading...["The Wrong Woman (audio story)"])

The Doctor set off with Anya and Mark to locate the inventor of the SSS' time machine, Arborecc, who was missing, in hopes of him providing a way for him to return to his time. Whilst they were waiting at a spaceport, they were caught in a pirate attack, armed with unusual guns, and fled in an escape pod. They were retrieved and brought to Neptune by Anya's grandfather, Merrick Kingdom. The Doctor encouraged Anya to reconnect with her grandfather and discovered her family history, including her relationship with his former companion Sara. He and Mark discovered Merrick was growing Varga plants beneath his villa, exposing his plot with Abigail Crane to make guns armed with Varga venom which they'd witnessed being demonstrated at the spaceport. Abigail decided to dispose of the Doctor and Mark by placing them in the path of Mechonoids clearing the landscape for colonisation, however the Doctor reprogrammed the Mechonoids and sent them to save Anya from Abigail's flier, which had crashed due to her fighting Abigail. The trio departed Neptune in a spaceship, however Mark fell under an outside influence and cut off the oxygen supply to render the Doctor and Anya unconscious. (AUDIO: The House of Kingdom [+]Loading...["The House of Kingdom (audio story)"])

The Doctor and Anya awoke to find Mark had landed the ship and followed his trail to a nearby research centre, ALARC. There the Doctor found Mark originated there and had fallen under the influence of a recall signal, discovering Mark's personal history. Investigating strange occurrences and a violent death led to the Doctor deducing all the human personnel had long left, being replaced by the androids assigned to mirror them for learning, and that one android was trapped in a loop of fleeing the facility, having their memory wiped by the security shstem and imprinting on native bears, leading to them violently lashing out upon being recalled to ALARC and fleeing again. They discovered the cause of the loop was Mariah Six, who was seeking a way to escape the security system. Mark forced her out of the facility, wiping her memory, and the Doctor and Anya left him to decide what to do with his fellow androids. After he decided to set them free as he had been, Mark revealed he had found a lead on Arborecc and they departed. (AUDIO: Cycle of Destruction [+]Loading...["Cycle of Destruction (audio story)"])

Tracing Arborecc to Beltos Station, the Doctor, Anya and Mark met its commanding officer, Major McLinn, who denied the scientist had ever been there. Feeling something was amiss, the Doctor went to explore a secret part of the station alone and found makeshift Daleks, which he quickly realised were fakes. McLinn discovered him and had a Dalek guard him. Talking to it, the Doctor realised there was an organic creature inside and opened its casing to discover it was the mutated form of Arborecc, to his horror. He furiously confronted the Major on his return, declaring the project would end now, so McLinn decided to resort to having him mutated. The Doctor sabotaged the time engine used for mutation and rallied the fake Daleks against McLinn, so no-one else would suffer as they had. In the ensuing chaos he stole the time engine and found Anya and Mark, who were being pursued by a confused fake Dalek who was formerly Mark's friend Fliss Keeley. Despite the Doctor's objections, Mark insisted on trying to talk Fliss down and in her confusion she exterminated him. The Doctor desperately attempted to save Mark, however Anya pulled him back to their ship as the facility was set to auto-destruct by the fake Daleks. (AUDIO: The Trojan Dalek [+]Loading...["The Trojan Dalek (audio story)"])

Hours after losing Mark, their ship's warp drive began malfunctioning so the Doctor had Anya pilot it towards the Gruad Confusion intending to attempt to make a time jump using the engine he'd stolen. As he prepared, an future version of the Doctor intervened warning him about flaws in his plan and together they devised a way to safely make entire the ship time jump, stabilising it. He and Anya began to remember an alternate timeline where they arrived in the Confusion and encountered the Lost. They realised their time jump had failed to take the Doctor back to the right side of the Time War, instead putting them in the middle of a skirmish between Dalek and Movellan ships, and their ship received a message: "Hello sweetie". (AUDIO: The Lost [+]Loading...["The Lost (audio story)"])

The Doctor and Anya's ship was ultimately caught by a magnetic force and landed on Mto, a planet formed by various spaceships put together, invisible to scanners. Here the travellers met Kamen Vers, a new type of Movellan designed to look and behave like a human, and his mother - River Song in disguise. The Doctor recognised her instantly, but she had been so long undercover that she was convinced of being a Movellan herself, initially resisting his attempts to awaken her conscience. Investigating the planet, the Doctor found out that Kamen had been pulling together the ships in the hope of finding his father; moreover, he also put tracking devices on the humans he saved, to prevent them from escaping. With the help of River and Anya, the Doctor was able to allow the escape of the humans, while leading Kamen Vers to overload his systems and explode. However, the Doctor and Anya remained trapped on the now desert Mto, where Daleks and Movellans were converging. River escaped using her vortex manipulator, but before that, she told the Doctor to look for "the First Movellan". (AUDIO: The First Son [+]Loading...["The First Son (audio story)"]) As Daleks and Movellans advanced into Mto, the Doctor used Kamen's technology to broadcast Anya's security codes, attracting the attention of a nearby Earth Protection Corps ship commanded by Colonel Keelan, which teleported them both aboard.

As the ship fled from the nearby warzone, the Doctor and Anya discovered it was transporting a prisoner in croygenic suspension - Davros. When a pursuing Dalek saucer caught the ship in a tractor beam, a crew member awoke Davros to the Doctor's horror. After protesting, the Doctor was locked in with Davros until Anya let them out. Keelan reluctantly let the Doctor take the controls when a Movellan fleet began attacking the Daleks, however damage to the ship in the escape caused it to crashland on a nearby planet - Kembel.

As they explored the devastated planet, the Doctor and Davros became separated from the others and were captured by Movellans who had traced them there. They were taken to the Prime Ship and introduced to the First Movellan, who the Doctor was shocked to recognise as Mark Seven. (AUDIO: The Dalek Defence [+]Loading...["The Dalek Defence (audio story)"]) Despite his efforts, Mark did not recognise the Doctor and decided to employ him and Davros to devise ways to counter the Daleks. As they worked, Davros taunted the Doctor about how through his friend Mark he too had created a warrior race. The Doctor was taken before the First Movellan just as Anya and Keelan infiltrated the rocket loaded with bombs from the Kembel faction of Daleks. The Movellans exposed their plot and threw the Doctor out to die with them, however the Dalek Supreme deactivated the bombs and had them captured. The Doctor deduced the purpose of the Kembel faction, realising they would have a time machine, and agreed to work with them to stop the Dalek-Movellan alliance which Davros had just announced via the pathweb. He led a team of Daleks to infiltrate the rocket whilst the Supreme and Anya went to meet Davros and the First Movellan under the pretex of accepting the alliance. The Doctor betrayed the Daleks he was leading, triggering an anti-Dalek defence of the rocket, and went in alone. He prevented a computer virus Davros had secretly infected the First Movellan with from broadcasting any further than Kembel and found the First Movellan, who had briefly remembered his time as Mark due to the virus. The Doctor comforted him before he reset and his memories were lost for good. As Earth Protection Corps began attacking Kembel, the Doctor reunited with Anya and Keelan and found they'd recaptured Davros. He told Keelan to make sure they took Davros went straight to prison and set off with Anya to find the Daleks' time machine. He offered to let her come with him permanently, to her delight, however the Supreme Dalek began attacking as they boarded, so Anya stayed behind to ensure his safe departure. Alone again, the Doctor used the time machine to return to the post-Time War universe and found his TARDIS. (AUDIO: The Triumph of Davros [+]Loading...["The Triumph of Davros (audio story)"])

Saving Gallifrey

The two Doctors negotiate a solution between humans and Zygons against the countdown of a nuclear option. (TV: The Day of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Day of the Doctor (TV story)"])

Whilst visiting Queen Elizabeth I in 1562, believing it to be an uneventful year, (AUDIO: The Triumph of Davros [+]Loading...["The Triumph of Davros (audio story)"]) the Doctor was forced to track down River Song to assist him in searching for a fugitive Zygon hive present in the Queen's court. With the help of River, who had expertise in dealing with Zygons, the Doctor discovered that the hive had been knocked onto Earth by a time eddy. After seven hours together with River, during which he bathed with her while fully clothed, (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Day of the Doctor (novelisation)"]) the Doctor tracked them down using a constructed device that went "ding" in their presence, along with many additional features. (TV: The Day of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Day of the Doctor (TV story)"]) The Doctor successfully infiltrated Elizabeth's court, but was thought to be a spy and was thus sentenced to torture and execution. For several months, the Doctor enchanted both the Queen and his torturer with tales from his travels, and the Queen grew fond enough of him to treat him as a confidant. When it came time for his execution, he was granted a day's pardon for a picnic with Elizabeth, which led him to believe she was a Zygon. (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Day of the Doctor (novelisation)"])

While having his picnic with Elizabeth, the Doctor proposed to her as a ploy to expose the Zygons, believing his theory to be correct when she eagerly accepted, but discovered that it was his horse that was the Zygon, and also realised that he had just got engaged to the real Queen of England. After the Zygon took on Elizabeth's form, and with his device unable to tell them apart, the Doctor was further perplexed when a time fissure appeared and a fez came through it, followed by the Eleventh Doctor. (TV: The Day of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Day of the Doctor (TV story)"]) Realising what was about to happen was connected to the outcome of the Time War, (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Day of the Doctor (novelisation)"]) the Tenth Doctor ordered both Queens away and he and the Eleventh Doctor tried to use their sonic screwdrivers at the same time to reverse the polarity of the wormhole, only for the War Doctor to enter the scene. One of the Queens, which the Doctors believed to be the Zygon, returned with royal guards and, after the Eleventh Doctor gave instructions to Clara Oswald, they allowed themselves to be captured and taken to the Tower of London.

At the Tower, the Eleventh Doctor scratched the activation code for Jack Harkness' vortex manipulator into a pillar, which Clara used to save them; the door having been left open. The Queen took them to show them that the Zygons put themselves into stasis in paintings to take over the planet at a future date and revealed herself to be the real Queen who was showing them so that they could defeat the Zygons in the future. Before the three Doctors and Clara travelled there, the Queen had the Tenth Doctor marry her. He promised to return, (TV: The Day of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Day of the Doctor (TV story)"]) but ultimately abandoned his marriage, causing her to declare him her enemy. (TV: The Shakespeare Code [+]Loading...["The Shakespeare Code (TV story)"])

Communicating with Kate Stewart with a space-time telegraph, the Doctors, unable to land the TARDIS in the Black Archive, placed themselves into the Gallifrey Falls No More painting after ensuring it went into the Archive and entered the Archive through it. There, the Doctors erased the memories of the humans and Zygons so that neither knew which was which and were forced to negotiate for peace, rather than set off the nuclear warhead to destroy the Archive and London. Seeing how their guilt had brokered peace, the War Doctor decided to go through with using the Moment to end the Time War.

Travelling to the War Doctor and the Moment, the tenth and eleventh incarnations accepted that the War Doctor's actions were inevitable, and decided to assist him in activating the Moment to destroy Gallifrey and end the Time War. Before they could activate the weapon, Clara convinced them to try to find another way, with the Eleventh Doctor coming up with a strategy that involved the Doctors summoning all of their incarnations to freeze Gallifrey in time and lock it in a pocket universe using the stasis cubes, saving it and causing the Daleks to destroy themselves in their own crossfire. After their plan succeeded, and bidding a farewell to the War Doctor at the National Gallery, the Tenth Doctor asked his successor what he was hiding from him, and the Eleventh Doctor told him about Trenzalore before the Tenth Doctor left. The Doctor lost all memory of saving Gallifrey with his other incarnations due to the timelines not being synchronised, (TV: The Day of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Day of the Doctor (TV story)"]) though he later recalled Queen Elizabeth I being his fiancée (AUDIO: Echoes of Extinction [+]Loading...["Echoes of Extinction (audio story)"]) and subsequently marrying her. (TV: The End of Time [+]Loading...["The End of Time (TV story)"])

Final adventures

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Info from Code of the Krillitanes [+]Loading...["Code of the Krillitanes (novel)"], Borrowed Time [+]Loading...["Borrowed Time (comic story)"], Dead Air [+]Loading...["Dead Air (audio story)"], The Cats of New Cairo [+]Loading...["The Cats of New Cairo (audio story)"] & Last Chance [+]Loading...["Last Chance (audio story)"] needs to be added

Arriving aboard a spaceship landing on Orriv, the Ortega, the Doctor was immediately confronted at gunpoint by the crew but talked his way out of being killed. Upon landing, he deduced the world's population had been killed by a psionic pulse and the crew were seeking the source for profit. In the ruins of the city, he found a damaged robot which gave him temporal feedback, leading him to wonder if he'd met it before. When it briefly attacked them, they deduced it was possessed by the creature responsible for the devastation. He explored with Captain Frye and the creature eventually attacked them, revealing it had duplicated to possess the rest of the crew and killing and possessing Frye. Escaping by modifying the captain's scanner into a sonic grenade, the Doctor returned the ship and created a device to contain the creature. He promised he would find it help with the voices tormenting it to draw a line under this death and it allowed him to contain it. The Doctor contained it and returned to the ship, hearing a transmission from his eighth incarnation warning people to stay away from Orriv. (AUDIO: Echoes of Extinction [+]Loading...["Echoes of Extinction (audio story)"])

The Doctor received a distress signal from K9 Mark II, who had learnt that Romana II had sent him to that part of space. Landing in Cornwall to detect the source, he encountered Leela, who told him about the Spriggan. He helped her to defend the village from walking trees with Leela, but couldn't stop them taking Jessica Kelly and killing Peter Kelly. He didn't like the death and destruction that went with protecting the village. He wondered if he could use the stories about the Spriggan to defeat him. He realised that the Spriggan's lair was a TARDIS. He theorised that the Spriggan came from another dimension and came here via the carnage in the Time War. When the Spriggan tried to invade his TARDIS from the Spriggan's TARDIS, he realised that Leela was created by the Spriggan and was his version. He used this to his advantage to fight back against him. He suggested that Leela should become one with this universe's one back in the Time War or remain here and live out her own life. (AUDIO: Splinters [+]Loading...["Splinters (audio story)"])

He heard an SOS call from Nyssa who had been hypnotised by Gommon within the Gommen Machine. He went with K9 to find her within the machine, but had to get K9 to overcome the programme due to protections that Gommen had put in place to stop the Time Lords to getting in his machine. He worked with K9 and Sytron to find out where Gommon went. He managed to get Nyssa disconnected from the machine, he dissembled the machine and learnt of Nyssa's investigation of Gommon's torture on a Dalek invaded world. (AUDIO: The Stuntman [+]Loading...["The Stuntman (audio story)"])

K9 tracked time war fall out to Cambridge. He encountered Kayla McGuire who had some anachronistic technology and went to an investor event for the company that made it. Anthony showed him the deaging app which showed him a picture of him in his Third incarnation. This attracted the attention of his superiors. After K9 detected another K9 unit, he stumbled upon Ace and learnt that Axos was behind it. Reading the terms on conditions of the axon app, the user consented to having their neurons replaced with Axonite. He encountered an axon duplicate of Ace which aggravated him. He offered Axos a way out, but demanded that they leave the humans that they had infected. He showed Axos Gallifey as a lure to get it back into the time loop. He offered Ace another trip in the TARDIS, but she declined so he gave K9 to her. (AUDIO: Quantum of Axos [+]Loading...["Quantum of Axos (audio story)"])

The Doctor has his TARDIS pulled by reindeer. (TV: The Doctor and the Reindeer [+]Loading...["The Doctor and the Reindeer (TV story)"])

Spending time in a snowy mountain, the Doctor returned to the TARDIS to find it buried in snow. Nearby were several reindeer, giving the Doctor an idea. The Doctor strapped the reindeer to the TARDIS, turning it into an impromptu sleigh as he rode the TARDIS through the sky. (TV: The Doctor and the Reindeer [+]Loading...["The Doctor and the Reindeer (TV story)"])

After the TARDIS was drawn to December 1859 by a temporal signature, the Doctor found himself unable to interact with the world around him. He encountered Beth Summers, who had inexplicably travelled back in time from 2009 via an advent calendar. Together they discovered that an unknown alien had trapped them both inside the house while he attacked the TARDIS outside. On his instructions, Beth defeated the alien by taking a photograph of him, trapping him in advent calendar, which was in actuality a temporal prison, and freeing her and the Doctor. The Doctor took her back to 2009 in the TARDIS, noticing a pale figure watching him as they left. (PROSE: The Advent of Fear [+]Loading...["The Advent of Fear (short story)"])

The Doctor joined forces with top-secret vault employee George Baldwin to stop the Chukwa Fel Interrogators from retrieving a weapon that could wipe out their enemies. (COMIC: Project UFO [+]Loading...["Project UFO (comic story)"])

The Doctor began visiting Douglas Henderson throughout his life, because he was secretly a doomsday weapon created during the Last Great Time War. However, when Douglas was middle-aged, the Doctor was forced to take Douglas aboard the TARDIS as a group of aliens had begun hunting him so that they could use him as a weapon. The Doctor used Douglas to drain the aliens' powers, and reset Douglas to allow him to spend the rest of his life on Earth. (COMIC: The Big, Blue Box [+]Loading...["The Big, Blue Box (comic story)"])

The Doctor meets his successor in a dream. (COMIC: To Sleep, Perchance to Scream [+]Loading...["To Sleep, Perchance to Scream (comic story)"])

Aboard the TARDIS, the Doctor had a nightmare in which he met a blue-skinned alien that plucked a ball of guilt, fear and anger from the Doctor's chest and sealed it in a drum. He then met his next incarnation, who assured him that they were going to be fine. When the Doctor awoke, he wondered if the TARDIS was syphoning off his bad dreams. (COMIC: To Sleep, Perchance to Scream [+]Loading...["To Sleep, Perchance to Scream (comic story)"]) He then picnicked with River and the Old Gods, taking time to irritate Thor with a chicken leg. (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Day of the Doctor (novelisation)"])

Following Princess Cilia's disappearance at the end of the Ulians' war with the Quintani, the Doctor chose to help. However, once the Doctor found Princess Cilia's ship, she wasn't on-board, and the Ulian robots attacked the Doctor, accidentally shrinking him to the size of a doll. The Ulian robots traced Princess Cilia to the approximate area, but only knew that she was in the vicinity of a Christmas tree. They sent shrunken-down versions of their robots, wrapped in Christmas packages to every doorstep on that region of Earth, and inadvertently packaged the Doctor as well.

Mason Valentin, having opened the package early, discovered the Doctor wasn't a doll, but a living being. As the Doctor awoke, he was dazed and suffered from amnesia. After learning of packages delivered all across Mason's area, the Doctor offered Mason to save the world with him. The Doctor and Mason went into Ana Comparetto's house, and the Doctor prematurely awoke a shrunken Ulian robot with the sonic screwdriver. The robot, thinking it had found the lost princess, transmatted Ana back to Cilia's ship. The Doctor and Mason used the robot's "magic wand" to fire a transmat beam to board the ship.

On board the ship, the Doctor released Ana from her cell. The Doctor, remembering what had happened to the princess, told the robots that Ana wasn't the princess, and, though their methods of tracking the princess were scrambled, he could find her easily. The Doctor was brought back to full size and returned Mason and Ana to Earth in the TARDIS. The Doctor discovered Cilia in one house disguised as a fairy on a Christmas tree. Ana told Cilia the war was over, and the Doctor told her to order the robots to send her back to Ulian Alpha. (PROSE: The Doctor on My Shoulder [+]Loading...["The Doctor on My Shoulder (short story)"])

The prophecy fulfilled

The Doctor and Wilf resolve to stop the Master. (TV: The End of Time [+]Loading...["The End of Time (TV story)"])

After meeting with the Ood on Ood Sphere, the Doctor was told that a "shadow [was] falling across creation", which was somehow connected to Donna Noble and her grandfather, Wilfred Mott, something that would bring about "the end of time itself." He also learnt of a plot to resurrect the Saxon Master, and failed to stop it. The Doctor discovered the Master living in the wastelands of London. He tried to confront him, only for the Master to evade the Doctor when he reunited with Wilf. That night, the Doctor tracked down the Master once again, only for the Master to be abducted by Joshua Naismith's private army, and, when the Doctor attempted to stop them, he was knocked out.

After he recovered, the Doctor contacted Wilf, who informed him of Naismith and went with him in the TARDIS to the Naismith mansion. In the mansion's basement, the Doctor used his sonic screwdriver to unveil two Vinvocci, Addams and Rossiter, who informed him of the Immortality Gate's true purpose as a medical tool. The Doctor rushed to stop the Gate's activation, but was unable to, and the Master turned the entire human race into copies of himself.

After being taken prisoner, Wilf and the Doctor were rescued by the Vinvocci, who took them to their ship in Earth's orbit, which the Doctor took offline to stop the Master finding them. Realising the Master was planning to rescue the Time Lords from the Time War using a White-Point Star, the Doctor took the gun he initially refused from Wilf and piloted the Vinvocci ship back towards the Naismith mansion, where he crashed through the mansion's glass roof. However, he was unable to stop the Master from using the star and the Drumming in his head to create a link to Gallifrey, which allowed Lord President Rassilon and the High Council to escape the time lock on the last day of the Time War.

Rassilon undid the Master's conversion of the human race, as Gallifrey appeared in the Earth's sky and began tearing open the Time Vortex. Torn between killing the Master or Rassilon in cold blood, the Doctor, upon seeing a familiar face, targeted the white-point star, severing the link, condemning the Time Lords to the "hell" of the last day of the Time War. Rassilon tried to kill the Doctor out of spite, but the Doctor was saved by the Master, who attacked Rassilon with his energy blasts in vengeance, which resulted in the Master being sent back into the Time War with the Time Lords.

With the Time Lords and the Master gone, the Doctor was relieved that he had survived his supposed death at Rassilon's hands, but his victory was short-lived when he heard the four knocks. They came from Wilf, who was trapped inside a radiation control booth which was about to be flooded with radiation. The Doctor quickly realised that the only way to save Wilf was to switch places with him, and be subjected to the radiation burst himself. At first angry about the terrible things the universe punished him with and nearly considering Wilf's pleas to leave him, the Doctor could not bear to sacrifice one life to prolong his own after going through so much to stop men willing to take the lives of millions to do the same. Determined, he released Wilf and received the fatal level of radiation. After the regenerative process started, the Doctor returned Wilf home, and then went to receive, what he called, his "reward". (TV: The End of Time [+]Loading...["The End of Time (TV story)"])


The Doctor sees Hame before her passing. (WC: The Secret of Novice Hame [+]Loading...["The Secret of Novice Hame (webcast)"])

Knowing that this would be his final regeneration, (TV: The Time of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Time of the Doctor (TV story)"]) the Doctor used his "state of grace" (TV: Twice Upon a Time [+]Loading...["Twice Upon a Time (TV story)"]) to visit all his previous companions and see how they got on after they left the TARDIS, such as watching Jo Grant sail down the Yangtze River in a tea chest. (TV: Death of the Doctor [+]Loading...["Death of the Doctor (TV story)"]) He saved Martha and Mickey, now working as freelance alien fighters, from a Sontaran, prevented Luke Smith from being run over by a car on Bannerman Road, (TV: The End of Time [+]Loading...["The End of Time (TV story)"]) visited Hame shortly before her death, (WC: The Secret of Novice Hame [+]Loading...["The Secret of Novice Hame (webcast)"]) and watched over Heather and Wolfgang, four years after they had left him. (COMIC: Lucky Heather [+]Loading...["Lucky Heather (comic story)"])

The Doctor then travelled to the Zaggit Zagoo bar to pass a note to Jack to hook up with Alonso Frame, and went to a bookstore where Verity Newman, the granddaughter of Joan Redfern, was signing copies of her book, A Journal of Impossible Things. The Doctor had Verity sign his copy while he asked her if Joan had had a happy life. When Verity realised she was talking to the Doctor, she confirmed that Joan had been "happy in the end", but the Doctor refused to answer her question of if he was. (TV: The End of Time [+]Loading...["The End of Time (TV story)"])

After years of searching for what became of Carla in the new timeline, the Doctor finally located her. (PROSE: The Haldenmor Fugue [+]Loading...["The Haldenmor Fugue (short story)"]) He also encountered Donna's father, Geoff Noble, before the man's death, and borrowed a pound from him. He then went to the future and used that pound to purchase a winning lottery ticket. He witnessed Donna's wedding to Shaun Temple, and asked Sylvia and Wilf to give Donna the triple rollover-winning ticket as a wedding gift, saying a final goodbye to Wilf before he departed. (TV: The End of Time [+]Loading...["The End of Time (TV story)"])

With the strain of his impending regeneration beginning to take effect, the Doctor visited George Litefoot on the island of Minos, where he helped him fight the Gentlemen of the Dice. (AUDIO: The Jago & Litefoot Revival [+]Loading...["The Jago & Litefoot Revival (audio story)"])

As he reflected on his companions' lives, the Doctor felt proud of them for using their knowledge and experiences from travelling with him to make their worlds a better place. (TV: Death of the Doctor [+]Loading...["Death of the Doctor (TV story)"]) To finish his "reward", the Doctor travelled to the Powell Estate on 1 January 2005, where he watched Rose and Jackie walking home from a party. Although he kept to the shadows, a sudden spasm of pain caught Rose's attention and the two exchanged New Year's greetings, with the Doctor telling Rose that she would have a "really great year". (TV: The End of Time [+]Loading...["The End of Time (TV story)"])


The Doctor's twelfth regeneration. (TV: The End of Time [+]Loading...["The End of Time (TV story)"])

After Rose left, the pain of regeneration overwhelmed the Doctor, and he collapsed in the middle of the Powell estate, (TV: The End of Time [+]Loading...["The End of Time (TV story)"]) his "state of grace" having ended. (TV: Twice Upon a Time [+]Loading...["Twice Upon a Time (TV story)"]) Ood Sigma then appeared and told him that the universe would "sing [him] to [his] sleep". Finding the strength to reach the TARDIS, the Doctor piloted it into spatio-temporal orbit around Earth, spoke his final words 'I don't want to go' and regenerated into his next incarnation. Due to holding back his regeneration for as long as he could, the released energy caused massive damage to the TARDIS, causing it to fall out of orbit. (TV: The End of Time [+]Loading...["The End of Time (TV story)"])


After the Eleventh Doctor was accused of committing deadly crimes against the Overcast, he brooded in the TARDIS for two days, imagining all his previous numbered incarnations, including the Tenth Doctor, interrogating him over the crimes. When he offered the rational that he always left things better than he found them, they all turned and left him in disgust and disgrace. (COMIC: Pull to Open [+]Loading...["Pull to Open (comic story)"])

When the Then and the Now attempted to ingest the Eleventh Doctor's timeline, the Doctor briefly retro-regenerated back into the Tenth and Ninth Doctors. However, the Then and the Now's attack was thwarted by the presence of the War Doctor, due to him being an "X-rated" period of his life that the Doctor resisted. (COMIC: Outrun [+]Loading...["Outrun (comic story)"])

When the Eleventh Doctor was attacked by the Then and the Now on Lujhimene, the Tenth Doctor was among the faces seen as the Doctor's timeline was almost destroyed. (COMIC: Running to Stay Still [+]Loading...["Running to Stay Still (comic story)"])

When the Eleventh Doctor entered into the T'keyn Nexus in order to defend himself, Matrix projections of his previous incarnations, including the Tenth Doctor, appeared inside it to defend themselves as well. When the Ninth Doctor pointed out how auditor Sondrah was more interested in them than the Earth, the Tenth Doctor agreed with his predecessor, and asked Sondrah if "something inside [him]" had a personnel vendetta with him, only for Sondrah to fearfully warn the Tenth Doctor away from him. Upon seeing Sondrah's reaction to his tenth incarnation, the Eleventh Doctor deduced his true identity, and the past Doctors faded away as Oscar Wilde interfered with the Nexus. (COMIC: Dead Man's Hand [+]Loading...["Dead Man's Hand (comic story)"])

After saving Gallifrey from the Moment at the conclusion of the Last Great Time War, the Eleventh Doctor dreamed of himself standing with all his past incarnations, including the Tenth Doctor, as he thought about his search for Gallifrey. (TV: The Day of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Day of the Doctor (TV story)"])

When he was exposed to energy from a time storm, the Twelfth Doctor degenerated through all of his previous incarnations, including the Tenth Doctor. (AUDIO: The Lost Magic [+]Loading...["The Lost Magic (audio story)"])

When Cleo Proctor looked into the Thirteenth Doctor's mind, she heard the Tenth Doctor. (AUDIO: Salvation [+]Loading...["Salvation (audio story)"])

Undated events

The Tenth Doctor at Hamilton. (COMIC: The Long Con [+]Loading...["The Long Con (comic story)"])

Other information


Main article: The Doctor's age

The Ninth Doctor stated that he was 900 years old by the time of his travels with Rose. (TV: Aliens of London [+]Loading...["Aliens of London (TV story)"])

The Tenth Doctor himself stated his age was 903 immediately after Martha Jones stopped travelling with him, (TV: Voyage of the Damned [+]Loading...["Voyage of the Damned (TV story)"]) and later stated he was 904 years old to a rabbit in England in 1562. (TV: The Day of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Day of the Doctor (TV story)"])

Given his stated age of 906 just prior to his regeneration, (TV: The End of Time [+]Loading...["The End of Time (TV story)"]) and his next incarnation giving his age as 907 a few days afterwards, (TV: Flesh and Stone [+]Loading...["Flesh and Stone (TV story)"]) this would imply that this incarnation lived only for 7-to-8 years, and if true makes this Doctor the shortest lived incarnation by a significant margin.

However, some accounts suggested his stated tally may not have been correct. When the Doctor was imprisoned on Volag-Noc, his brain was scanned for criminal activity, revealing that some of his memories dated back over 3000 years. (TV: The Infinite Quest [+]Loading...["The Infinite Quest (TV story)"])

Complicating the matter further is that this incarnation aged mentally while his body remained the same, due to a Time Reaver-induced coma that made seconds pass as decades from his point of view. (AUDIO: Time Reaver [+]Loading...["Time Reaver (audio story)"])

Behind the scenes

Signature look


Oil painting. Arnaud de Beaufort (c. 1818), by Pierre Paul Prud'hon.

The Tenth Doctor's look is reminiscent of early 19th century styles. In particular, Arnaud de Beaufort, painted by Pierre Paul Prud'hon around 1818, has almost the exact same look as David Tennant's Doctor, including his hair pulled forward in a messy style, the sideburns, and an overcoat for added presence. The main difference, really, is that the Tenth Doctor moves away from "stuffed shirt" with a plain shirt, a tie, and trainers.

David Tennant described his costume "geek chic". According to an interview on Parkinson, Tennant and Russell T Davies got the idea for the tenth incarnation's costume from an outfit Jamie Oliver had worn on Parkinson just after Tennant had taken the role of the Doctor. According to Doctor Who Confidential, [which?] one of the first things Tennant said after deciding to take the part was "I want a coat down to here," pointing to his ankle.


According to costume designer Louise Page, there were only four sets of the brown suit in existence, as they were pieced together from many copies of a pin-striped pair of trousers that Tennant picked out during the initial costuming process. His overcoat was made from sofa covering and there was one version that had five inches from the bottom cut off then sewn back on, as Davies and Phil Collinson had different ideas about how long it should be.

After leaving the series, David Tennant kept his costume for possible future use, stating that he would gladly return for a multi-Doctor special should he ever be asked to participate in one. (DCOM: The End of Time [+]Loading...["The End of Time (TV story)"]) Eventually, he did return in The Day of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Day of the Doctor (TV story)"] and the 2023 specials.

Doctor Who: Legacy

In the story of Doctor Who: Legacy, the Tenth Doctor joins the Eleventh Doctor and his companions as they travel through time to stop and fix the damage caused by the Sontarans' attacks throughout history.

Other matters


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